Our Approach To Construction Management

Our Approach to Construction Management Software Development

Construction tech is booming, with record fundraising and billions of dollars of investments. The prevalence of low digitization, declining industry productivity and use of non-standardized materials provide ample opportunity for technology-driven innovation in one of the fastest growing industry sectors. Since construction activities are project-oriented, companies can benefit from construction management software development that keeps track of tasks, shipments, costs and timelines.

Our proptech software development team is well-versed with the demands of the construction industry, including their systems and processes. After understanding the client’s requirement, they help to develop customized solutions to make operations more efficient, thereby giving the company a competitive advantage.

Features of Our Construction Management Software

  • Construction Management

    Construction Management

    Our team of construction management software developers create solutions that integrate various aspects of day-to-day construction activities such as accounting, estimating, staff communication and data management to make processes more efficient and productive.

  • Workforce scheduling

    Workforce scheduling and workforce management

    Construction projects are complex as they require timely allocation of contractors and equipment to improve productivity. Our team has experience in developing solutions that seamlessly integrate the scheduling of labour and equipment.

  • Resource Allocation

    Resource Allocation and time tracking

    Our property technology experts develop software and apps to help construction companies plan and execute projects by keeping track of project requirements, monitoring project history and estimating time and resources required to enable better allocation of resources.

  • Budget Expense

    Budgeting and Expense management

    We develop solutions that simplify the process of construction budget and expense management by providing real-time financial overview, easy import of budget data and enabling tracking of estimates vs actuals to manage forecasts and implement changes from anywhere at any time.

  • Construction Accounting

    Construction accounting

    Our construction management software development team has years of experience in building solutions that streamline the functionality of your accounting system by integrating features such as inventory tracking and automation of data capture.

  • Warehouse Management

    Warehouse Management

    We help clients to develop warehouse management systems that streamline supply chain processes to improve customer service, control operational costs and provide more efficient space utilization.

Construction Management Software Benefits

  • Real Time Tracking And Analytics

    Real-Time Tracking & Analytics

    Dashboards help to track progress and measure important metrics that ensure the timely completion of projects within the budget.

  • Enhanced Workforce Efficiency

    Enhanced Workforce Efficiency

    Continuous tracking of tasks ensures that the labor complete scheduled work within the estimated time, thereby improving productivity and profits.

  • Maintaining Desired Safety Levels

    Maintaining Desired Safety Levels

    Permission settings help to control visibility and access to data, to ensure that sensitive information is secured.

  • Running Projects On Time

    Running Projects on Time

    By monitoring the status of tasks and timelines, projects can be completed on schedule.

  • Better Communication Process

    Better Communication Process

    Automated status updates allow project managers to track progress and prepare reports for the management.

  • Strong Document Control

    Strong Document Control

    Construction management software enables the electronic processing and storage of documents with access restrictions that keep the data secure.

  • Information Access And Sharing

    Information Access and Sharing

    Web-based construction management software facilitates single point data storage, providing access to information when it is required. Furthermore, audit logs record details of document access, creation and modification by employees.

  • Construction Risk Assessment

    Construction Risk Assessment

    Better organization of documents and information allows project managers to identify potential risks and take control measures before they occur.

TechAhead Offerings

  • Product Road Map

    Product Road Map Design

  • App Development

    Construction Management App Development for Mobile, Tablets and Desktop

  • Legacy Software Modernization

    Legacy Software Modernization

  • Maintenance And Support

    Maintenance & Support

  • Analytics Insights

    Analytics & Insights

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