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Mac OS, which was developed by Apple for their Macintosh line of computer systems, is known for popularizing the graphical user interface and making it easier for anyone to use a computer.

The Mac OS X, Mountain Lion is the latest version of the operating system for the Apple Macintosh and is considered the most advanced operating system in the world. It works on the UNIX platform and comes with a highly advanced and user friendly set of tools, including one of the best graphics user interface (GUI) in the industry. In addition, with the introduction of the App Store experience to Mac OS X, users have access to app stores in 90 countries around the world and can purchase and download apps directly on their computers.

What this means for developers?

Mac OS X has several new features that make it fun and easy to develop apps for, such as:

  • With the use of Cocoa frameworks, it is simple to create drag and drop controls to design a rich user interface easily.
  • The system integrates several applications and services, and by following a simple approach, you can integrate your application with the system apps and benefit from the powerful features on offer.
  • It is possible to create apps that not only work well but also look appealing, as Mac OS X is built around powerful and well integrated graphics technologies.
  • The system offers stability and higher performance to your applications as it is built for 64-bit applications and multi core processors.

All this ensures that you have a high performance app that looks good and has access to a large number of users worldwide.

How TechAhead can help you with Mac Application Development?

TechAhead has a team of Mac application development experts who are experienced in several aspects of Mac Development. Whether it is developing games or business applications, our technical team can successfully meet your requirements. They are adept at working with technologies such as Cocoa, Objective C, OpenGL, Core Graphics, Core Foundation, Core Services, Core Animation, Core Audio, Core Video, Quartz and Unity 3D, among others.

The various areas of expertise that the TechAhead team has in Mac OS X development include Mac Utility Application Programming, Migration of existing iPhone Apps to Mac OS Apps, Migrating existing Windows apps to Mac OS, Integration from previous Macintosh versions to Mac OS X, and Testing under Mac-Operating System10.3-10.4.

So whether you are looking for assistance for developing an application, porting from a previous version or testing a solution, we have the skills and expertise to complete the task on hand within your budgets and timeframes. Drop us a line at to get started.

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