Transparent and high-return App
Development Cost that you can’t refuse

App Development Cost that fits
pocket and returns rich features

Forget about the days when app development companies
charged whatever cropped up in their head. TechAhead is
a team of hardworking ethical developers that price the
work in a budget-friendly way and with fully recognized
value for money. We are incredibly excited to see your
business grow with our services.


TechAhead designed Apps that turn
into business USP

We define our goals to make your business a supreme success. Our premium services have
benefited companies worldwide, and app development is our highlight.

Diverse Minds

TechAhead brings a multicultural twist to your app. Our designers from the USA and developers from India come together in giving that unique, exceptional user experience to your customers

Market Recognized

We walk the talk. Our exceptional work has been globally recognized by over 35+ awards, including the prestigious Clutch Award 2022 for App Development.

Industry-wide Experience

TechAhead holds an incomparable experience in several industries. Whether healthcare, hospitality, media, or tourism, we are apt at making optimum apps that use the latest technology with a creative user interface.

Trusted by Powerful Brands

Our expert app developers have used their valued skills for global brands like Starbucks, Disney, AXA, American Express, etc. Get ready for a rich app experience for your business too!

Proven Results

Our apps are designed by keeping the user’s psychology in mind. We don’t just put functions, we develop an experience, and that’s the reason why apps developed by us have over 1.5 Billion interactions globally

Prioritized Customer satisfaction

We are happy to serve our customers and take our professional relationship beyond expectations. You are constantly updated, explained, or asked for whatever your app goes through. We value your feedback above anything else.

We turn technical aspirations into
groundbreaking reality

We have made significant contributions to the app development industry. TechAhead is a pioneer
developer of some game-changing apps all over the world. Our innovative ideas have turned business
processes into seamless experiences right from your fingertips.

Argo Texas

ROI-focussed insurance services

We implemented human-centric design and
technological innovation to generate more
revenue and profits.

Find Out How
{The AND}

Emmy Award-Winning Experience

We recreated an Emmy Award-winning experience,
translated into a stunning, bold & beautiful
user experience.

Find Out How

Our featured clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage

Delighting Pickleball Players

Designed & nurtured a community of passionate Pickleball
players to interact, play, and forge lifelong relationships.

Case Study

The continued successful development has led to an
ongoing partnership between teams. TechAhead provides
high-quality apps promptly according to the specifications of
the third-party client. The team is hardworking, creative,
and personable.

Amir Jafari,CEO, Fivespot

backgrond image

TechAhead delivers
what they promise, so
you walk away with
smiles & satisfaction

TechAhead didn’t become a leading development
company without the constant support of valued
customers like you. We exhibit the sincerity to
design apps that cover all your needs. Our
brilliant team misses nothing in providing
the best customer experience

Let's talk

Market researched prices

Our app development costs are devised per the market standards, and we guarantee the most significant ROI. Our developers fully utilize their developer brains to enhance your business’s digital transformation

All-round research

TechAhead will research many apps in the same domain as yours. We will communicate unique features from our study to you. Your app will stand out as the most efficient in service.

Endless Consultancy

We are never tired of our customers and take pleasure in offering whatever comes up in their minds. Our team is always available to guide or hear from you to update your app or train your staff—a complete circuit of services from development to consultancy.

Full Customization

We know that your business has several unique facets that should be highlighted to drive revenues. Our app development team goes through extensive communication with you to bring about those factors in your app.

Modernization of digital presence

Our app development costs are ethically adjusted as per the level of development. We will make that happen if you’re willing to utilize your business’s website in app format. The architecture will be recreated, and the code will be optimized.

Tested and Reliable

We exhaust the testing procedures to deliver an app that can handle any peak demand. Our developers conduct all-around unit and integrated testing. We hold complete responsibility for what we develop.

List your needs and let TechAhead
do its magic

Apps are as unique and special, just like your business. TechAhead celebrates the concept of refined approaches to
app development and costs accordingly. We have three pricing models that you can choose from.

