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Turbocharge your Legacy System with
Mobile and Cloud Solutions

Say goodbye to legacy mindset
& join our tech revolution

Our state-of-the-art Legacy Modernization services empower
you to think beyond ancient IT systems & embrace modern,
tech-powered, super-efficient, and superfast systems
that deliver results consistently.

Triggering stunning
transformation of your business

We are the Knight in Shining Armour, for those businesses that are still
using ancient, slow, and unproductive platforms

Power of Team

170+ Digitally native & passionate Digital Experts are ready to transform your legacy systems.

Unbeatable Experience

12+ years of solid experience in triggering Digital Transformation via Mobile & Cloud.

Impeccable Delivery

2000+ mobile apps, digital platforms & IoT solutions successfully delivered in 12 years.

Amalgamation of Ideas

Witness stunning results from our multicultural team from Los Angeles, USA & Noida, India.

Global Brands

There is a reason why global brands like Amex, Disney, Audi, ICC, AXA trust us, believe in us.

Business Expertise

We will consult you and mentor you with advanced business logic & growth strategies.

Unleashing the power of tech to
help moms stay healthy & fit

2 million moms across the world lost 6 million+
pounds, in 12 months. We triggered a game
changing health revolution.

Case Study

The way TechAhead handled our application modernization
project is out of the world: They understood the problem,
devised a powerful, feasible and cost-effective solution &
deployed it within the deadline.

Karim W SadikCEO, Legac-E LLC

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Our legacy modernization
methodology for consistent

Our Legacy Modernization services are fully customized
& tailor-made for your unique business needs. In some
cases, we need to overhaul the entire IT system of the
business to induce more productivity; in some cases,
we need to modernize only certain business processes,
to keep up with technological innovations.

Let's talk


We will evaluate your existing legacy system & find out the loopholes and issues related to functionality or design.


We will find out the pros and cons of the modernization process, and evaluate whether your business needs it or not.


There are options related to modernization processes such as reengineering, remodeling, rehosting.


We will integrate 3rd party tools and software that are relevant to the new system, to create a robust platform.

Risk Factors

We will evaluate ROI and risk factors associated with the legacy modernization process & make the next move.

Support & Maintenance

Once the new system is up and running, we will closely monitor the performance & results.

Legacy modernization offerings:
Robust, scalable, disruptive

Our customized and tailor-made legacy modernization solutions are
laser-focussed for delivering stunning results & ROI.

  • Technology Migration

    We will empower your business by completely migrating legacy platforms to new, powerful technology.

  • Technology Modernization

    We will conceptualize, develop & modernize your existing legacy platform by deploying state-of-the-art tech innovation.

  • Mobility Solutions

    We will use advanced mobile technologies such as Java, PHP & Dot Net to make your system more agile, flexible & productive.

  • Cloud Solutions

    We will assist you in choosing the right Cloud platform for your legacy business, and induce unprecedented scalability & power.

  • Rebuilding Platform

    From scratch, we will rebuild your legacy platform by infusing new energy, innovation & business logic.

  • Encapsulating Services

    We will encapsulate existing databases, services, and functionalities into APIs and make your platform lighter, more agile.

Join our Tech Revolution &
Transform your Legacy System

Incredible success stories of
legacy app modernization

Over the last 12 years, our formidable team at TechAhead has transformed
hundreds of businesses by modernizing and optimizing their apps.
Here is a glimpse of our success stories.


IoT Solutions For Real Estate

Deploying IoT-enabled solutions along
with mobility and digital transformation,
we revolutionized real estate.

Find Out How

Turbocharged Smart Home app

We leveraged IoT, human-centric
design & powerful tech to bring a never
seen before smart home solution.

Find Out How

Legacy modernization services
for divergent industries

With more than 12 years of experience, TechAhead is the name to reckon with,
when it comes to Legacy Modernization services. We have served hundreds of global clients,
and we specialize in both B2B and B2C verticals.

