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Utilize COBOL Development and take
control of all business needs

Business-oriented programming
language for leading Businesses

In its long run of over 60 years, COBOL has made itself a
key contender in handling business needs. COBOL offers
beneficial tools that can manage massive data easily. It
provides a more excellent grasp of the code due to
its simplicity and strict formatting rules.


TechAhead makes the most out of COBOL
to deliver sustainable applications

At TechAhead, we rely on our hands-on expertise and ensure that massive data processing,
error resolution, and other key highlights of COBOL are implemented.

Obsessed with Perfection

TechAhead team is continuously hustling to build the best app for you. We are always learning more on every subject, so only the best comes to you.

Constant Client Support

TechAhead walks the talk. We provide exceptional customer support, and we mean it. You will be offered consultation throughout our work.

Glorious Experience

TechAhead has been a global player in the development industry for over 12 years. We know exactly what your app needs and love to make it possible.

Trusted by Iconic Brands

Major global brands have put their development needs before us: Starbucks, Disney, American Express, AXA, and Dailyhunt, a few of our satisfied customers.

Industry Recognition

Our stellar work is the recipient of over 35 awards globally. This recognition keeps us motivated to serve you better and never stop.

Vastly Featured

TechAhead is a hugely popular brand that has found dedicated features in leading media channels like CNBC, CBS, Forbes, ABC, Huffpost, etc.

COBOL turns
development into a
fun experience mixed
with advanced tech

COBOL is a choice for business-friendly development.
The strict formatting rules of COBOL make reading,
understanding, and documenting the code easier.

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English-like syntax

The syntax resembles the standard English language with coss tables, footnotes, paragraphs, etc. This makes code a readable text like English novels!


Being equipped with self-documenting features, COBOL is an excellent choice for keeping up with the code and how the app has evolved.

Voluminous data processing

The ease with which COBOL handles massive amounts of data is noteworthy. It is instrumental in dynamic business environments.

Widespread use

COBOL is widely used and popular for business applications to date. This is due to its easy development, use, and maintenance.

Simple Debugging

Finding and removing bugs from the code is simple with COBOL since an adequate error message system powers it.

Compatible & Portable

It is compatible with its previous versions and portable across platforms with no re-compilation required. Hence, it saves a lot of costs.

Sit back and Relax while TechAhead
does wonders for your app

An expert development team that takes the burden from your shoulder is no longer a dream.
TechAhead is an all-in-one place for everything your app needs.

  • Mainframe App Development

    TechAhead marches ahead at challenges. We utilize COBOL in developing, testing, and delivering mainframe apps that are reliable and critically useful.

  • Handle Migration and Maintenance

    TechAhead fully follows the software development life cycle. We are apt at updating or maintaining COBOL’s legacy systems.

  • Business expertise

    Our 12+ years in development make us a fit choice for knowing COBOL in and out. We leverage our knowledge of industry standards and develop or update COBOL apps accordingly.

  • Wise Consulting

    TechAhead sincerely checks your IT infrastructure and its reliance on COBOL. We use our research in making cost-efficient software to fit your business expectations.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Powered by COBOL experts, we take leaps in transferring your work to any cloud service providers of your choice to increase flexibility.

  • Modern Methodologies

    To deliver faster results, we combine the old COBOL legacy systems with modern development methodologies like waterfall, DevOps, Scrum, Kanban, etc.

Choose the right technology to
give your business a boost

Cobol Application Modernization:
Everything you need to know

What is COBOL?

Common Business-Oriented Language COBOL is one of the oldest programming languages. It is heavily used in the business industry, including governmental functions, financing agencies, corporates, admin systems, etc.

Is COBOL still used or worth using?

It’s impressive how COBOL managed to stay relevant after over 60 years since its inception. COBOL is still relevant because of the legacy systems in government agencies & corporations, and it will be worth using because of its simplicity.

Does it use the latest data types?

COBOL uses 3 data types- alphabetic, alphanumeric, and numeric but that doesn’t take away its effective data handling capabilities.

Why is it a business language?

It supports the business by handling large amounts of data, simplifies programming and debugging, and COBOL is easy to run on many machines.

What are the mandatory rules for developing using COBOL?

The understandability of COBOL is increased due to its strict rules such as EVALUATE statement before cases, Test Before & Test After for do-while type statements, etc.

What is section and paragraph in COBOL?

A paragraph contains the part that will be performed, while a section holds all the paragraphs that are yet to be completed.

Are you looking for more?
We got your back!

TechAhead is eager to share information. Our team is encouraged to keep learning about
development and the latest techniques. Discover our web development blogs and open yourself
to excellent learning opportunities.

FAQs- More on COBOL modernization company

How long have you been in development?

TechAhead has pioneered in offering exceptional customer service for over 12 years now. We have grown and learned along this way which is the need for survival in the tech world.

How big is your team?

We have a hardworking, ethical team of over 200 staff that has the right expertise & experience to handle all your expectations. Our team is our greatest asset.

Who owns my project after it’s done?

During or after development, your software stays yours. We run on business ethics and legally bind our work with NDA. Everything developed for you is owned by you only in total capacity.

What happens in the case the app/site is buggy?

We debug it. We don’t walk away after delivering the work. You can always reach out to us not only for debugging but also for maintenance, consultancy, or upgrades. We’re here for the long run!

What is the success rate of your work?

TechAhead proudly holds over 600 successfully delivered projects that account for over 1 billion user engagements. We have the right set of knowledge to make your project a blast!

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