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Logistics App Development

Track all logistics in real-time using logistics mobile apps developed by TechAhead. Our solutions enable optimization of everything from delivery routes and resources to dispatch schedules effectively.

Logistics App Development

User-centric Android, iOS Logistics Applications

Reports reveal that US spending on logistics and transportation is 8% of US GDP. Whether you are thinking to expand your business or venture into the logistics management business, technology can help you.

Whether you are a start-up with innovative ideas or established business with years of experience, a dynamic logistics app can help take the stress out of logistics management. We at TechAhead convert your idea into awesome Android, iOS mobile applications that ensure 360-degrees logistics management.

Dynamic Logistics App Development

Dynamic Logistics App Development

Everything in logistics apps developed by TechAhead is dynamic and in real-time. Some of the issues handled effectively by logistics apps:

  • Fleet management
  • Order management
  • Delivery management
  • Resource allocation management
  • Driver management

Besides these, your every requirement will feature in the logistics app developed by us. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s discuss how your business can move to the level through logistics app development.

Key Features of Logistics App Development

Real-Time Tracking

Be it fleet managers, end customers, administrators, drivers or delivery associates, our logistics mobile apps enable real-time tracking on map interface.

Logistics Management Dashboard

The administrators and managers can handle all logistics related issues from one control panel that is intuitive and fully customizable according to role.

Easy Integration

Our logistics mobile apps are not one more point where data needs to be updated. They integrate seamlessly with other ERP or CRM systems.

In-app chatting

In-app chatting ensures issues can be raised and resolved in real-time, without hampering final delivery schedules. This prevents cost escalation and resource crunch.


Both real-time and periodic reports are available to all users, according to their roles and permission levels.

Cost effective and efficient

Logistics apps developed by TechAhead optimize costs and resources involved in logistics operations. In-app payments can make it easier for customers.

How apps are making the Logistics Industry more reliable, accountable, and cost-effective

How apps are making the Logistics Industry more reliable, accountable, and cost-effective

Technology can be a major disruptor in any industry, and the logistics industry is no exception. Traditionally a resource-intensive industry, logistics, and transportation management can hugely benefit from mobile apps:

  • Delivery routes can be optimized to cut on costs and resources
  • Last-mile delivery can be made faster and easier
  • Far-off infrastructure like warehouses delivery associates can be tracked and handled
  • Supply chain management can be made more robust and effective
  • Ever-changing demands of customers can be met without driving costs
  • In-app payments can be made available
Why Choose Us for Logistics App Development Company?

Why Choose Us for Logistics App Development Company?

TechAhead’s mobile app development experts have developed hundreds of logistics apps for clients. We have the necessary experience and skills to take your idea and convert it into a best-selling app. Be it real-time tracking, push notifications, in-app payments, analytics, or role-specific dashboards, our Logistics app developers have the expertise to develop a feature-rich app unique to your requirements.

Looking for a trusted Logistics app development company for your project? Give us a call to get started!

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