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Pioneering the Future of Fitness: IHRSA 2024 Unveils HealthTech Giants Reshaping the Industry

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Vikas Kaushik

Vikas Kaushik

Vikas manages the Global Operations at TechAhead and is responsible for TechAhead’s growth, global expansion strategy, and ensuring customer delight.
Pioneering the Future of Fitness: IHRSA 2024 Unveils HealthTech Giants Reshaping the Industry

This year’s IHRSA 2024 in Los Angeles was a veritable feast for the eyes — at least for anyone interested in the latest health tech that’s changing the health and fitness industry. The Los Angeles Convention Center was electric with excitement as companies, big and small, came to the stage to showcase their latest innovations. From artificial intelligence and data analytics to revolutionary health-tech integrations – the variety was as diverse as it was impressive.

And the TechAhead team was there right in the middle of the innovations and excitement. It was an incredible opportunity to see first-hand what the companies who are truly leading the charge have been up to.

So let’s recap all that happened at IHRSA 2024 and celebrate the top companies who showed up to the convention trade show as well as those who took up sponsorship opportunities for IHRSA.

Top Presenters at the IHRSA Convention Trade Show

There was an incredible group of sponsors present, all there to share their latest innovations and drive creativity in the space. Our very own team member, Shanal, was on the ground taking in the sights during these networking based sessions.


He was able to see the latest tech and tricks of the trade first hand, gaining tips, knowledge, and insights to share with us all.

shanal at ihrsa 2024

Here are the top players that were present.

Matrix Fitness

Matrix Fitness really set the standards high at the beginning of the event with their cutting-edge fitness equipment. This innovative gear doesn’t just monitor your performance, it analyzes it on-the-go and crafts personalized training plans. Such a unique approach of analytics into fitness routines is super exciting. It stands to boost user engagement simply because it offers an experience that is particularly created for you.



Celsius really stood out as well, not just for its energizing beverages but for its dynamic engagement with the fitness community. They launched their new product line, Celsius Essentials, just last year, which was tailored for the most devoted athletes. With flavors like Cherry Limeade and Dragonberry, they’re not just about quenching thirst but enhancing performance.


Keiser Fitness

Keiser Fitness continued to lead in pneumatic resistance technology at IHRSA and easily showed how their machines are impressive for anyone looking to boost their gym’s appeal or enhance their personal fitness routine. Their equipment also performs real-time data collection and analysis to allow for precise adjustments.


Integrity Square

Those a part of the financial side of things were among IHRSa’s incredible group as well. Integrity Square, is dedicated to supporting growth within the Health, Active Lifestyle, and Outdoors (HALO) sector. Their mission encompasses advising, connecting, and empowering rapid-growth companies, entrepreneurs, executives, and capital partners, with a goal to address challenges like obesity, diabetes, and loneliness.

integrity square


Echelon stood out with its connected fitness solutions. They offer a diverse range of home exercise equipment, including bikes, treadmills, rowers, and more, designed to deliver immersive studio-quality workouts conveniently at home.



Gympass carved a path all its own in the corporate wellness space. They were on site showcasing their flexible corporate wellness platform, offering a comprehensive network of gyms, fitness studios, wellness apps, and personal trainers, all within a single membership. It’s designed to support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of employees, promoting a healthier and more productive workforce.


Human Touch

For over four decades, Human Touch has been at the forefront of creating wellness products that enhance the way you feel daily. Their portfolio includes advanced massage chairs, ergonomic recliners designed to alleviate back pain, and specialized massage solutions aimed at revitalizing both mind and body.

human touch

And we’ve seen firsthand how they drive creativity. We worked with Human Touch to develop an IoT-powered mobile app to redefine wellness in the space.

human touch app

The app was designed to help customers control their Human Touch massage chairs directly from their phones. The idea here was to create a seamless experience so people could relax and control their chairs intuitively.


Also present was Plunge, which specializes in creating cutting-edge cold plunge baths and high-heat saunas designed to enhance wellness and recovery. Their products combine powerful cooling, filtration, and sanitation for an invigorating and clean water experience, aiming to transform daily discomfort into mental and physical benefits. The company even received an offer on Shark Tank in 2022.


Notably, we’ve worked with Plunge in the past as well to create an IoT-based mobile app for the company. This app is designed to allow people to control their cold plunge tubs and saunas directly from their phones.

plunge app


SHUA was on site, offering a look at its fitness equipment. They provide a comprehensive range of cardio, strength, and home gym equipment designed to cater to various fitness levels and preferences.


Club Automation

And Club Automation’s booth was super informative as well. We were able to see first hand how its tools are designed to help health and athletic clubs streamline their operations.

club automation


BOSU is best known for its comprehensive range of fitness products, especially known for enhancing balance, flexibility, and cardio workouts. They cater to a wide audience, offering everything from the original BOSU ball to advanced balance trainers, each designed to meet diverse fitness needs and goals. It was great getting to see their products in action and in-person.


John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation

A bronze-level sponsor at the event, the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation focuses on changing the global approach to mental health, integrating exercise, nutrition, and mind-body practices into mental health care. Founded to honor the memory of John W. Brick, who struggled with schizophrenia without access to a holistic care approach, the foundation aims to incorporate healthy lifestyle practices into the treatment and management of mental health issues.

brick mental health


We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Fitbench, who had a solid presence as well. They offer innovative and space-saving fitness solutions, emphasizing safety and efficiency.


