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Remove the guess work. Choose
our cloud migration services

TechAhead is a Microsoft Certified Cloud Gold Partners,
AWS Certified Cloud Architects, having over 13 years of
experience in deploying, testing and migrating Cloud
for hundreds of businesses across the globe.


Leverage the best-in class cloud
migration services and solutions

We have partnered with some of the biggest brands such as American Express, AXA, Disney, Audi, ICC,
and others to empower them with cutting-edge Digital and Cloud services, and enabled them to
unleash unstoppable growth across all sectors.

  • Infrastructure Migration

    In the infrastructure migration services, we will deploy high-end solutions to transfer all the existing technologies and data to the Cloud.

  • Platform Migration

    We will remove all hurdles and challenges of transferring your existing platform into Cloud deployment, and ensure seamless platform migration.

  • Database Migration

    Existing databases, data warehouses, and data lakes of your business will be migrated into Cloud, via virtualization and other Cloud technologies.

  • Application Migration

    We will migrate existing applications and tools from the existing system into the new Cloud infrastructure with minimum disruption.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    While keeping in mind the existing data formats and structure, we will enable seamless knowledge transfer to ensure that your employees are productive from day 1.

  • Cloud Maintenance

    We will provide round-the-clock Cloud maintenance services to ensure that your current operations are not disrupted, and remove any bugs or anomalies from your Cloud infrastructure.


TechAhead was very reactive when it came to delivering
each build, and they provided explanations about the different
features after each stage. Despite the time difference, the team
was very responsive and they even pushed the internal team
to keep up with the deadlines, which was helpful.

Austin OllisCEO, Fly Bodies LLC

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Our remarkable cloud
migration process

TechAhead has decades of experience in Cloud Computing,
and we will make sure that your Cloud Migration is without
any glitches. Our deep strategy and planning for Cloud
Migration ensures that all your business objectives are
met, and your business is productive from day 1.

Let's talk

Cloud Migration Feasibility

We will research and understand your strategic business requirements, and then find out if Cloud deployment is feasible for your business or not. It also includes risk analysis.

Accessing Current Infrastructure

We will access the current IT infrastructure of your business, including on-premise and off-premise assets, and then make the plan for Cloud migration.

Cloud Migration Planning

We will map out the entire Cloud migration strategy, create the blueprint and then fine-tune it to ensure swift and safe migration.

Cloud Migration Execution

Based on the strategy and the blueprint, we will execute the Cloud Migration, with a laser-sharp focus on data security, and integrity.

Cloud Optimization

Once the Cloud Migration is over, we will deploy Cloud optimization strategies for your business, to ensure better and higher ROI.

Support & Training

We will provide round-the-clock support for your new Cloud deployment, and also train your employees to extract maximum mileage from the Cloud technologies.

Choose our best in class
cloud migration strategies

TechAhead is an expert in integrating and deploying Cloud computing and ensuring seamless
Cloud migration that is swift, dependable, and planned for perfection.

Decades of Experience

TechAhead has 13+ years of rock-solid experience in delivering cutting-edge Cloud computing and migration services for hundreds of businesses.

Best of Both Worlds

We have our teams spread across Los Angeles, US, and Noida, India, ensuring that we cover all time zones, and business never stops.

Seamless Delivery

We have successfully deployed Cloud computing and executed Cloud migration for hundreds of global businesses, SMEs, startups, and corporations.

Certified Cloud Experts

TechAhead is a Microsoft Certified Cloud Gold Partners, AWS Certified Cloud Architects, which speaks volumes about our professionalism and passion.

Trusted by Global Brands

We have partnered with some of the biggest global brands such as American Express, Disney, Audi, AXA, ICC, and more.

Business Expertise

Our deep business expertise related to Cloud and Digital will empower you to edge past your competitors, and delight your customers.

Partner with TechAhead to ensure
dependable & reliable Cloud migration

Cloud migration solutions for
different industries

In the past 13 years, we have worked with some of the largest business conglomerates from various
industries such as retail, real estate, manufacturing, IT, entertainment, media, software, and more.
Our deep industry-specific expertise and experience translate to tailor-made migration services
that focus on ROI and ensure minimum disruption to your existing business operations.

Cloud migration services:
Everything you wish to know

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of transferring your existing data, technologies, application, databases, platforms, and the entire infrastructure to the Cloud, via top-rated Cloud service providers such as Amazon (AWS), Microsoft, Google, and others.

What are the benefits of Cloud Migration?

Scalability, cost, and performance are the primary and most visible benefits of deploying Cloud for your business and then migrating all your current infrastructure into Cloud. Without any major investments, businesses can now scale their operations and save money while ensuring top-rated performance.

Why TechAhead for Cloud Migration?

TechAhead is a Microsoft Certified Cloud Gold Partners, AWS Certified Cloud Architects, having more than 13 years of experience in transforming businesses via Cloud and Mobile. We have worked and partnered with 650+ global brands, empowering them to leverage the power of Cloud and Digital.

Which brands have worked with TechAhead?

TechAhead has worked with some of the biggest global brands such as American Express, Audi, Disney, AXA, and more. We have worked with startups, corporations, enterprises, and SMEs, all across the world.

What about data security and integrity?

We take utmost care and diligence to ensure complete data protection and security. We have deployed some of the most advanced data security mechanisms such as firewalls, data encryptions, secured keys, and more to make sure that every bit and byte of our Client’s data is safe.

How will Cloud Migration work?

We will first conduct a feasibility study to understand the exact business requirements, when it comes to Cloud migration, and then accordingly map out a comprehensive Cloud migration strategy involving Infrastructure Migration, Database Migration, Application Migration, and Platform Migration. We also conduct risk analysis studies to make sure that the Cloud migration is swift, safe, and accurate.

Latest insights on cloud
migration strategies

Check out our deeply researched blogs and articles about Digital, Mobile, and Cloud transformation,
that empowers businesses to disrupt their markets, and edge past their competitors.

Latest insights on cloud
migration strategies

Check out our deeply researched blogs and articles about Digital, Mobile, and Cloud transformation,
that empowers businesses to disrupt their markets, and edge past their competitors.

FAQs- More on cloud migration company

What is Re-Host Cloud Migration?

When we re-deploy the existing IT infrastructure (Database and application) into the Cloud server, then it’s known as Re-Host Cloud migration. It involves using Infrastructure As A Service or IAAS.

What is the difference between Revise and Rebuild Cloud Migration?

In Rebuild Cloud migration, we discard all previous changes and IT infrastructure model and rebuild a new Cloud deployment from scratch. In Revise, we work on the existing IT infrastructure and incorporate changes to make it work with the new Cloud deployment.

Should Replace Cloud strategy work for my business?

When we use a third-party/pre-built Cloud infrastructure for mapping your existing business operations, then it is known as Replace. We will need to conduct a feasibility study to determine whether it will work for your business or not.

What is risk analysis in Cloud migration?

Risk analysis is conducting an in-depth risk assessment of your data, applications, and platform before initiating Cloud migration. It involves setting up backup data and backup processes in case sensitive and mission-critical data are being migrated.

Is TechAhead a Certified provider of Cloud Migration?

We are Microsoft Certified Cloud Gold Partners, and AWS Certified Cloud Architects, which are the top-rated and trusted certifications for Cloud service providers.

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Deepak Sinha

Chief Technology Officer


Deepak is a Chief Technology Officer at TechAhead, where our team develops the next-gen mobile apps for global businesses. He will consult you on the cloud migration project.

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