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ASO company- the backbone of
a successful digital presence

Get noticed, downloaded, reviewed, and constantly evolve.
With ASO, you can always take the lead in being seen by
customers. ASO makes your app popular and ultimately
increases brand awareness. Get ahead in the line and
keep marching forward.


Our extensive App Store
Optimization services

Our expert ASO team has experience in optimizing app architecture as well as
working with the best optimization tools to improve the visibility and discoverability
of the app on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Keyword research

    Keyword research to identify the right keywords through category searches on the app store. Track and optimize the app ranking using the ASO tools to monitor search rankings, competitor performance. and keyword analysis.

  • Tracking & monitoring

    Benefit from end-to-end support that starts with optimizing the app, performance review, meeting compliance requirements, and app update, among other factors to manage the app’s reputation and performance on the store.

  • Product page optimization

    Visibility alone is not enough on the app store. App downloads are the key factor that determines success. Increase the chances of app downloads through better communication and adopting A/B testing to determine which icons or text works better.

  • Creative services

    We provide screenshots, app icons, feature graphics; copywriting and value prop development; App Store and Google Play preview videos; and display assets for paid user acquisition.

  • Conversion optimization

    Conversion optimization is an integral part of ASO. If done right, this can drive keyword rankings higher and decrease the cost of your user acquisition across all channels. TechAhead conducts extensive research along with A/B testing to rank your app at the top of the charts.

  • Paid management

    Our app store optimization company provides Google Play store ads and App store ads services in a structured manner, so your app can achieve maximum engagement with the lowest cost per tap/install.

Our featured clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

Since onboarding the TechAhead team, the company saw a 90%
decrease in customer concerns regarding their video streaming
services, an 85% improvement in their billing page, and an overall
increase in their monthly membership retention rate. The team
worked hard to solve any issues the company had.

Camille WatsonDirector of Operations, The Hollywood Trainer, LLC

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Raise your business to
the top with app store

When your app becomes discoverable and garners strong
reviews, it attracts more downloads. App store optimization
is the key to business growth.

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Organic Growth

A business thrives when it cuts down on unnecessary costs. You will no longer have to pay for advertising or acquisition with app store optimization that will increase visibility and attract customers organically.

Relevant Customers

App store optimization makes you discoverable in front of genuinely interested people in conducting business. This increases the rate of conversion.

More Revenue

This is obvious considering how app store optimization will result in more downloads. An increased user base means more purchases and more paid advertising, generating more significant revenue.

Consistency and Stability

With little effort and time, one can have their apps optimized on stores. A technique that will consistently generate revenue for the business and stabilize the financial aspects.

Global Visibility

store optimization, users from all around the planet can find and try it out.

Brand Recognition

Leverage digital ubiquity through app store optimization. Your Brand will be established in people’s minds and make it instantly recognizable.

TechAhead: Your partner in acing
the technical needs

TechAhead declares that our experts make the best use of technology with pride and confidence.
Our team will make the most optimum use of technology to deliver successful products.

Highly Rewarded

TechAhead is a pretty biggie in the development industry and has achieved over 35 awards.

Iconic Brands

Most reputable brands from across the globe have trusted our work, including Starbucks, Disney, Audi, American Express, etc.

Brilliant Experience

TechAhead has over 13 years of experience in almost all healthcare, fitness, education, and media. We refuse to settle for generic or essential services.

Diverse Skills

Being stationed in Los Angeles and India, TechAhead brings the west and the east together so that you can cater to a global audience.

Stellar Results

We have achieved a remarkable number of over 2 billion user interactions for our several products. TechAhead knows what your customers need and keeps it in mind while developing.

Safe and Trustworthy

TechAhead keeps you at the helm of our work. We ensure that data is never leaked and professionally handle your complaints and suggestions.

Rank your business at the top of
charts with the best ASO company

App Store Optimization Company:
Everything you need to know

How is an app ranked on app stores?

There are many factors involved, and the same story is unknown, but few things are guaranteed to rank higher. The number of installs, purchases made, the relevance of keywords with the app, etc.

How do I start with ASO initially?

Focus a lot on the app title and description/subtitle. It should match the app’s functionality and should revolve around the keywords users will type to look for it.