Legacy modernization services:
Everything you need to know

Benefits of legacy modernization services

If growth and expansion is your primary business objective, then there is no reason why you should avoid legacy modernization services. If you are still using old, outdated, and legacy systems for your business, then you are not only losing productivity but also employee morale and the opportunity to grow and thrive.

How to choose a reliable partner for modernizing legacy systems?

You should always choose and rely on a service provider for legacy modernization, which has previous experience in this domain, and more importantly, has the exposure of understanding how businesses work and operate. Their market reputation and their ranking among renowned listing portals like Clutch are also critical.

Why TechAhead for legacy modernization services?

With 12+ years of experience in Digital Transformation and Mobility Solutions, TechAhead is at the forefront of triggering innovation and business excellence. We have served more than 600 global brands and delivered 2000+ mobile apps, digital portals, and IoT solutions to help businesses leverage the power of technology

How TechAhead can induce digital transformation?

We will understand your existing business structure, find out the best legacy modernization techniques and models, and deploy them for your business without disrupting existing operations and productivity. We will completely overhaul your legacy system and infuse the power and flexibility of mobile, Cloud, and other emerging technologies.

Which legacy modernization solution will be optional for our business?

There are several legacy modernization solutions offered by TechAhead that are customized and tailor-made for your specific business model. We can migrate your existing platform to new technology or rebuild your entire IT infrastructure from the ground up or even encapsulate existing services into flexible APIs for making your existing platform lighter, and more ROI focused. Consult with our team to find out more.

How about data security and integrity?

We are dedicated and committed to ensuring that our client’s data and user information are protected and secured. We deploy advanced data security mechanisms such as encryption, secure key, and firewalls to protect data, and impose user-based data authentication and access rights for ensuring that only authorized employees/users can access data.

Tools & technologies deployed
for legacy modernization services

For initiating Digital Transformation, and empowering our clients to edge past
their competitors, we always deploy next-gen, technically powerful software and
tools with a proven track record.


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Insights on legacy
modernization of mobile apps

Read our exclusive and deeply insightful blogs on the modernization of legacy mobile apps, which will
enable you to understand its importance, and get more clarity on this subject.

FAQs- more on legacy application modernization

What are legacy modernization services?

In Legacy Modernization services, we evaluate your existing legacy system, and transform it using cutting-edge digital transformation and mobility solutions to optimize your business operations, and generate more revenues and profits. With Legacy Modernization, you embrace the superhighway of technology for ensuring consistent success.

What are the advantages of legacy modernization services?

With a modern system for running your business operations, you can leverage the power of Cloud and Mobile to ensure seamless, optimized and result-oriented performance for the entire organization. You can save tons of money by streamlining Information Technology infrastructure and embracing next-gen digital and mobile solutions.

How to select the best Legacy modernization company?

First and foremost, you will need to find out the relevant experience and exposure of the service provider in transforming legacy systems for startups, enterprises and organizations. The team composition, their skills and expertise along with the post-implementation support are other critical factors to consider. For example, find out if the agency has experience with legacy application modernization or not.

What is included in the legacy modernization services?

Evaluation of the current legacy system, evaluation of the most accurate and result-oriented modern systems for your business, deploying the modern, digital solutions for your business, along with evaluation of ROI and risk factors related to the modernization of IT systems.

Why TechAhead for legacy modernization services?

We have 12+ years of experience in delivering cutting-edge digital transformation and mobility solutions to some of the biggest global brands such as American Express, Audi, Disney, AXA, ICC, and more. We have successfully delivered 2000+ mobile apps, digital platforms, and IoT solutions to date. We are an industry leader in triggering innovation and business excellence for our clients.

What’s TechAhead’s biggest USP?

Our unique USP is our powerful, multi-cultural mobile app development company of 170+ digitally native and passionate Digital & Mobile Experts, who are based out of Los Angeles, USA and Nodia, India. Our clients can leverage our team’s unique insights, creativity, and talent to unleash a next-gen digital & mobility transformation.

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Vishal Sahu

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Consult with Vishal, who is Vice President- Technology at TechAhead with a strong focus on legacy app modernization.

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