5 Ways To Maximize App Store Optimization That 90 ...
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5 Ways to maximize App Store Optimization that 90% entrepreneurs overlook

Published datePublished: Aug 11, 2020 ViewsViews: 1060
Ayush Chauhan

Ayush Chauhan

Associate Director, Pre Sales
Ayush Chauhan heads the pre-sales department at TechAhead. He's an aficionado of technology and gadgets, always looking for ways to leverage the best in tech landscape to create viable and efficient solutions to customers and wonderful user experience to their users.
5 Ways to maximize App Store Optimization that 90% entrepreneurs overlook

With over six million mobile apps on global play stores, getting your app recognized has become a significant challenge for new business ventures. That’s when many business minds prefer optimizing their apps with an effective App Store Optimization technique. Here in this blog, we will share its basic thumb rules and how entrepreneurs can leverage App Store Optimization to escalate their app’s consumer exposure.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization or ASO is an app data downsizing technique that allows mobile app owners to improve their app’s visibility within the app stores and increase brand awareness. If executed correctly, app store optimization services can lead to better traffic and rank your app much higher in the Play Store. With such positive impacts, app owners can simply enjoy a higher market share and increased click-through rate (CTR), thus better business revenues and ROIs.

To help you out, here are the top factors to look upon while engaging in app store optimization.

Factors Affecting App Store Optimization

App Title

App Title is the first thing that every consumer sees and therefore should resonate with your services. To start with, choose the title from the heaviest search traffic keywords and scramble out a few good names. Additionally, as your app grows throughout the Playstore, more users will recommend and generate mouth-publicity. And it will be much harder to replace it afterward. Thus, choose a suitable one beforehand.


Keywords, in App Store Optimization, are commonly used phrases in an industry. People in an area of expertise use dozens of common words that stick to their mouths. Make sure you do thorough research and use all such relevant keywords. Furthermore, searching for suitable keywords is a continuous process and needs to be regulatory monitored on a weekly basis.


An app description is a written paragraph that explains its features and benefits to your users. Though App Store Algorithm ignores the report, firms should share all their details under 252 characters (100 for iTunes) and exaggerate their servitude. Use particular keywords and integrate them into your description to make your brand look more legit and truthful.


The short one-liner below your app’s title called Subtitle is the second thing a user looks after the name. The 30-character line should use non-recurring and strategic keywords and promote core services instead of simply putting up words. Many renowned apps such as Airbnb, Facebook, and Instagram highly leverage the subtitle area and provide good case studies for new apps.

Reviews & Ratings

Reviews & ratings showcase your app’s performance to every user. A higher rating and positive reviews result in a better download rate and increase referrals for the app. To maintain positive reviews, regularly update your app’s feedback forms and go through them to locate and solve some common problems.


App store optimization is a leading trend that most digital players use in their favor. Though its inception lies back to 2010, the tech trend is now heavily involved in many leading businesses and is changing how a company operates online. And to maintain your competitive edge, it’s also an excellent tool for maximizing your digital exposure.

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