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Push your possibilities with the
Blockchain App Development Company

Secure your operations with the
reliability of Blockchain Technology

With blockchain being one of the most in-demand
technologies in the current times; It is only the right
decision to go for an app that pushes you two steps
into the future and makes your business operations
much more secure and trustworthy.

Fast-forward to the future
with blockchain app development company

In the 13 years of our operations, our blockchain app development company has created
solutions to complex problems, built apps, and helped more than 700+ global clients,
including a list of Fortune 500 companies to escalate in their growth charts.

Payments and Wallet

Secure your transactions and make sure that your payments system remains error-free at all times.

Permissioned Blockchain

Set up your private blockchain network that safeguards sensitive information from leaving your organization through any unsecured access points.

Apps Development

Get your app that runs on open source technologies and the power of blockchain. We combine our execution with your vision to create a product of the future.

Smart Contracts

Instate Automated contracts that allow safe asset transactions and more on fulfilling pre-defined rules.


Find and execute complex cryptocurrency solutions with a panel of subject experts who have worked with Bitcoin Core and more.


Create your cryptocurrency, ledger, and more with a secured Hyperledger framework with secured access and visibility to only authorized personals.

Our Featured Clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

TechAhead delivered a user-friendly, well-designed, and functional app that has already garnered high praise from early users. The personable team communicated seamlessly and demonstrated an impressive work ethic. Internal stakeholders intend to maintain a long-term partnership with them.

Blake Renaud
Founder & CEO, PicklePlay

Targeting customer
psychology for
improving conversions

At TeachAhead, we’re developing apps that highly focus on the customer journey from a psychological point of view. They all aim to bring the conversions you want from the UI/UX design to our embedded features.


A series of round table discussions takes place to finalize the vision, goals, customer journey, and more.


This is where we do the magic, and our team of experts brings their innovative ideas to the table to realize your vision.


Everything is concluded using best practices of Android and iOS platforms, starting from Wireframing, storyboarding to finalizing the MVP.


The prototype goes under a heavy testing cycle emulating real-world conditions.


We fix all the loose ends by fixing the bugs and ensuring that the final product is efficient, user-friendly, and ready for deployment.


We make the best of apps, but they’re bound to need some maintenance and optimization, and we’ll be there for that.

Crafting innovation in the
shape of mobile apps

We at TechAhead don’t work toward building just mere apps, but we’re into the business
of bringing creativity, innovation, and positive change.

Decades of Experience

Working with big, small, and enterprise-level organizations in the past decade, we’ve creatively crafted 2000 apps and served 700+ global brands.

Trusted by Fortune 500 Clients

We’ve been building apps for those who want nothing but the best; Names such as Audi, AXA, American Express, Disney belong in our portfolio.

Global Recognition

We’ve been recognized as one of the best mobile app development firms on various global platforms such as Clutch 2021, Red Herring Asia Awards, and a handful of others.

Innovative Core

Our core engine runs on the power of our globally distributed and innovative teams, which brings us the best of both worlds.

We’re One Step Ahead

We shook hands with Google Developers, Microsoft, Xamarin, Amazon AWS, IBM, Samsung, and more to escalate our capabilities further.

In The Limelight

We’ve been talked about by platforms like Yahoo, CBS, Forbes, ABC, CNBC, Yourstory, and more.

Your idea could be the next
big thing, why wait?

The key to uncapped growth
potential: Blockchain technology

What is Blockchain app development and how it benefits my business?

Empowering your business using an app that uses Blockchain technology is the demand of the hour. Additionally, if you’re looking for the benefits of embedding blockchain with your business operations, then here’s a list of benefits you’ll get.

1. Blockchain will make your business transactions more trustable in comparison to other mediums.

2. It boosts security with the decentralized structure and secures access to records for a particular entity.

3. The transactions are faster, enhancing the visibility of records as well, boosting the overall efficiency of operations.

What are the different ways in which Blockchain can be used?

Blockchains can be used in various scenarios such as follows:

1. Banking Systems for Keeping Records and Making Payments
2. Enhanced Supply Chain Operations
3. Sharing Of Data Through Secured Medium Without The Danger Of Tampering
4. Voting Systems
5. General Ledger Systems For Keeping Track Of Data
6. Transfer Of Ownership Titles
7. Stocks Trading
8. Record-Keeping Systems For Institutions
9. Access Management and Control

What can kind of apps be developed using Blockchain?

