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Get more control over supply chain with
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We are revolutionizing supply chain with advanced Logistics Apps

With our cutting edge & advanced Logistics App Development Services, manufacturers, wholesalers,
and retailers are ensuring timely deliveries,
consistently. With real-time insights about
every delivery and every fleet, you are in
control over the supply chain, and this
translates to long-term success.

Here’s our secret to successful
logistics app development services

We are experts in understanding the specific business needs of our clients related
to logistics and supply chain, and accordingly, deploy a stellar mobility-based solution
using an advanced and powerful technology stack.

Our USP: Our Team

We are proud of our 250+ team members, who have the required business expertise and programming knowledge to digitally transform your logistics operations.

Impeccable Experience

We have successfully delivered 2000+ mobile apps, website platforms, and IoT solutions across multiple industries, especially in warehousing, logistics, and supply chain.

Unbeatable Experience

We have a stellar experience of 13+ years in unleashing digital transformation and mobility solutions for hundreds of global clients.

Trusted By Global Clients

There is a reason why brands like American Express, Disney, Audi, ICC, AXA, and others trust us and believe in our vision.

Talent Powerhouse

Leverage the creativity, passion and intelligence of our teams spread across Los Angeles, USA and Noida, India.

Business Expertise

With decades of experience serving hundreds of global clients across the world, we have the business acumen and expertise to provide you with stellar logistics solutions.

Our Featured Clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

Platform for Truck Drivers

We disrupted the trucking business, enabling drivers & owners to get more revenues, from the same resources.

Platform for Truck Drivers
Quotes - Android App Development Company

The team at TechAhead worked to understand and meet the client’s
needs. The workflow between the two companies was smooth and
TechAhead was very accommodating. The most impressive quality
about this company is its continued effort to make our vision
come to life. They did not create an app based on what
they thought would be beneficial. They listened to what
we needed and designed accordingly.

President - Trucking Company

Logistics app development methodology: Our
secret recipe

Our methodology for Logistics App development services revolves around understanding the specific business and operational needs of our clients and then devising a feasible digital and mobile solution that is scalable and robust.

Requirement Analysis

We will carry in-depth analysis of the requirements related to logistics and supply chain, and carry competitor’s analysis to find the best practices.

Logistics Roadmap

We will map out the entire logistics operations for your business, and design the mobile app features that fulfill your business objectives.

Supply Chain Architecture

The entire supply chain architecture will be mapped out and optimized, for developing the mobile app.

Logistics App Wireframe

We will create wireframes and prototypes of the logistics app, based on the roadmap and architecture of the supply chain, and business needs.

Design & Development

We will initiate the design and development of the logistics app, by deploying the most advanced technological platforms, and human-centric design philosophy.

Testing & Go-Live

We will rigorously test the mobile app, and weed out the inefficiencies and loopholes for ensuring seamless user experience and performance.

Logistics app development solutions
for long-term success

Here are our advanced Logistics App Development solutions, that have been tailor-made and customized
for your specific business needs, and cover all aspects of logistics and supply chain operations.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The entire end-to-end Logistics management system, that will empower you to handle every aspect of supply chain operations via mobile app.

Fleet Management Solution

Get real-time insights into your fleet, and know exactly where they are, at any given moment, using your mobile app and tablet.

Order Management Solution

We will design a comprehensive and robust order management solution that will enable you to optimally manage the orders, and ensure timely deliveries.

Delivery Management Solution

Handle all your deliveries via a single platform, and get real-time information about the status of deliveries for ensuring stellar results.

Resource Allocation Solution

Allocate and monitor all your resources such as drivers, warehouse personals, supervisors, etc via one single, integrated platform, and increase productivity.

Driver Management Solution

A mobile-based solution that’s dedicated only to managing and handling drivers for ensuring timely deliveries and optimized supply chain operations.

Turbocharge your supply chain & logistics, and delight your customers

Logistics app development:
Everything you need to know

What are the benefits of logistics app development?

Industries such as manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and others that are dependent on supply chain and logistics for shipping their products, time is a very critical factor. A delayed shipment can not only lead to order cancellation but also bad reviews and unhappy customers. With logistics app development services, you can get real-time insights about every aspect related to logistics and shipping, and ensure timely deliveries of all orders.

What are the benefits of real-time information about my fleet and delivery?

With real-time information about the fleet and delivery, the management is always in control over the supply chain and is aware of the real-time status of the deliveries, the location of their fleets, and other resources. With real-time insights, manufacturers and wholesalers/retailers can take quick business decisions based on the circumstances, to ensure timely delivery of all orders.

How to choose the best logistics app development company?

Check out previous works delivered by the logistics app development agency, and find out their market sentiments by checking out their online reviews, and their ratings on the renowned listing portals such as Clutch. Besides, it’s really important to find out more about their team, and enquire about their business expertise and subject matter expertise.

Why should I choose TechAhead?

TechAhead has a stellar track record as an enabler of digital transformation for some of the biggest global brands such as American Express, AXA, Disney, ICC, Audi, and more. In the last 14 years, TechAhead has delivered 2000+ mobile apps, digital portals, IoT solutions to 700+ brands, and this speaks volumes about our business expertise and experience.

What about the security and safety of my business data?

We treat data security and privacy as a critical business and professional requirement, and we leave no stone unturned to ensure that our client’s data is always safe and secured. We deploy some of the most advanced data protection mechanisms that include encryption, secured keys, firewalls, and more. It’s our iron-clad promise that every bit and byte of data belonging to our clients will be kept safe and secured.

How will I get logistics app support and maintenance services?

We are a renowned provider of support and maintenance of mobile apps, across all categories and industries. We offer fully customized and tailor-made support services, that focus extensively on business continuity aspects and ensure that the app delivers a stellar performance. You can contact our team to find out more about our support and maintenance services for logistics app development services.

Insights on logistics
app development strategies

Read our exclusive and deeply insightful blogs on Logistics and Supply Chain
automation, development, strategies, and market trends, which will enable you to take
the right decision, at the right time.


The mobile application with an impeccable system design- Uber

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Understanding Uber’s Service-Oriented Architecture & Design

logistics app development, Digital Mobility

Transportation transformed with Digital Mobility Solution: witness stunning results!

FAQs – More on Logistics app development services

We sign an NDA with every client before the start of the project, and this includes a clause to safeguard and protect all intellectual properties of our clients. Your idea is 100% safe and secure with us.
Our clients are the sole owners of the design and codes being used for the completion of the project. Once the logistics app is live, we hand over all codes and designs to our clients.
Yes, ofcourse! We are a global leader in developing cross-platform mobile apps that work on both Android and iOS platforms.
Yes, definitely. Our Driver Management Platform is an advanced solution that includes chat options as well. Please get in touch with our team to find more info.
Yes, you can. With our highly advanced and robust Fleet Management solution, you can track and monitor every shipment, and find out their current status and geographical position.
Our highly advanced and feature-rich logistics app development services have data analytics services embedded, that helps you to find out the performance of the app and more details.
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