Boost ROI, Revenues, Profits with Business Digital Transformation
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Boost ROI, Revenues & Profits with Small Business Digital Transformation

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Ayush Chauhan

Ayush Chauhan

Associate Director, Pre Sales
Ayush Chauhan heads the pre-sales department at TechAhead. He's an aficionado of technology and gadgets, always looking for ways to leverage the best in tech landscape to create viable and efficient solutions to customers and wonderful user experience to their users.
Boost ROI, Revenues & Profits with Small Business Digital Transformation

Boost ROI, Revenues, Profits with Business Digital Transformation

In the last 11 years, we at TechAhead have served all forms of businesses: from billion-dollar enterprises and massive corporations to SMEs and startups with exciting growth curves.

One of the most fascinating experiences of our journey has been working with small businesses to trigger a digital transformation and empowering them to break the shackles of a limited budget, lack of resources, and enabling them to generate more ROI, more revenues, and more profits.

How is it made possible? But more importantly, why?

Advantages of Digital Transformation for small businesses

Being digitally empowered is no more a luxury that you can afford to miss; it has become a necessity. More than 40% of small business owners admit that they need digital tools and platforms to stay relevant in this age of Internet and Mobile, and they are very close to the truth.

When almost every one of your customers/buyers/users is on mobile and the Internet, then it becomes imperative for your business to be on the same page to be able to connect and engage with them.

Real-time information & insights

With a robust digital & mobile platform, small businesses can get real-time insights and information about the market, competitors, and more importantly their own sales and revenues.

These insights can enable them to make smart, swift, and impactful business decisions.

More engagement & loyalty

Digital platforms like mobile and websites can enable small businesses to connect with their customer base instantly, and trigger more engagement, and more loyalty. For example, offers and deals can be rolled out for specific segments, and generate more sales.

More revenues & profits

As a direct result of Digital transformation, small businesses and SMEs can generate more sales and more revenues without major investments and shifts in the business model.

When you have real-time information, instant communication, live stats, and data about your business, mobile and digital platforms to connect and engage with your customers, competitor’s data, and digital advantages, then sales and revenues are bound to increase, giving your business more visibility and more traffic.

How we trigger Digital Transformation for small businesses

Digital and Internet is a great & neutral playing field: Small businesses with hardly 4-5 employees can now directly compete against the likes of billion-dollar corporations leveraging digital platforms.

And the reason is that both small businesses and large corporations are targeting the same customers, having the same mobile and same interests.

The only differentiator will be ideas and creativity.

And this is where we at TechAhead can empower small businesses with codes and designs, and our business experience.

We can help small businesses to conceptualize, design, and launch stunning digital and mobile platforms, with breathtaking creativity and user experience, and enable them to delight their customers with powerful features and capabilities.

Our digital transformation strategy for small businesses, SMEs, and startups enable them to position themselves strongly in their market and gain an edge over their competitors.

TechAhead, a leading Digital Transformation Company has created powerful mobile apps and web portals for small businesses, then helped them to garner millions of new users, and convince them to buy their products and services. We have revamped and digitally transformed traditional businesses, to enable them to sell and market their ideas and products online, via mobile and Internet to millions of new customers, and positioned them on top of all lists and rankings.

Our deep expertise and experience in creating and launching powerful, robust, and scalable digital platforms for small businesses is causing ripples across the digital ecosystem and helping them to cement their position in the market.

Need more information about our digital transformation services for small businesses? Schedule a no-obligation, free consultation session with our Digital Innovators and Architects here, and take the 1st step towards making your business truly digital and mobile!

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