Should I use ASO tools?

It is entirely a personal choice and depends upon the KPIs or the metrics you want to measure. If your prime attention is around specific performance factors, the tools might be a proper otherwise excellent set of marketing skills can do the work.

Is there a need for an ASO Expert?

There is a need for an ASO expert specializing in optimizing your app for the stores. They work similarly to SEO specialists in terms of concept, but their domain is around app stores. You should be looking for ASO experts who can understand the algorithm and have the right business acumen.

Why is ASO important?

App stores are the bridge between your business and customers. Your app will appear in the top results with the proper app store optimization. This is a way to become popular in the marketplace for apps and beat the competition.

What is the limit of the app title and description?

On Google Play Store, the app title can be 50 characters long, and the description can be 80 characters. On the Apple App store, the character limit for titles and descriptions is 30 characters.

Enhance your knowledge on the technical
front using our handcrafted blogs

TechAhead is constantly evolving. We are in pursuit of learning and practicing modern tech
tools. This hunger brings the latest, most efficient solutions to you. Take some time and
learn more about the brilliant modern age of technology from our blogs.

FAQs- More on App Store Optimization Company

How to ensure that you don’t share my data with your other clients?

TechAhead is ethically trained to work upon clients’ trust. It is against our principles to do such things, but as a precaution, we also sign legal NDAs as per your needs. You are always safe with us.

What about your experience in this field?

We have over 13 years of experience developing the best work for our clients. TechAhead is specialized in various industries from A to Z and brings a lot of domain expertise.

Your product turned out to be buggy. What do I do?

We take full responsibility for our products and don’t just break away from them after delivery. Our team will be all ears and make necessary changes to optimize the product. You will have an excellent experience with us.

Who will own the work? Will you have a share in it?

TechAhead will only develop the product for you. We will own no parts or the product itself. Every data processed will be right before you and handed back. TechAhead is focused on exceptional customer service.

How does the App Store algorithm work?

The category or top chart ranking algorithm (free, paid and grossing) is much simpler than the keyword ranking algorithm. App category ranks improve with more downloads (free or paid) or more revenue from purchases (grossing). While the exact calculation in terms of installs or purchases volume to rank is unknown and varies between categories (e.g. photos and video vs weather), but it is logarithmic (i.e. moving from rank 1000 to 500 is much easier than from moving from 10 to 5) and the most important factors are installs or purchases. Apps will first achieve a rank in their category or sub-category (e.g. #1500 entertainment apps), followed by their country (e.g. #1500 US overall).

For all apps that are relevant for a keyword, each is assigned a keyword rank score that changes with each user interaction (e.g. pageview, install, purchase). An app’s keyword rank score is updated with each interaction and either goes up with positive engagement (e.g. a click, install or review) or goes down with each negative engagement (e.g. an impression but no click, pageview but no install or uninstall before the app is ever used). Apps compete with one another to rank for keywords and when one app’s rank score for a keyword becomes higher than the score of the app above it, it will move up one spot. Engagements are sourced back to each keyword that the user came from, meaning that scores are different from each keyword. That said, engagements for an app overall will improve its ranking for all relevant keywords to some degree, meaning that if Facebook were to become eligible for a new keyword, it would likely start at a very high ranking.

How do I rank keywords?

There are 4 places in an app’s listing that will determine whether it is eligible to rank for keywords:

  • App name
  • App keywords space
  • Developer name
  • App in app purchases (exact match only)

Apple has also been evolving its algorithm to rank apps for keywords not necessarily found in an app’s listing, such as:

  • Partial keyword matches (e.g. ranking “Spotify music app” for “music player app”)
  • Competitor names (e.g. ranking Spotify for Pandora)
  • Common category or other contextual keywords (e.g. ranking Spotify for music-related searches)

Additionally, if a keyword is removed from your app listing (e.g. keywords space), you typically will become immediately ineligible to rank for that keyword.

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Shanal Aggarwal

Chief Commercial and Customer Success Officer


Shanal is the Chief Commercial and Customer Success Officer at TechAhead, where our team is scripting stunning success stories for global brands. He will consult you on the Digital and Mobile Transformation project.

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