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In partnership with Marshmallo, TechAhead has engineered a robust and feature-rich mobile
application. This app validates each member’s selfie, photo ID, and profile pictures, leading
to the exclusion of more than 700,000 registered offenders. Immerse yourself in conversations
with genuine individuals, fostering authentic connections and embracing true relationships.
Wave farewell to deceptive accounts and usher in a new era of authentic matches.

  • Client: Marshmallow
  • Industry: Lifestyle
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Revolutionizing safety and
authenticity in online dating landscape

The creation of a robust and feature-rich Marshmallo app encompassed essential
aspects. Efficient database management facilitated seamless handling of
user data for a comprehensive and secur experience..


Ensuring User Safety

Creating a seamless user experience for both patients and therapists required careful
consideration of user interfaces, user journeys, and ensuring that the app was intuitive and easy
to navigate. The challenge was to provide comprehensive features while maintaining simplicity.


Real-time Communication Management

Implementing a system to prevent unwanted and repeated messaging without
hindering genuine interactions was a complex task.


Database Management

Handling a large number of user profiles, photos, and verification data while
ensuring quick search and matching required efficient database management.

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An advanced system was devised,
ensuring user safety and privacy

The implemented solutions for Marshmallo encompassed cutting-edge strategies in three
key areas. These solutions collectively fortified Marshmallo’s user experience, fostering
a secure, interactive, and efficient environment for authentic connections.


Advanced Identity Verification

TechAhead developed an advanced identity verification process that verified
members’ selfies, photo IDs, and profile pictures. This innovative approach
ensured authenticity without compromising user privacy.


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The team implemented a unique messaging system that allowed users
to receive only one message from someone unless they responded. This feature
effectively prevented spam and unwanted messaging.


Efficient Database Architecture

TechAhead utilized a scalable database architecture to manage user data,
photos, and verification information. This architecture enabled quick
retrieval of profiles and optimized matching algorithms.

Exhausted from trolls?

Prevent the initiation of unwanted messages, ensuring a more pleasant and uninterrupted user communication experience.

No catfishers & scammers?

Every person you reach out to is an authentic individual – no presence of fake profiles whatsoever.

No Risk of Strangers

Our system keeps registered sex offenders away and discourages unwanted individuals from registering.

TechAhead’s Services & Methodologies:

Techahead’s adept team of developers and designers worked collaboratively to craft a mobile application
that is not only feature-rich and robust but also succeeded in establishing a secure, interactive, and
efficient environment, fostering genuine connections.


Strategic Planning and Analysis

TechAhead conducted thorough market analysis and user research to
understand user expectations and pain points. This information guided the
development of features that set Marshmallo apart.


User-Centered Design

TechAhead’s design team created an intuitive and engaging user interface
that simplified the identity verification process and facilitated seamless


Innovative Verification Process

TechAhead’s technical team designed and implemented an innovative
identity verification process using AI and biometric technology. This not only
ensured security but also added a layer of authenticity.


Custom Messaging System

TechAhead utilized a scalable database architecture to manage user data,
photos, and verification information. This architecture enabled quick
retrieval of profiles and optimized matching algorithms.


Rigorous Testing

Comprehensive testing was conducted to identify and rectify any
bugs or vulnerabilities. This ensured a smooth user experience and a secure app environment.


Privacy Considerations

TechAhead prioritized user privacy by implementing features that
prevented data misuse and ensured compliance with privacy regulations.


Deployment & Maintenance

TechAhead successfully deployed the app on app stores and provided ongoing
support and maintenance to address any post-launch issues and release updates.


Positive User Engagement

The seamless experience offered by Marshmallo resulted in positive user
engagement and genuine connections, as highlighted by user reviews.


TechAhead’s expertise in creating secure and user-friendly dating apps was demonstrated through the development
of Marshmallo. By addressing the challenges of user safety and communication management, TechAhead delivered an
innovative dating app that fosters meaningful connections and sets a benchmark for the industry.


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