Software Testing Types you Should Know About

Software testing is an investigative procedure which is conducted after an application is out of the development phase and is to be rolled out for users. The test techniques of software testing involves the process of executing a program or an application with the purpose of finding software bugs (errors or other defects related to… read more

2 weeks ago

The History Of Apps – An Infographic Approach

An Infographic Approach to learn the History Of  Apps. The info graphical image starts with year 1983 since the inception of Mobile Apps & devices and represents developments till  mid of year 2015 . Copy the code below to embed this infographic on your website. <iframe src=””></iframe>

4 weeks ago
Do you know the Prominent Programmers Still Working?

Prominent Programmers Still Working

The websites, Mobile Apps, games we use every day don’t just get created with magic tools — someone, somewhere, wrote the code. To write the code there was need for some underlying platforms or development environment that these apps, games and websites could be developed so as to make them run. The programming languages were written… read more

1 month ago
iOS Application

iOS Application Code Basics a Business Owner Should Know

A business person seems to be quite a busy person who is involved in putting efforts into various activities from generating cash flow, sales, financial, intellectual and physical capital that further fuels economic development and growth of his organization. Nowadays in business world, changes can be hard to predict as the world is changing with… read more

2 months ago
Enterprise Mobile Apps Development Cycle

Demystifying the Enterprise Mobile Apps Development Cycle [Infographic]

Copy the code below to embed this infographic on your website. <iframe src=””></iframe>

4 months ago
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Top 5 Ways of Improvising an Existing Enterprise Mobile App

In the present scenario, companies and businesses are investing huge capital in order to get top-notch enterprise mobile apps. But, the majority of the enterprise apps don’t get the expected response from the users. There are many factors that lead to a lukewarm response of the enterprise apps in spite of investing huge money and… read more

4 months ago
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5 Most Underestimated Factors that Play Vital Role in Mobile Apps Success

Every app idea comes with a baggage of expectations with it. Every company and entrepreneur want their app to perform outstandingly on the app stores. In order to get business apps that can live up to the user’s expectations & achieve desired sales targets, companies and business owners are paying a huge amount of money.… read more

5 months ago
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5 Reasons Why Enterprise Mobile Apps Need QA Services

Quality assurance is a very crucial part of any mobile application development process. Most of the mobile apps failing to deliver world-class QA standards don’t last for a longer period in the app stores. In today’s competitive world, users want every mobile app they use to be flawless and full of features that can offer… read more

5 months ago
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