  • Time & Material

    Leverage our services at hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rates for work. You can select the work type, resources, and materials as per your choice and make it functional for your development needs. Best suited for agile projects.

  • Staff Augmentation

    After an efficient skill-gap analysis, TechAhead will offer a dedicated team of resources to support your project needs. Our expertise and dynamic guidance will extend your existing in-house team and cooperate to produce quantifiable results.

  • Fixed Cost

    If you have a small-scaled business and defined goals, fixed cost is the right choice. Under this model, a milestone-based roadmap is prepared and enhances the speed of delivery. It also reduces the chance of unforeseen risks and expensive investments.

Get to know the best pricing
model for your business

App development cost:
Everything you need to know

Does the app development cost cover the platform choice?

We are proficient at developing apps for iOS, Android, or any leading OS platform. You can choose whatever platform/s for your app, which is included in the costs. After that, leave it to us.

How do I ensure you’re working in the right way after the payment?

We schedule frequent communication with you and provide updates throughout the app development journey. You aren’t left alone after the app is delivered. We will be there to guide you.

Is their additional cost for faster delivery?

We are an ethical and transparent team of experts. Our roadmap schedule for app development is as precise as it can get. The cost covers the on-time delivery, and there’s no need for extra or hidden payment for quicker delivery.

Is app development cost justifiable?

Apart from our exceptional development work, we factor the market rates to adjust our costs. We continuously support your requirements and are up for add-ons later. Our team will build a professional relationship that will mutually benefit our growth. You’re investing in a lot more than just app development.

I don’t understand technology; what if I am unwittingly paying more?

You are always welcome to understand how the tech will be deployed in your app. We will explain step-by-step instructions and display the work and licensing fees incurred to know precisely what you’re paying for and aren’t charged unnecessarily.

Can I negotiate the costs and suggest my way of development?

You and your customers are going to use the app. TechAhead will thoroughly discuss everything that is going on in your app. If you have specific preferences or suggestions for development, we will work accordingly, and the price will be adjusted.

A range of technology covered by
our fabulous team

We are incredibly proud of our hardworking team, which breaks the barriers to learning. They are
constantly coming up with new ways to tackle problems and create modern apps with the latest technology.
Check out our experts sharing their technical strengths in their blogs.

FAQs- More on app development cost company

Will you share my app’s ownership?

Never! Whatever we create and all the documentation is handed over to you. We will never use or own your app. You will have full intellectual rights over the product developed—no ifs and buts.

How is TechAhead better than any other development company?

We are an exceptionally recognized development company trusted by international brands like Starbucks, Audi, Disney, AXA, etc., and have over 35 awards in recognition of our work. TechAhead has etched a mark in the development industry.

Where are you located?

The benefits of being based in New Delhi, India, and Los Angeles, USA, are plenty. Not only do we offer diverse perspectives on development, but we also bring together two cultures into your network. Your app will cater to a large set of audience.

Will you provide development from scratch, or can you help with migration or add-ons?

TechAhead is a place for everything technical. Whether developing from scratch or migration, modernization, or updating, we cover it all. Get in touch with us and understand our way of working. You will not be disappointed.

What if my app starts malfunctioning later? Will you be available?

We focus on customer satisfaction. We aim to provide best-in-class services to you, and if, for any reason, our apps start to seem buggy, our attentive team will be on it in no time. Don’t worry, and we always got your back.

Will you guide me so that I can learn the tech behind my app?

We’d be more than happy t comply. Our team will connect with you to discuss the in-and0out of your application thoroughly. You will get an explicit knowledge of what the process involves. TechAhead will refer to scholarly articles and blogs materials so that you can define your app.

Schedule a free expert session with our mobile app engineer

Deepak Sinha

Chief Technology Officer


Deepak is a Chief technology officer at TechAhead, where our team develops the next-gen mobile apps for global businesses. He will consult you on the CMS development project.

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