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5 Can’t-Miss Live Score Apps for Cricket Fans

Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most loved sport across the globe. Although, there are only few cricket playing countries in the world but one can easily find cricket lovers in any part of the world. In Asian sub-continent, Cricket is not just a sport but in fact is worshiped as a ‘Religion’. Especially in India, people have a special … Continue reading

13 days ago

iOS Apps for App Store: Avoiding the Rejection Blues

Known for its Walled Garden approach, Apple restricts its mobile devices to running pre-approved applications from the App Store. This further adds to the exclusivity and elitism to the services Apple offers to its customers. But this also implies Apple’s strict adherence to certain standards. The iOS apps submitted to the Apple App Store stand a fair chance of rejection … Continue reading

16 days ago

Come September – What Will the iPhone 6 Bring?

It’s that time of the year again! Every September, for the past few years, the world awaits the release of a new version of the iPhone, and if rumours are correct, September 9th could be this year’s release date. Apple has already sent out invites to an event in Cupertino, which could be the occasion for the official release of … Continue reading

19 days ago

Xiaomi’s MIUI 6 Creates Ripples in the Mobile Space

Xiaomi Inc.’s recent announcement of the release of its new Android-based firmware, MIUI6 has caused much stir in the mobile market. Touted as a replica of the Apple’s iOS 7 and 8 by critics, the new firmware is receiving mixed reviews. Let’s have a look at some of the new features of MIUI6. This post does not intend to compare … Continue reading

23 days ago

4 Useful Tips for an Effective Mobile App UX/UI Designing

There are so many mobile apps design and development companies out there in the market in the present times. And each one of them promises world-class mobile app designing and development services but unfortunately only few delivers. The biggest reason behind the poor quality of mobile app design and development services are the inappropriate designs i.e. UI and UX. In … Continue reading

41 days ago

New Smartphone App for Restricting Your Unwanted App Notifications

We can’t deny the fact that Smartphones has greatly helped people with their day-to-day needs. Today we have smartphone apps for every possible need whether it is social networking, e-bills payments, fitness, railways reservation, weather update or any other possible thing. In nutshell, we can say that smartphone are not just cell phone which allows users to make calls and send … Continue reading

47 days ago

Give Your Mobile App the Much Needed Boost with App Store Optimization

In the present scenario, it has become very usual that many of the high quality mobile apps are not reaching the right kind of audience yet losing in term of return of investment (ROI). The reason behind this is quite clear as there are millions of mobile applications on Google Play, iOS and Windows app store. It becomes really very … Continue reading

53 days ago

Boost Your Brand’s Social Media Presence with SocialEngage Mobile App

There is no doubt about Social Media being is one of the most crucial factor that decide the destiny of any brand, business or individual in the present scenario. Social media let your brand, business, skills or any of your expertise reach the right kind of audience and helps in boosting your online presence and branding. But, using social media … Continue reading

62 days ago

Meet New G Watch – The First Android Wearable from LG

LG has finally launched its first Android wearable – G Watch in twelve countries including India. This new wearable device offers cordial design, realistic display and highly advanced voice recognition. LG also confirmed availability of G Watch on Google Play Store and physical stores in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Ireland, Spain, South Korea, Germany and France … Continue reading

74 days ago

New Job Search App from LinkedIn – Gateway to Your Dream Careers

On 19th June 2014, LinkedIn launched its Job Search App for iPhone users. This is the 6th standalone app unveiled by LinkedIn. This Job Search app is the fourth launch by LinkedIn in last 18 months. This app is exclusively designed for helping users in finding and applying most relevant jobs in their respective domains. This app comes with an … Continue reading

89 days ago

Take better care of yourself with new iOS 8: Health

Health, app is one of the biggest highlights of recently launched iOS 8. You can understand your health & fitness data in the best possible way with the help of easy-to-read dashboard of iOS 8 Health app. In fact, this Health app comes with four tabs – ● Dashboard ● My Health ● Medical ID ● Source The dashboard tabs offers you a scroll-able … Continue reading

96 days ago

Everything You Want to Know about Apple’s Swift, Programming Language

During WWDC 2014 event held on 2nd June 2014, Apple introduced Swift, new programming language for the iOS developers. Swift is expected to write a new era in Apple’s history. iOS developers around the world are very curious about Swift and wants to know everything about this new programming language. Let’s find out some unknown facts about Swift. Introduction to … Continue reading

103 days ago

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