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  • Industry: Real Estate
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Who’s Boxlty?

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Boxlty is one of the largest real estate discovery platforms in Pennsylvania, USA,
that assists real estate owners to sell their properties and buyers to discover and
select the best real estate options. For both buying/selling and renting, Boxlty offers
its patented technology for ensuring the best results for all the parties involved.

We partnered with Boxlty, that real estate disruptor,
to conceptualize and launch a unique identity verification
system that is causing ripples all across the world.

What Boxlty wanted?

Boxlty asked us at TechAhead to design a tech-powered solution for the real estate industry,
that helps the owners to quickly showcase their properties, and buyers to instantly check out a large
number of options without wasting much time. In layman’s terms, they wanted us to
change the real estate industry using technology.


Save time of real estate owners, buyers

In the traditional house-hunting concept, tons of hours are wasted: Real estate owners need to
showcase their properties to the real estate buyers, and this single exercise wipes off hours of
productivity for both parties. Now count in the number of properties a typical buyer will checkout
before finalizing one, and we get an astronomical number of wasted hours and days.


Tech-enabled verification system

Boxlty wanted a tech-enabled verification system for buyers and sellers, that can help them
to save time during house hunting exercises. A system that can instantly enable any potential
buyer to check out any real estate property without wasting anyone’s time.


Delightful user experience

Boxlty has a huge user base of real estate buyers and sellers, and they all are engaging
with one another for finalizing real estate deals via their platform. To smoothen the entire
process, they wanted a result-oriented user interface that enabled a delightful user
experience for all the parties involved.

Boxlty App

Our secret recipe

The requirements and the needs of the client here were two-fold: They wanted a
technology-powered solution for saving time for all the parties involved in the house-
hunting process and they wanted an app that solves their problems quickly.


We brainstormed ideas, researched the available technology stacks available, and
came up with a disruptive Internet of Things powered solution that is now causing
ripples across the real estate industry.


This is what we did…


Internet of things powered Bluetooth locks

We solved the puzzle by deploying an Internet of Things-enabled Bluetooth locking and
unlocking mechanism for all real estate properties on sale or rent. The locking and
unlocking of the properties are now 100% Bluetooth enabled and can be done
remotely by the owners without any physical presence.


Real-time Identification & Verification System

With the new custom-designed system, whenever a potential buyer or tenant reaches a
property to check out the place, there is a real-time verification and identification process
activated. The owner of the property or the manager can verify the visitors in real-time, and
allow them to enter the property without any external help or guidance. This way,
both sellers and buyers can save tons of productive hours.


Highly productive user experience

We completely redesigned the Boxlty mobile application, and incubated a delightful user
experience, with a strong focus on enhancing productivity and saving time. With features such
as scheduling visits and live tracking of the visitors, we ensured that without investing much
time and resources, a buyer is able to sell or rent out their properties in minimum effort.

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Disrupting a traditional sector like real estate is never easy, but we did the unthinkable.
We deployed Internet of Things, state-of-the-art hardware, and a sharp technological
stack to deliver a solution that stunned the entire industry. We revolutionized real
estate and set new benchmarks in tech-fueled innovation.

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