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Top 10 Digital Transformation Companies For 2022

Published datePublished: Nov 23, 2021 ViewsViews: 4867
Jitin Narang

Jitin Narang

As CMO, Jitin takes care of global partnerships and alliances for mobile solutions. He leads by example and is often quoted by colleagues and friends as the epitome of team spirit. With an ideal blend of entrepreneurial ability, humility, a hunger for knowledge and unending enthusiasm, he believes that nothing is impossible and is credited for the ‘Ahead’ dimension of TechAhead.
Top 10 Digital Transformation Companies For 2022

Digital Transformation Companies: Digital Transformation is right now unstoppable, and a trillion-dollar market opportunity that is growing at an astonishing pace.

From a $500 billion market, the digital transformation market will swell to more than $1 trillion in the next 2 years, with an annual growth rate of 15%.

Since more and more companies are investing in triggering digital transformation and preparing for the future, there is a huge demand for service providers, who can ensure that digital transformation is implemented and executed in the right manner, with the right approach.

If you are a business owner, and looking for digital transformation services providers, then it can become overwhelming to research and finalize the best agency for ensuring the highest ROI and excellent results.

To help you make this decision easier, and seamless, we have done in-depth market research, and came out with this list of top 10 digital transformation companies for 2022, that have a stellar reputation, track record and are renowned in their respective domains.

Without much ado, here are the top 10 digital transformation companies for 2022:

#1 Cognizant

Headquartered in the US, Cognizant is one of the biggest Digital Transformation agencies, with a specialization in systems, operations, IT, and technology-centric business optimization. Cognizant has a diversified business portfolio that also includes software development and business process outsourcing services.

#2 Microsoft

One of the earlier technology focussed organizations, Microsoft delivers digital transformation via product-based initiatives and is a global leader in software product development and Cloud computing.

#3 Oracle

Oracle is a global leader in database and software-based digital transformation for enterprises, corporations, and medium-scale businesses. Dell has a considerable market share in the hardware market as well, and their laptops, personal computers, and network equipment are known for delivering world-class service.

#4 TechAhead

With a global presence spanning Los Angeles, USA, and Noida, India, TechAhead is a global leader in unleashing digital transformation for startups, enterprises, small businesses, and Fortune 500 organizations. With a strong focus on conceptualizing a human-centric design experience for the end-users, TechAhead has delivered award-winning mobility and digital solutions for more than 600 global clients.

#5 Sparity

Based out of the US, Australia, and India, Sparity provides world-class digital transformation services for small businesses, startups, and large enterprises, by delivering them mobile-centric solutions for streamlining their operations and generating more revenues.

#6 Mphasis

Based out of Bengaluru, India, and having a presence across several countries, Mphasis offers digital transformation services in the sphere of infrastructural technology development and application outsourcing services. Mphasis is a renowned name in the logistics, telecom, and technology sector.

#7 Fueled

With headquarters in New York, USA, Fueled has delivered advanced digital transformation solutions for several businesses from the real-estate, entertainment, and telecom industries. They are specialists in providing end-to-end digital transformation services and strategies.

#8 From.Digital

Pioneers in design-centric innovation and products, From.Digital is a New York-based digital transformation agency that has designed and launched some of the most popular mobile apps, games, and platforms.

#9 Citrin Cooperman

The highlight and USP of Citrin Cooperman are enhancing operational efficiency and streamlining business operations via cutting-edge digital transformation services. Headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, Citrin Cooperman has delivered a host of software products such as ERP solutions, and fintech apps.

#10 Captivix

Located in Illinois, USA, Captivix offers advanced digital transformation strategies and services for enabling startups to leverage the power of technology and accelerate growth. With a focus on measuring ROI, Captivix has delivered world-class digital transformation services for different verticals and business sectors.

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