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Mobile apps present a convenient way to manage insurance solutions. However, the challenge with insurance app development lies in the presence of multiple segments, not only in terms of the three primary users – the insurer, the insured and the insurance service provider – but also the various sectors such as life insurance, health insurance, property & casualty insurance, and homeowner insurance among others.

Insurance App Development

We develop Android, iOS Apps for Insurance Industry

We offer insurance app development solutions for iOS and Android across a range of segments, including life, health, homeowner and property insurance. The goal of an insurance app is to simplify processes and to improve efficiency, whether it is by improving the communication between the company and its clients, automating specific tasks so that agents can focus their time on more important tasks such as responding to client queries or developing new business, and present a more systematic approach to collecting and processing insurance-related data.

We help insurance companies for insurance app development that increase revenue and lower operational costs.

User-centric Insurance Mobile App Development

User-centric Insurance Mobile App Development

Before we begin development, our team understands the nature of the insurer’s business as well as the specific requirements that can simplify operations. Based on this, we determine whether to develop a separate app for each of the segments or to build a connected app that links the apps of the three main user segments.

The client’s budget also influences the scope of development. While three separate apps might seem to be the logical solution, we work with the available resources to determine the most viable solution.

Our Insurance app development services go beyond just coding. We offer our clients a comprehensive insurance app solution that saves on time and cost.

Key Features That Help Your Insurance App Top the Apps Category

User Information

Every insurance app should have a profile screen that displays the information of the insured person or object. The process of collecting basic data from the individual should be simple and user-friendly. Additionally, the data should be collected in a manner that makes it easy to integrate with other connected apps, if required.

Policy Details

Besides providing information regarding the customer’s current insurance policy, the app should allow customers to search for insurance products by defining parameters and browsing through the options before selecting a suitable one for a new policy or for switching from an old one.

Push Notifications

From sending renewal reminders to users to informing them about the status of their claim processing, push notifications are an indispensable feature of an insurance app. Moreover, they can also be used for marketing insurance products directly to the customer.

Filing Claims

The idea behind insurance mobile app development is to provide a smooth user experience. Therefore, the app should be easy to use and intuitive when it comes to filing a claim, allowing the user to fill in data on the screen and even uploading photographs using the phone’s default camera.

Customer Support

One of the benefits of a mobile app is its ability to provide users with 24/7 customer support. Besides chatbots that help users through the application process or answer basic queries, developing an insurance app allows the integration of other customer support features such as round the clock support from experts.

Payment Gateway

In-app payments save time for users as they needn’t go to the bank to make a payment to the insurer, switch to another payment app or be rerouted to the insurance company website to pay. Moreover, developing advanced features on the app can even allow users to set up payment schedules or automatic payments.

How mobile Apps are Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry

How mobile Apps are Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry

Individualization: While traditional insurance offers a single solution to all customers despite differences in their requirements, since insurance apps record customer-specific user data, they can provide individualized solutions that best suit each client.

Instant quotes: Just as apps provide details of all the policies offered by the company, they can generate digital quotes instantly based on the user’s requirements, thereby reducing delays in sending physical copies of the policy quotes to the clients.

Service quality: Insurance apps provide 24/7 customer support to users, which results in high levels of customer satisfaction.

Quick response: By ensuring an immediate response, insurance apps contribute to a higher level of customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiency since employees and agents have more time to focus on essential tasks.

Why Choose Us as an Insurance App Development Company?

Why Choose Us as an Insurance App Development Company?

As a pioneer in the mobile app development industry, TechAhead has developed hundreds of apps for clients in the insurance sector. Our experienced team knows all the tricks to help your insurance app succeed, and our apps are reputed for being robust and scalable. Additionally, we provide post-delivery support, such as OS upgrades, design updates and new device compatibility to ensure that the app functions smoothly. It’s the reason why our clients value our work ethic.

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable insurance app development company for your project, give us a call!

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