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We launched feature-rich
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Mobile app based cloud ERP for contractors is no more
a fiction, We revolutionized an entire industry


Find out how TechAhead conceptualized and developed
a Cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning software
for contractors, and ignited a revolution in this industry.

Cloud based ERP for contractors

While working with several contractors who were into the real estate, manufacturing, retail,
and other industries, we realized a huge void when it comes to automated, technology-based
solutions for managing employees and their productive hours. Most of the contractors were
unsatisfied with the manual job sheets and logbooks, which created factual
errors while calculating the expenses and ROI.



Manual process to track work hours

The first and foremost challenge that contractors faced was a dependency on manual processes
for most of the tracking and monitoring tasks. Traditionally, laborers and daily-age workers
used a manual logbook and job sheets for updating their timings, expenses, and other details.
This needed to be changed and some new, tech-based solution was the need of the hour.


Inconsistent reporting by workers

Since almost every aspect of reporting was manual, the contractors experienced tons of
inconsistencies in the reported timelines and the actual work done. The expenses-related job sheets
always had incomplete data, and the contractors were heavily dissatisfied with the reporting data.


Lots of guess work in calculating ROI

At the end of the day, it’s all about ROI. But in the existing manual process of reporting and updating
data, it was becoming exceedingly difficult for contractors to calculate ROI. Since data was always
inconsistent, and not calculated in real-time, the contractors were losing money for their projects.


We accepted the challenge.


Our secret recipe

We assembled an experienced team of business analysts, ERP consultants, mobile & solutions
architects, programmers, and designers to brainstorm ideas for solving these problems that
contractors faced. We researched the manual process, understood its deficiencies, and then
came up with a Cloud-based solution that sent ripples across the industry.

We created a game-changer moment for contractors across every industry.


Cloud-based ERP for contractors

We designed a full-fledged ERP solution that was accessible on both Android and iOS
smartphones, along with website access as well. And we used Cloud technology to provide
the foundation for the same. Using this mobile app, both workers and contractors can
input information, which is universally accessible to all authorized personnel.


Eliminated all manual process

With our new mobile-based ERP, there is absolutely no need for any manual process:
Laborers and workers can now update their daily timers, expenses, and pictures
directly via mobile app, thereby saving time and resources.


Real-time tracking, monitoring & approvals

No more waiting for hours and days to get approvals, and to generate reports. With our state-of-
the-art Cloud ERP, employees can now generate and approve daily/weekly/monthly timesheets via
mobile app and send for approvals in real-time. Wages and project costs can be now calculated on
a real-time basis, using live data. This means accurate projections, budgeting, and ROI calculation.


Leveraging the power of cloud

We leveraged the power of Cloud for creating this revolutionary ERP, that changed the rules for
project management and managing all types of workers and laborers. With Cloud, accurate
information is updated in real-time, and the same is accessible to the management instantly.
The data can be accessed using mobile, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world.


More insights, more control, more profits

The true essence of our Cloud-based ERP is the control and insights that it provides to
contractors and managers. Using the web portal, they can now generate estimates, track and
monitor sales, evaluate resource needs, post jobs, generate and track POs, generate daily
reports, and more. All these advanced functions translate to more sales, more profits.

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Using the flexibility of Cloud, and our expertise in business and mobile, we developed a
powerful, robust, and scalable Cloud-based ERP for contractors that is changing the rules
of every industry. We solved a major problem and opened up a new portal
for endless possibilities.

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