Smart Retail IoT Solutions | Internet of Things (IoT) in Retail
IoT Retail

Smart retail IoT solutions​

Explore a whole new world of possibilities for customer engagement,
and sales with smart analytics and insights.

Smart Retail Solutions

Future of smart retail

Create a completely frictionless customer experience without checkout lines,
assisted inventory display to drive engagement and awe!

  • 62%


    Customers say they want personalized discounts from companies based on their
    past purchases​.

  • 78%


    Consumers feel experiential retail
    stimulates their senses leading to
    increased engagement.

  • 60%


    Consumers believe long queues at
    checkouts are a major pain point
    while shopping in stores​.

  • $1.2tn​


    Potential economic impact in retail
    self-checkout, layout optimization, personalization, etc.

Create frictionless customer

Personalized Shopping​​

Personalized Shopping​​

Offer personalized recommendations and discounts
to customers on their phones and upgrade their
overall shopping experience​.

Smart Layouts​​

Smart Layouts​​

Enhance the effectiveness of store operations in
terms of staff planning and product placement​.

Automated Checkouts​​

Automated Checkouts​​

Enable instant checkouts with the help of IoT to
avoid customer queues​ and save up to 75% of staff.

Smart Shelves​​

Smart Shelves​​

Keep real-time track of the inventory on
the store shelves and alert the store teams
when they need to re-stock​.

Smart retail IoT consulting

  • Device Hardware

    Device Hardware
  • Device Software

    Device Software
  • Communications

  • Cloud Platform

    Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Apps

    Cloud Apps
Turn your retail business customer-friendly, engaged, and immersive.

Turn your retail business
customer-friendly, engaged,
and immersive.

  • Collaborate with our IoT experts to
    create immersive experience.
  • One-stop IoT consulting – network protocols, hardware, mobile apps, etc.
  • Full cycle app management to eliminate the woes of development and testing.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How can IoT help grow the retail business?

    IoT can help brick and mortar retail business immensely with today’s online-first shopping world, by exponentially improving customer experience,  and decreasing unnecessary expenses. 

    • Automated Checkout
    • Personalized Discounts
    • In-store Layout Optimization
    • Robotic Product Handling 
    • Optimized Supply Chain
    • Minimize inventory error
    • Decreased labor cost

    How IoT is reshaping the retail industry?

    IoT in retail can immensely improve store operations, enhance customer experience, and drive more conversions. Retailers can solve repetitive unproductive operations such as energy utilization tracking, floor navigation management, crowded area detection, check out time reduction, product shelves management, theft prevention, goods monitoring, etc with the help of IoT.

    What the major factors one should consider while implementing IoT in retail?

    IoT in the Retail is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 17% from 2020 to 2024 as retailers want to improve the purchase experience to drive engagement and sales. Global retail brand stores are increasingly implementing IoT to bring innovations, customize give away offers based on browsing history and buying behavior.

    Retailers should take care of data privacy and security concerns while implementing IoT. IoT networks are often vulnerable to cyber-attacks such as DDoS. 

    What are the best practices to implement IoT in retail? 

    As per Grand View Research, global Internet of Things (IoT) in retail market size is expected to reach USD 94.44 billion by 2025.
    Best practices for IoT implementations in retail are as follows: 

    GATE ANALYTICS (People Counting)
    Cameras at the main gate to monitor inward and outward movement of the customers.

    COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT (Cash Reconciliation)
    Close watch on the cash counters with wireless security cameras to avoid theft.

    Provide product video demos using IoT to Engage customers for a longer period and enhance sales.

    E-Surveillance for timely alerts to empower and ensure timely maintenance and cleanliness of store. Air Quality: Humidity sensors to air quality to keep store and goods in perfect condition.

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