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Unique inheritance-based social media app
that manages your digital legacy


Tripple: a place to create,
curate & keep your digital legacy

TechAhead joined forces with Tripple to conceptualize a unique inheritance-based social
media platform, that gives control back to the users and enables them to nurture and share
their digital legacy as per their terms and conditions.

With Tripple, we created a cozy and safe digital space that spreads positive vibes and
eliminates the malice and false information that is so rampant amidst the current crop of
social media apps.

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Your digital legacy

Tripple is a free life-centric social media app centered on
your Digital Legacy. This is where you go to create and save
your personally curated Digital World and engage your
friends and family now and into the future… like Time
Ripples of you echoing through eternity.

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Social media centred around your digital legacy

What happens when a social media user is no more? All their pictures, videos, thoughts, and
connections get buried deep into the inter-web, lost forever. But not anymore.

With Tripple, users get access to a private digital space, which has been created to nurture
and protect the digital legacy of users and help them to share with the right people, as per
their terms and conditions.


Digital wills

TechAhead app engineers conceptualized a unique Digital Will feature for
Tripple users, wherein they can pass on their Digital legacy to an audience they
choose, as per their terms and conditions.


Medical wills

Tripple users can also create their medical wills, and assign nominees, who
can help them during emergencies.


Inheritance-based social media

TechAhead solution architects designed Tripple as a powerful inheritance-based
social media, that enables users to create, curate, and share their digital
inheritance, which includes crypto assets, pictures, videos, posts, and more
importantly, memories, even after their death.


A safe, cozy & family-centric digital space

One of the most striking design features of Tripple is its focus on eliminating malice, fake
information, and negativity by focusing extensively on content created by family and friends.
Besides, users can seek or give mentorship, and council from elders, and donate to charity as
per their convenience and wish.


Age-less time ripples

With Tripple, TechAhead designed and deployed a unique Time Ripple feature, wherein
the users can share their thoughts, opinions, visuals, videos, and more which can be
made sharable even after their death, to a particular audience chosen by them.


Donation to charity

Tripple users can choose their charity, and initiate donations as and when they are
ready. Besides, they can track and monitor their charities, and also inspire and
motivate others to follow their trail.


Seek or give mentorship

Users on Tripple can seek guidance and counsel from elders, who are registered
and genuine users, and also can offer their mentorship to others, thereby
empowering the whole social media ecosystem.


Create Time Ripples of your past and present
memories for the enjoyment of your friends
and family now and in the future.


Bequeath precious possessions and
thoughts to those you love. Tripple
gives you the power


Give Charity and save the world.
Tripple gives you the power to find,
log and track all of your charitable

Conclusion: inheritance-focussed social media platform

By deploying a unique combination of technology and human-centric
design philosophy, Tripple is offering an inheritance-based social media
platform, which is both inspiring the users, and helping them to make a
stronger social ecosystem.


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