Mobile Application Testing

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A buggy, broken, or poor release of an app can have an enormously detrimental effect on a business as a whole. It often translates to lost dollars in marketing, development, and app sales (or conversions). It can also translate to a bad public image, and those who downloaded the buggy app may not come back to download it a second time. Poor reviews and customer engagement plague un-tested apps. This is why beta testing app as a practice is absolutely essential for most businesses. At TechAhead, we offer innovative, cost-effective, and timely solutions to these issues by using a combination of manual and automated testing on many kinds of devices.

Excellent App Testing Services

Studying User Behaviors To Enhance Experience

We have excellent app testing services, but sometimes finding problems isn’t about finding small technical bugs. During the testing phase, we can help ensure that the app employs a user-friendly interface and provides a great user experience.Through our behavior-driven and user-focused approach to testing, we can also find minor ways to create a more fun, dynamic, and interactive experience. We may even engage in consulting to make more structural recommendations so that your app can be the best product possible.
Mobile App Testing Devices

Multiple Approaches To Mobile App Testing

No one form of Web app testing is perfect. That’s why we employee several different tactics, tools, and methodologies for finding issues all at once. Those methodologies include the following:

  • Behavior-driven development and testing (BDD)
  • Manual testing on multiple networks and devices
  • Network simulator testing
  • Testing with cutting-edge, effective automation tools (such as JMeter for load testing and SoupUI and LoadUI to check responses from Web services)
We try testing your app on many network settings (including 3G, 2G, and Wi-Fi). We try testing your Android app or iOS app on various mobile devices that use the same OS (for instance, if it is an iOS app, we’ll try it on the iPhone and iPad). We manually and automatically view a variety of app scenarios. We also define user behaviors while using your app to be sure that corresponding features are represented.
Mobile Testing Process

Standard, Effective Testing Process

By using an innovative combination of testing processes and procedures, we can expedite the Web app testing process to provide our clients with time and cost savings. Also, because we’re experts in the development and design of custom apps from start to finish, we often able to find potential issues that must faster. We can both find and root out issues with your app so that it may have a more successful and profitable launch. Contact us to learn more about our mobile application testing services today!