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Smart wearable application development services

Develop a wide range of innovative wearable apps to interface with
your gadgets – track and
analyze data, send custom alerts.

Smart Wearables Solutions​

The next step beyond
smartphones are wearables

Increase shop floor productivity, minimize waste, improve quality, and deliver
products just in
time for higher cost-effectiveness.

  • 25.3%

    US Adults

    Percentage of the adult population
    in the US who will use Smart
    Wearables by 2022​.

    Source: Accenture

  • $150B

    Market Size

    The expected worldwide market
    size of the connected
    wearables by 2026​.

    Source: Capgemini

  • 453Mn

    Global Deliveries

    Expected number of wearable
    devices to be shipped across
    the world by 2022​.

    Source: Deloitte

  • 19.9%

    Smart Wearables Growth

    Global wearable market is
    projected to grow at a CAGR
    of 19.9% over 2020-2025.

    Source: Deloitte

Smart wearable application
development services

Smart Watch App Development​​

Smart Watch App Development​​

We design innovative best-in-class watch specific functions
to drive engagement and user-friendly interactions​.

Fitness & Health Tracking Solutions​​

Fitness & Health Tracking Solutions​​

Develop a large range of app-based solutions
for fitness tracking, tele-monitoring, diagnostics,
sleep hours, heart rate etc.​

Wearable VR Apps​​

Wearable VR Apps​​

Translate your gaming ideas to create apps which
leverage VR along with IoT in order to provide an
engaging gaming experience​.

Wearable Payment Apps​​

Wearable Payment Apps​​

Harness the capabilities of wearables to
enable smart payments at point of sale just
by waving the hand or tapping​.

Smart Glasses App Development​​

Smart Glasses App Development​​

Enable an exclusive range of features in smart
glasses apps to allow access to critical information
along with a variety of other tasks.

Smart wearables IoT consulting

  • Device Hardware

    Device Hardware
  • Device Software

    Device Software
  • Communications

  • Cloud Platform

    Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Apps

    Cloud Apps
We provide complete hardware consulting

We provide complete hardware
consulting and consumer-facing
apps and analytics.

  • Increase productivity and impact
    with smart wearables apps.
  • Monitor and analyze data from
    every move – heartbeat, steps etc
  • Apps using Wear OS – custom interactions, notifications, voice commands etc.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is smart wearable technology? 

    Wearable technology or “wearables”, are electronic devices that can be worn as accessories, tagged to cloths, can even be implanted in the user’s body. Wearables have practical utility and are powered by microprocessors and can send and receive data through the Internet.

    One of the best examples of wearables is fitness trackers which have caught on with the consumers. The growth of mobile networks has also accelerated the deployment of wearables.

    Where do Wearables Fit into the Internet of Things?

    The tiny IoT devices in wearables have transformed our lives in unimaginable ways. Wearables are not just limited to fitness trackers and smartwatches but have much wider applications – from monitoring patients to tracking safety at a construction site, to ensuring kids reach home safely.

    What are the examples of Smart Wearable?

    Smart wearable band shipments are forecasted to reach 174 million worldwide. Past few years have seen rapid adoption of smart wearables and now they are being adopted in every walk of life:
    Some of the interesting examples of smart wearable technology are:

    Sony has recently launched a pocket-sized personal airconditioner – smart wearable, called “Reon Pocket”, that is operated by the mobile app and keeps you cool wherever you go – a crowded train or a jogging track.

    Cyrcadia Health has developed an innovative intelligent patch called “iTBra”, a smart wearable, that can detect early signs of breast cancer which can be communicated directly to the lab for analysis. There are approx. 285 million visually impaired persons worldwide who need assistance. Foresight, a smart wearable, developed by Harvard students, places soft robotic actuators in a vest which estimates the movement of objects surrounding the user helping low vision users feel the world.

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