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Starbucks by PineLabs

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Find out how Pine Labs selected TechAhead to become their mobility
partner and collaborated with us to develop a one-of-its-kind reward and
loyalty platform for Starbucks users across India.

This is how we enabled Starbucks to
unleash a tsunami of loyalty and reward
offers for delighting its users!

About Pine Labs & Starbucks

Founded in 1998, Pine Labs is one of the leading providers of retail transaction technology and
payment processing service for millions of merchants, SMEs, and retailers across India. With a current
valuation of $3.5 billion, Pine Labs is among the first unicorn startups from India.

50-year old Starbucks is one of the biggest multinational coffeehouse and roastery reserves from the USA,
which is present across 83 nations, and employs more than 33,000 employees across the world.


Pine Labs’ expectations from us

Pine Labs asked us to develop a world-class, mobile-based loyalty and reward platform
for Starbucks customers across India. This unique mobile app was expected to have
some of the most advanced rewards and loyalty features, along with a seamless,
intuitive user experience and user interface.


Loyalty & reward programs

The mobile app being developed for Starbucks was expected to be a world-class,
state-of-the-art rewards and loyalty platform, with an intuitive design and seamless user
interface. Even non-techie users should be able to use this app without any hassles.


New offers & announcements

New and existing users should be able to receive new offers about discounts, or any
new product launches right within the app, and should be able to get notifications and
updates about them on a regular basis.


Redemption of reward points

Redeeming the accumulated reward and loyalty points was another major expectation
from this rewards and loyalty platform, exclusively for all Starbucks users across India.

Starbucks App

Our secret recipe

We understood the unique requirements of Pine Labs concerning Starbucks’ expectations and
needs and brainstormed ideas with them to conceptualize and design a mobile-based loyalty app.
We deployed a robust, scalable, and powerful server architecture to ensure fast scalability and
super-fast performance.


Mobile-app based loyalty platform

The mobile app we developed for Starbucks was a complete, end-to-end rewards and loyalty
platform customized and tailor-made for Starbucks customers across India. The look and feel,
user experience, and user interface were in line with Starbucks branding and provided their
users with a delightful experience.


Accumulate & redeem loyalty points

This mobile app allowed all Starbucks users to accumulate points based on their
purchases, and accumulate their loyalty accounts with points. These points were
redeemable against future purchases and thereby deploying a robust loyalty and
reward platform for all users.


Get discounts, offers in real-time

Starbucks was also able to offer discounts and hot deals to their users in real-time via
this mobile app. Based on the customer’s purchase history and association with the
brand, customized offers and discounts were rolled out to the app users, thereby
triggering more loyalty and more branding.

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The loyalty and rewards mobile app for Starbucks we developed for Pine Labs
fulfilled all the expectations and provided a unique platform for their users to earn
loyalty points, redeem them, and receive customized discount offers in real-time. We
used some of the most advanced mobile and Cloud technologies to ensure that the
rewards and loyalty app is scalable, powerful, and extremely user-friendly.

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