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The Top Secrets of Mobile Marketing

Published datePublished: Dec 14, 2015 ViewsViews: 2203


Tech Architect
Shashank Gupta is Tech Lead iOS at TechAhead. He has 07 years of experience in software development using technologies like Objective C and Swift.
The Top Secrets of Mobile Marketing

The Top Secrets of Mobile Marketing

The increase in mobile apps over a couple of years has given a great push to app development company and mobile marketing. A study by ComScore shows that by the end of 2010 almost half of all the mobile users were using mobile media like web browsers, apps, etc.

With this fast-track growth of mobile application industry, mobile marketing is shooting up high in the air. In this blog we would be discussing about the top secrets of mobile marketing a mobile marketer need to know to market an app.

Here are the Top Secrets of Mobile Marketing:

Research to Target your Market
Research to Target your Market, Top Secrets of Mobile Marketing

To advertise mobile app one needs to find the audience who are to be targeted. Mobile marketing is not restricted to advertise through banners and IT advertising instead the SMS marketing can also be done for smartphone users. Location-based mobile marketing campaigns are quite new and very less used. So it gets important to match the medium with our target demographic.

There are many sources for data on mobile and app usage including Google, Statista, and ComScore etc. the data from these sources can be used for planning of campaign at early stages of our campaign to ensure that we reach our intended audience.

Goal Identification
Goal Identification, Top Secrets of Mobile Marketing

Setting a KPI [Key Performance Indicator] is a standard and effective practice for any sort of marketing campaign. With the various metrics involved in online and mobile marketing the evaluation of marketing campaign is no more a tough job as it used to be in traditional marketing. What do you want from your mobile marketing campaign? Brand awareness? Purchases of a product or service? Leads? Traffic to your website? These are all very different goals so you need to set your KPI’s so that you may measure success of your campaign by various metrics.

Data Collection
Data Collection, Top Secrets of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing provide you a pretty good power that lets you track each and every available metrics. After your KPI’s are determined and you start tracking them to find the effectiveness of your campaign.

Track the phone calls, QR codes scanned, landing page visits, text messages sent, subscribers, unique visitors, online leads and more. Then you must collect the available data.
While tracking landing pages of mobile marketing, if possible do include server-side tracking scripts, as most mobile phones are with disabled JavaScript by default. Though Google Analytics provides specific codes for mobile which can be used instead of or in addition to their JavaScript tracking code.

The data will be spread across various tools like SMS marketing platform, Google Analytics, Search Console or whichever tool you may be using. So extract the raw data from these sources of yours and combine them in Spreadsheets or docs to use them and represent the overall picture of how your campaign is flowing.

Building and Nurturing Relationships
Building and Nurturing Relationships

The primary goal of the mobile marketing campaign could be to build brand awareness, drive traffic, increase downloads or get sales but this is only the beginning, we need to use this opportunity to build relationship with our customers like asking them to participate in contest or review writing or getting them featured as fans or by other methods like offering them some discounts or some other rewards by proper usage of Calls to Action in your app and mobile marketing campaigns.

Long Planning
Long Plaaning

A big mistake which is made in online or mobile marketing is that marketers or product owners wait before launching of their mobile app and they get stuck to a point where they get no chance to succeed, though they would have avoided it if they would have been bit logical in their approach. If your application is getting developed you must get it developed much before the cream season time of that industry gets closer so that you may have a through testing done a006Ed the app gives you good revenue like you can get your mobile app ready before holidays or festive season depending upon the industry domain of the app.

Real Time Monitoring and Optimization
Real time Monitoring & Optimization

Mobile marketing campaigns have a great advantage that one can make changes and monitor them in real time. Monitoring the campaigns performance metrics and analyzing them to reach a point and make optimization to fix/improve issues in the app that so that app may keep on evolving to provide better user experience and an engaging app which will also make your app fit under the concept of agile app development.

Mobile is becoming real market king as it being wireless channel of advertising is giving us power to achieve goals through various sort of marketing campaigns whether it be products sale, lead generation, visitors traffic to brand awareness.

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