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  • Client: Argo Texas Group

  • Industry: Insurance

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We triggered a revolution in the American insurance industry by introducing
a mobile-first solution that made choosing the right insurance policy super fast,
and super easy. This is how we empowered Argo and enabled them to offer
state-of-the-art insurance solutions to millions of customers.

We empowered Argo Texas with a powerful
technological platform that enabled them to offer real-time
assistance to their customers, along with a robust
document management system for ensuring
stunning results.

Meet our client: Argo Texas Group

Argo Texas is a US-based, family run business, offering affordable car insurance, house insurance,
commercial insurance, motorcycle insurance, and Mexico insurance. Formerly known as Argo Group,
they rebranded themselves as Argo Texas Group in 2014, and introduced a unique business model by
eliminating agency fees in the transactions. They have partnerships with more than 150 insurance
companies across the US, providing a complete suite of insurance solutions for customers.



Real-time support

Argo Texas wanted a feature that enabled their customers to get real-time support and assistance
while choosing their insurance policies. They wanted insurance agents to be present in real-time, and
offer their consultancy services for quick decision making. Once insurance agents are able to connect
with the customers, the process of choosing the right policy becomes faster and trouble-free.


Seamless insurance research

Argo Texas’s biggest assets are their customers, and they wished for a platform that provided
a seamless experience for their users while selecting their insurance policies: It should be helpful,
uncomplicated, and fast. Since Argo Texas has partnered with 150 insurance providers, the process
of searching and finalizing the best insurance policy was required to be accurate, fast,
and uncomplicated.


Document & policy management

One of the biggest issues related to the insurance industry is managing the documents and
the policy-related contracts. Argo Texas wanted a stellar solution that enabled the customers,
and the insurance partners to collect, save and retrieve the documents quickly, without
any time lag or discrepancy.


We accepted the challenge.


Our secret recipe

The requirements of our client were unique and very specific. And the industry was intensely
competitive, and the margin of error was very tiny. We did a thorough research of the industry,
matched the requirements with the existing technology stacks, and delivered a cutting-edge
solution that revolutionized the entire insurance industry. We deployed Flutter for the front
end, and Python for the backend, which ensured top-of-the-class performance.


Swift quotes for customers

We designed a full-fledged ERP solution that was accessible on both Android and iOS
smartphones, along with website access as well. And we used Cloud technology to provide
the foundation for the same. Using this mobile app, both workers and contractors can
input information, which is universally accessible to all authorized personnel.


Real-time insurance agents

Our mobile app for Argo Texas had the feature of real-time support, wherein insurance
agents guided and consulted the customers in real-time, offering the best insurance products.
With real-time insurance agents present to assist the customers, Argo Texas was able to
generate more leads and generate more business without any major investment.


Seamless document management

The manual tasks of documents and policy management became completely digital and
mobile. Customers are now able to quickly share the required documents, save their policy
details in a centralized Cloud server, and access them as and when required. With a powerful
document and policy management foundation, the app quickly became the most preferred
choice for insurance seekers.

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The mobile app we developed and launched for Argo Texas Group removed all the
complexities associated with the insurance research process, and directly connected
the customers with the insurance agents and insurance providers for a seamless user
experience. We unleashed unmatched innovation for the insurance customers and
redefined an entire industry.

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