Life Fitness

Another top exhibitor was Life Fitness, which is committed to inspiring healthier lives worldwide, offering solutions for various fitness facilities and individuals, alike.

life fitness

ABC Fitness

ABC Fitness is in the club operations and services space (Club OS) and its display this year showed off its gym management platform.

abc fitness

Cryo Innovations

Also present among the wellnessspace brands was Cryo Innovations, which offers some of the top-rated cryotherapy chambers in the business. It’s perhaps best known for its XR cryo chamber, which is designed for various industries including chiropractic, physical therapy, gyms, and more.

cryo innovations

Vision Fitness

Another company with a solid presence at the event was Vision Fitness. They offer an award-winning range of home and light-commercial fitness equipment.

vision fitness

JW Sport

You could also spot JW Sport at the trade show, which has had a long-standing focus on innovation and modern design. Their primary aim has been to fill the gap left by traditional brands that often release only slightly updated versions of existing products.

jw sport

Torque USA

Lastly, we saw Torque USA at the event as well. They specialize in innovative strength training systems.

Torque USA

Of course, there were many other exhibitors present, but these are just a few we had the pleasure of seeing in-person.

According to Research and Markets, the online fitness market is expected to reach $76.57 billion by 2027. And this segment is expected to grow at a rate of 36.9%, all pointing to an industry that’s open and expanding. AI and IoT technologies are proving to be instrumental here — and as evidenced by what people were showcasing at IHRSA 2024. Features that focus on the user experience and personalization were key driving factors.

The use of wearables in the fitness industry is on the rise as well. As of 2024, the fitness tracker market is valued at $55.5 billion. But according to the 2024 Fitness Industry Market Report, wearables are the top fitness trend — which includes fitness trackers, smartwatches, and other health-monitoring devices — and is expected to surpass $94 billion by 2027.

wearables statistics

AI-driven fitness apps are gaining popularity as well. These apps rely on AI and machine learning to analyze user behavior to provide custom workout plans, nutritional guidance, and real-time performance feedback. This space is rapidly growing at a rate of 24.3% and is expected to reach $120.37 billion by 2030.

Peloton: A Notable Disruptor in the Health and Fitness Industry

The fact that Peloton was not present at IHRSA 2024 trade show does not reduce the impact of its disruption in the fitness field. As the first modern connected fitness company, Peloton has made a significant change in the sphere of at-home exercising, combining advanced technologies and interesting workouts.

It has been present — without being present — in that its influence is visible in the latest developments presented by many companies at the show. These recent developments that combine data analysis, AI, and other health-tech in order to provide personalized and adaptable fitness features are undeniably occurring due to what Peloton has done in the space. It may very well shape the future where technology will support people in maintaining their well-being by providing regular insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are AI and data analytics influencing the fitness industry?

AI and data analytics are transforming the fitness industry through the development of adaptive fitness equipment, personalized workout plans, and the real-time analysis of performance.

2. What role do wearables play in the health and fitness sector?

Wearables are critical for the health and fitness sector. Devices such as fitness trackers and smartwatches are used to monitor critical health metrics and track physical activity, providing users with access to immediate information about their fitness levels. The wearables market is expected to grow considerably because users increasingly favor personalized health and fitness solutions.

3. How is Peloton disrupting the fitness industry?

Peloton has revolutionized the fitness industry by offering its customers a connected fitness platform that integrates technology with an immersive exercise experience. The at-home workouts of Peloton with their live and on-demand classes, interactive features, and personalized metrics redefined the way people exercise at home and encouraged other similar vendors to follow suit.

Among the trends that have emerged and might shape the industry in the future are the use of AI and the IoT to create more effective equipment, the massive implementation of wearables for monitoring health conditions and fitness performance, and the use of AI apps for exercise planning and personalization.

5. How is the fitness industry responding to the demand for personalized wellness programs in the workplace?

The fitness company Gympass, for example, uses AI to analyze employee fitness information as part of their corporate wellness program. By doing so, they can identify possibilities for individual-based health and wellness initiatives, since they can determine who prefers crossfit programs to yoga, for example.

6. Are there any notable statistics on the growth of the fitness technology market?

Yes, the online fitness market was projected to reach $76.57 billion by 2027. The key to this spike is the technology in fitness equipment’s growing adoption of AI and IoT, which enables a high level of engagement and individualization on the user’s end. Wearables are also expected to exceed $94 billion by 2027.

7. How are companies like Echelon and Plunge contributing to the trend of interactive fitness experiences?

Companies like Echelon and Plunge are contributing to the trend of interactive fitness experiences by integrating technology and community into their offerings. Echelon provides connected fitness equipment that allows users to take part in live and on-demand classes at home. Plunge, on the other hand, offers innovative cold plunge pools designed with health and recovery in mind, the latter of which offers IoT app controls.

8. What is the significance of AI-enhanced recovery solutions in the fitness industry?

AI-enhanced recovery solutions that companies like Plunge provide are crucial as they improve and optimize post-workout recovery and performance. These solutions offer personalized and more efficient recovery strategies. At Plunge, for example, AI is integrated into cold plunge pools and adjusts the sessions depending on individual needs.

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