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We empowered PicklePlay to change the way players
find each other and form a community

 Pickle Play

Find courts, clubs, events,
and players that match
your skillset.

 Pickle Play

Easy to review other
players and PickleBall
courts nearby.

 Pickle Play

Organize pickleball
games and events with your
club or community.

How we triggered a gaming
revolution using technology

Using state-of-the-art technology and community-based
growth strategies, we empowered PicklePlay to change the
way players interact and play their games.

Find out how we created history

What exactly is PicklePlay?

Pickleball is a fascinating, intelligent
and team-spirited game, that hundreds
and thousands of gamers enjoy and
compete, all over the world.

It’s a unique combination of
badminton, tennis and table tennis,
and is considered one of the most
challenging new games
of this century.

Pickle Play
Pickle Play Chat Screen

The Challenge

Although there are thousands of players all
over the world, there was a huge void of connection
between them. Matches and competitions were
restricted to local platforms, and there was no
community that helped the game to scale.

The Client

PicklePlay is a mobile app with a strong focus on
building a community of passionate Pickleball players,
and delivering the most powerful user experience. This
platform is backed by Tyson Mcguffin, who is a Pickleball
superstar and consistently ranked among top 3
in worldwide rankings.

What we did.

To empower the PicklePlay community with unlimited scalability and unbreakable security,
we deployed state-of-the-art serverless architecture using Microsoft Azure. On the front end,
we created a breathtaking design and user interface, powered with intuitive user journeys
that helped the players to focus extensively on only one aspect: Their game.

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  • Pickle Play Organize
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  • Pickle Play Unlimited Access

Our extreme focus on
delightful user experience

We understood the inherent problems that passionate Pickleball players
faced and brainstormed ideas with our client to design a community focussed,
technologically superior mobile app.

The features and technology stack we deployed made sure that the
players always had an enchanting experience, and this helped PicklePlay
to generate tremendous word-of-mouth-popularity.

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We have nothing but wonderful things to say
about TechAhead. It’s been a very difficult project,
and they have given us excellent service.

Pickle Play

Our success recipe

When we combine our deep desire for our client’s success with the powerful
Cloud technology we specialize in, then magic is bound to happen.


Serverless architecture for unlimited scaling

We used the power of the Cloud to develop a robust platform for literally
unlimited scaling. Deploying Microsoft Azure, which provides a serverless
architecture with auto-scale capability, we gave wings to PicklePlay
and enabled it to fly high, beyond the horizons.

Today, millions of players can simultaneously use Pickle Play, without any
technical glitch and scalability issues. It’s a technological wonder we created.


Building a community with impeccable features

On PicklePlay, gamers can engage, interact, play and develop lifetime
relationships. They can find the best courts, tournaments, events and most
competitive games. They can discover the best players, and interact with them,
play with them, and improve their overall skills.

We are creating millions of new sporting worlds, right now.


Easy, seamless & quick user journeys

We understand that the players need action, and they don’t wish to waste time
navigating complex apps. This is the reason our user journeys are short, with
minimum taps/clicks and ensuring super-fast information gathering and output.

We ensured a delightful user experience and user interaction.


Delighting players & increasing fan base without marketing

The result of our stunning work on creating PicklePlay translated to more users,
without spending a dime on marketing and advertisements. Once we were able
to delight our users, they recommended our app to other players, and suddenly
PicklePlay was being used by thousands of players.

We made sure that word-of-mouth marketing did its magic.

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The core idea and mission behind PicklePlay was to develop a community of
passionate players, all over the world. And this is precisely what we conceptualized,
designed, and delivered with amazing results. We empowered a community to
evolve, assist one another and make everyone a winner.

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