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Unique fluid-tracker that solves the
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Our dynamic programmers integrated with PÜL Hydration on a staff augmentation
basis to co-create a highly intelligent and data-centric mobile app that acts like a personal
hydration coach for the users. Our strategic collaboration with the PÜL Hydration team
resulted in swift development and deployment of the mobile app, ensuring both
performance and scalability.

  • Client: Pul Hydration

  • Industry: Lifestyle

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Using technology to
revolutionize hydration

Dehydration is a huge health problem, impacting almost 75% of Americans, at any given
moment. We partnered with PÜL Hydration to come up with a unique IoT-powered solution,
that is changing the way people consume fluids and monitor their hydration. PÜL is a smart
mobile app that makes users smarter by tracking & reporting their fluid intake.

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Intersection of data tracking, hydration studies & innovation

Our team integrated with PÜL Hydration to co-create a powerful, feature-rich mobile app that
works as a personal hydration coach for users. Using data tracking, hydration studies, and IoT,
this app creates a hydration profile for the user and helps them perfect their hydration
habits by providing reminders, recommendations, and insights.


Gamification of water intake

PÜL Smart cap is programmed to inspire users by showing hydration benchmarks in real-time
and allocating points for staying optimally hydrated. This way, the users are not only aware of their
drinking habits in real-time but also inspired to stay on top of the charts. Gamification of water
intake is a breakthrough moment in the health and lifestyle industry.


Combination of IoT, wearable tech & hydration habit

PÜL mobile app helps the users to form a long-lasting and consistent habit of drinking water,
and this changes everything. Using external and internal factors such as weather, activity level,
activity intensity, personal habits, fluid in-take data, and more, the PÜL app sends timely
reminders, notifications, and alerts which form the basis of a hydration habit.

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Motivation for
optimal hydration

The biggest obstacle while forming a hydration habit is Motivation. PÜL changes this, by
giving the users real-time motivation via points. Once the user forms a hydration habit and
consumes fluid as and when directed by the app, they gain points and their status on the
app improves. This is named as FlowSense Feedback, and it has inspired thousands
of users to stay hydrated, and accomplish their goals of fluid intake.


Drinking habit: analysis & insights

No goal can be achieved without measuring the efforts and outcome. This is the reason
we recommended incorporating a detailed and visually appealing analysis and insights
feature, which gives complete, 360-degree information about the users’ drinking
habits, goals, and consumption trends.


Encouraging a healthy lifestyle with hydration

Almost 60% of the human body is made of water, yet, most of us are under-hydrated.
As per prominent researchers, lack of water and fluid is connected to almost every disease
and ailment humans suffer. If water is so important, why do so many people don’t drink it?
PÜL mobile app, along with PÜL Smartcap is attempting to change this.

smart daily goals
Smart daily goals

The algorithm will gather data about
the users’ personal profiles, track hydration
habits on a minute-to-minute basis, and
then create smart daily goals.

Track daily consumption
Track daily consumption

The app will automatically add drinks
to the users’ consumption log, and track
their consumption habits.

Hourly reminders

Hourly reminders

Based on the users’ data about their fluid
intake habits, the app will send hourly
reminders to the user, and push them
towards forming a hydration habit.


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