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App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization

We help you master app ecosystem – iOS and Android app stores to improve
visibility, rank higher, and increase app downloads.

Drive User Acquisition with
App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) refers to the process of improving the visibility of an app on the
store to increase its chances of being found by more users, resulting in more downloads. It is a
crucial factor in user acquisition as it helps in bringing organic users who discover the app
when browsing the store for specific words or through SEO.

  • Keyword Research

    Keyword research to identify the right
    keywords through category searches on the
    app store. Track and optimize the app ranking
    using the ASO tools to monitor search rankings,
    competitor performance. and keyword

  • Tracking & Monitoring

    Benefit from end-to-end support that starts
    with optimizing the app, performance review,
    meeting compliance requirements, and app
    update, among other factors to manage
    the app’s reputation and performance
    on the store.

  • Product Page Optimization

    Visibility alone is not enough on the app store.
    App downloads are the key factor that determines
    success. Increase the chances of app downloads
    through better communication and adopting
    A/B testing to determine which icons or
    text works better.

Benefits of App Store Optimization

  • Improve visibility on the app store
  • Increase discoverability by relevant users
  • Increase organic downloads that ensure long-term results
  • Achieve continuous growth with lower user acquisition costs
  • Increase conversion rate and app revenues
  • Reach a wider global audience through localization

App Store Optimization Tools

  • Keyword Optimization Tools
  • Product Page Optimization Tools
  • A/B Testing Tools
  • App Store Intelligence Tools
  • Search Ads Optimization Tools
  • App Store Intelligence Tools

Our App Store Optimization Expertise

Our expert ASO team has the experience in optimizing app architecture as well as
working with the best optimization tools to improve the visibility and discoverability of the
app on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Have a question about how to optimize your app on the store? Talk to us to
explore how you can benefit from our ASO services.

Why Choose TechAhead
for App Store Optimization?

Best ASO tools

Best ASO tools

Our experts are experienced in developing mobile apps
and optimizing them, we use the most reliable ASO
tools that provide accurate data based on which we
optimize the app page to boost the app ranking.

Increase app revenue and ROI

Increase app revenue and ROI

Through continuous monitoring and tracking of various
factors that influence the app’s visibility and discoverability,
we devise strategies that help to increase the number of
downloads and improve ROI.

Regular Reporting

Regular Reporting

By updating our clients regularly with the latest app
performance reports, we work with them to identify
issues and make corrections to improve the app’s
performance on the store.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Our team of ASO experts follow a collaborative
approach to app store optimization, tracking and
reporting to eliminate worries of how the
app will perform on the store.

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