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Flutter App Development Company

Flutter app
development company

Indulge your users with beautiful apps which are native,
faster to load, mesmerizes with animations.

Flutter – cross-platform app
development for mobile and web

As a product evangelist, you have an important informed decision to make – to
choose the right tech platform for mobile app development. Flutter with its inbuilt widgets
and tools helps in building high performing, modern, and beautiful cross-platform apps
that use single codebase and creates native apps for iOS and android.

  • Single Codebase

    Build desktop, embedded, mobile and web
    apps from the same codebase on all sorts
    of devices, including phone, wearables,
    televisions etc..

  • Easy Maintenance

    With Flutter, deployment of new features and
    maintenance of mobile apps is much easier
    and convenient as a single code base is
    required to deploy the applications.

  • Rapid Development

    Flutter blends the performance and
    platform integrations of native mobile
    with multi-platform reach of portable
    UI toolkits.

Benefits of Flutter app development

We help you leverage the power of flutter’s open-source mobile app development framework
developed by Google to create robust, beautiful cross-platform native apps using a single codebase.

Quick Coding

Quick Coding

With the hot reload feature, developers can change
code and check the result in real-time without starting
the build process. It enables quicker debugging and
simplifies the process of fixing bugs.

Easy to Adopt

Easy to Adopt

The primary aim of Flutter architecture is to simplify
the development process for developers. It does this by
offering integration using other programming languages

Single Codebase

Single Codebase

Flutter takes away the need for developers to write
different codes for iOS and Android. Use single
codebase to create apps for both iOS and Android.

Faster Testing

Faster Testing

Earlier, the developers had to carry out the testing process
separately for the two different platforms, but with Flutter,
only a single test is required for both platforms, making
testing quicker and more efficient.

Smoother Experience

Smoother Experience

Flutter’s modern technology allows developers to
create a faster and more fluid experience to end
users, making it easier to meet user demands.

Creation of Widgets

Creation of Widgets

Beside allowing customization of existing widgets,
Flutter enables developers to create new widgets.
The rich widget library in the SDK makes it easy to
customize a widget quickly.​

Flutter app development expertise

Our flutter app development team comprises experts with experience in developing elegant,
efficient and robust Cross Platform Apps on Flutter. Have a question about flutter application
development or want to turn your idea into a brilliant cross-platform app?
Talk to us to explore how you can benefit from using Flutter.

Why choose TechAhead as your
flutter app development company?

TechAhead can help transform your most ambitious mobile app development idea and
create a product maturity roadmap to take your product to marketplace.


We develop cost effective flutter apps
by using single code base eliminating the
need to code and design separately for both
platforms – iOS and android.

Advance UI/UX

Our design philosophy revolves around creating
exhilarating experience to the users using built-in
beautiful Material Design and Cupertino widgets,
rich motion APIs, smooth natural scrolling.

Dedicated Team

Collaborate with our highly qualified Flutter
experts for full life cycle app management and
eliminate the woes of development and testing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main benefits of Flutter Development?

Flutter is an open-source cross-platform toolkit created by google to create native interfaces for Android and iOS.

The advantages of Flutter include:

  1. Common UI and Business Logic across various platforms
  2. Less time spent on Code Development
  3. Quicker Time-to-Market
  4. Performance on par with Native Apps
  5. Wide range of UIs, including Custom and animated with varied complexity level.
  6. Unique rendering engine for each browser
  7. Implementation based on platform-specific logic
  8. Has the potential to work beyond just mobile technology

Why choose Flutter for my next mobile app?

There are several reasons for choosing Flutter for your next mobile app. These include:

  1. No need to code separately for iOS and Android
  2. Flutter uses Dart as the programming language, which comes with a reactive framework that allows the front and backend to be handled.
  3. Flutter implement comes with customizable widgets that can be used for layouts, animation, gestures and more.
  4. It has separate native themes for iOS and Android, allowing faster runtime decisions for the suitable UI to be shown on the platform being used.
  5. The ‘Stateful Hot Reload’ and ‘Hot Restart’ functions available on Flutter improves developer productivity as changes can be viewed within seconds.
  6. It has an Open-Source library with an extensive range of packages for both iOS and Android.
  7. Flutter allows the creation of powerful, native-level UI experiences out of the box with cross-platform development.
  8. Its compatibility with several IDEs makes Flutter more accessible to developers as they can work with the IDE they use regularly.
  9. Flutter provides superior animation using 2-Dimension Flare, an online tool that is easy to learn, allowing developers to cut down the time taken to make animations in the app.
  10. Another advantage of Flutter is that it is based on Javascript so the learning curve for developers is minimal.

Can I use Flutter inside of my existing native app?

By creating a library or module, Flutter can be integrated into an existing iOS or Android app. Alternatively, the module can be rendered to run in the existing app using Dart logic.

Why choose TechAhead for my next Flutter app development project?

Our expert team of developers have years of experience in Flutter app development and can create Flutter apps that are secure and robust. We use the agile development process, which ensures on-time delivery, which is the reason we have happy clients for whom we have developed over 1500 apps.

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