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Rental Host

What is Rental Host?

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Rental Host is one of the most premier host communities on a global level, where real
estate owners and vacation rental hosts, caretakers can directly connect with travelers
and tourists for booking properties at exotic locations. It’s a platform to connect service
providers with customers in the travel industry.

Find out how we empowered Rental Host,
a community of rental hosts and travelers using state
of the art technology, and helped them scale to
attract more revenues and more love.

What problems Rental Host faced

Since the business model was based on community power, a robust platform was the need of
the hour. Besides, they received inquiries and feedback from multiple sources that needed to
be streamlined and made seamless. The clients also wanted to explore more monetization
options, using the vast database of customers and vacation rental hosts.

Rental Host


One-single platform

Rental Hosts wished for a single platform to manage all rental business related tasks such as
service requests, bookings, invoices, inquiries and more. The platform needed to be robust
enough for handling all sorts of business processes, on auto-pilot mode.


Seamless, auto scalability

Travel business is unpredictable, and during peak seasons, a sudden surge of new bookings and
new inquiries are witnessed. The clients wanted a powerful, tech-fuelled platform that can
scale up automatically.


Support multiple platforms

Since community was powering the business of Rental Hosts, they received bookings and
queries from multiple sources: website, app, telephone, email and in-person. They wished for
one platform that can streamline this data from multiple sources and provide one single-view
for the admin.

Rental Host

Our secret recipe

We deeply researched the business model of vacation host rental business on a
global level and brainstormed ideas and concepts with the client to transform their
existing platforms. We suggested new business models, and features, and gave
them ideas on how to scale their platform without heavy investments.


Unified platform for all business processes

Using advanced mobile solutions, we developed a single, unified platform for performing all
business tasks related to the vacation rental business. Using Android and iOS apps, website,
and telephone, the rental hosts and the tourists can now communicate, share and process
service requests and ensure a delightful experience for all the parties.
Not even a single booking is now missed.


Triggered automation for fast results

We enabled automation for lots of business processes which are essential in the vacation rental
business. For example, the rental contracts are now fully automated, and the customers can
approve them, view them via mobile app, seamlessly. Payment reminders, service requests etc
were automated as well.


Introduced fast, hassle-free payment system

We made the process of payments easy, and seamless. Now, the customers can make both
advance payments and on-the-spot payments easily, safely, and without any hassles. We
introduced multiple payments options for giving more choices to the customers.

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Rental Host was able to trigger more engagement,
manage and deliver more bookings, and delight their
users with some mind blowing features.

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