On the large, we can develop apps that maintain undisputed records, automate agreements, increase operations efficiency, protect original creators’ rights, and hold ownership along with a diverse array of similar entities. Moreover, we’re also developing solutions related to NFT’s, cryptocurrency solutions, ledger systems, and much more.

What sectors can benefit the most with Blockchain apps?

Banking organizations, healthcare systems, firearms record-keeping, schools and colleges, government databases, IoT(Internet of Things), the automation industry, and any entity that uses record-keeping or data exchange can benefit from the technology.

What is NFT, and how can I get one?

NFT is a Non-Fungible Token stored in the shape of non-interchangeable data on the blockchain network. Currently, individuals are converting real-world items into digital belongings and storing them as NFT with exclusive rights, at a price higher than expected for the exclusivity of ownership only. In simple terms, it’s like owning the right to an expensive art piece, a property, and something similar but in the virtual world of the blockchain network. If you’re also looking forward to getting NFT for any of your entities, we can help you.

Can I trust TechAhead with my idea of Blockchain app?

We’ve been operating in the space of mobile app development and related technologies for more than a decade now and have a name for ourselves as one of the most trusted organizations in the same space. Moreover, everything is legally bound by contracts, and the original owner holds the completed right to the idea and the app (once we make the transfer of ownership after development is completed and agreement terms are met).

Insights on Blockchain app
development strategies

Read our exclusive and deeply insightful blogs on blockchain app development ideology, strategies, and market trends, and achieve fruitful business results for your enterprise.

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FAQs- More on Blockchain app development company

Blockchain is nothing but an immutable ledger tied together in a way where the information once stored can never be retracted. It keeps track of transactions and assets, which can differ according to the operable industry. To simplify, if we’re using blockchain in a banking network, the transactions would be debit and credit made by the user, and the assets would be their personal information.

Blockchain systems are completely transparent and store rich end-to-end information about each transaction, whether it be a payment, user account, order information, or more. This way, we build systems capable of producing results with exact desired outcomes, as the data accuracy is very high. Moreover, it is the most secure way to keep data in the current world scenario because the data can never be tampered with and will always remain on the blockchain ledger whatsoever be the case.

Blockchain is one of the most secured ways of keeping data due to one factor; decentralization. With that said, it is easy to explain that user data is present in the system at multiple access points, and even if there’s a failure at one certain point in the data, the other entities remain safe and sound.

Additionally, due to the immutable data, which means data tampering is impossible, no one can hack the system. If there’s a possibility of the same, no one can hack a whole distributed system as it gets updated every passing second with fresh records.

It depends totally on the nature of the app developed, the use case, technologies involved, the workforce required, the complexity of the idea, and much more. But at TechAhead, we follow a very transparent approach of charing from the clients, which is as follows:

Billed According To Project Involvement: We start with the idea of the project, and with full involvement from every resource available at our disposal, we make the best of your idea into the shape of an app. You’ll be billed for the time and workforce involved in building your project.

Staff Augmentation: We’ll assign a resource required to solve a specific problem in the lifecycle of your project development. The resources will work exclusively with your team and will deliver the output for which you’d have to bear the pre-specified cost.

Fixed Charge: You’ll share the idea of your project, and we’ll give you a simple timeline under which we’ll make the delivery. You’ll be given a fixed sum to pay for the whole development, and everything else will be on our heads.

Blockchain is one of the most secured ways of keeping data due to one factor; decentralization. With that said, it is easy to explain that user data is present in the system at multiple access points, and even if there’s a failure at one certain point in the data, the other entities remain safe and sound.

Additionally, due to the immutable data, which means data tampering is impossible, no one can hack the system. If there’s a possibility of the same, no one can hack a whole distributed system as it gets updated every passing second with fresh records.

Well! We’re more than happy to hear what you have to say, and our team of experts is always at your perusal to solve any doubts that may arise. Book a free-of-charge consultation.

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Shanal Aggarwal

Chief Commercial Officer

Shanal is the Chief Commercial officer at TechAhead, where our team is scripting stunning success stories for global brands. He will consult you on the Digital and Mobile Transformation project.

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