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IoT Logistics

Smart logistics IoT solutions​

Monitor and track shipments from origin to destination with absolute control
over your fleet with IoT enabled smart logistics solutions.

Smart Logistics Solutions​​

Smart logistics: harness
the power of IoT

Build supply chain visibility, automate freight tracking, reduce
throughput time, and increase profitability.

  • 30%

    Reduce Wastage

    Amount of perishable produce
    and products from the farm that
    never make it to the table​.

    Source: Intel

  • 40%

    Drive Efficiencies

    Expected reduction in overall
    damages with the help of shipment
    and container tracking.

    Source: McKinsey

  • 17%

    Smart Routing

    Increase in the operating efficiency
    of companies with more optimized
    logistics routing​.

    Source: McKinsey

  • $130bn

    Market Size

    Expected size of the Smart Logistics
    market worldwide by 2024​.

    Source: Global Market Insights

Transform the supply chain to
compete in global markets

Real-Time Cargo Monitoring​

Real-Time Cargo Monitoring​

We provide customized solutions to keep track of your shipments & containers:​

  • Real time-track of the container variables like temperature, light, and humidity
  • Track all assets using CCTV’s, IoT powered door management to prevent any thefts or spoilage
  • Monitor your shipment conditions and get the recommended action immediately

Fleet Operations Tracking ​

Fleet Operations Tracking ​

Reach out to us for a suite of fleet management solutions
to gain insights and drive operational efficiencies:

  • Keep real-time track of vehicles’ location, running time, idle time, average speed etc. ​
  • Save time and costs by monitoring evolving traffic patterns and taking optimum routes
  • Monitor the driver behavior and get notifications

Optimum Asset Utilization​​

Optimum Asset Utilization​​

Leverage IoT to cut down on the cost of asset maintenance:​

  • Predict and monitor the maintenance needs of vehicles​
  • Cut-down on unplanned downtimes by predicting future requirements​
  • Get insights on vehicle idle time and analyze underperforming business routes​

Smart logistics IoT consulting

  • Device Hardware

    Device Hardware
  • Device Software

    Device Software
  • Communications

  • Cloud Platform

    Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Apps

    Cloud Apps
Transform your supply chain logistics by reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Transform your supply chain
logistics by reducing waste
and increasing efficiency.

  • Real time decisions based on data
    to create value for your customers.
  • Data & analytics to bring an end to
    end visibility of your vehicle fleet.
  • Automate order processing and cut
    ops costs and drop-shipping lockers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How can a logistics app help in deploying a logistics strategy for any business?

    A logistics app is necessary for any business in deploying an effective logistics strategy as it provides real-time visibility & insights about the fleet movement within the Supply Chain. This monitoring & tracking mechanism provided by the app on a centralized dashboard helps in enabling a more seamless transportation of materials between the different stakeholders of the Supply Chain. The real-time fleet visibility essentially offers 2 important strategic benefits to the top management:

    • Reducing the various costs associated with transportation of goods
    • Protecting the brand image of the companies

    How can a logistics app help in optimizing on the logistics cost for any business?

    A logistics app provides a number of essential features like real-time tracking, centralized dashboards, advanced analytical reports & in-app payments which can allow the top management of businesses to optimize on logistics costs.

    Real-time fleet tracking feature enabled within the logistics app helps in getting alerts & notifications on any kind of unwanted disruptions and helps in avoiding thefts/damages to the cargo. This can be particularly useful for vehicles when they go through most critical & theft-prone routes where the risks are pretty higher. The logistics app can help in tracking any kind of suspicious events in real-time.

    Another way in which logistics app can help is by optimizing the delivery routes which provide a number of advantages in reducing fuel costs, maintenance costs & saving time. The optimized delivery routes can help in upto 10% increase in margins (according to research by Bain & Co.). Also, using logistics apps brings in more predictability within the transit times between places which can help in more efficient management of the warehouses by reducing high levels of inventory & safety stocks.

    How does a logistics app help in protection of the brand image for a business?

    As far as protecting the brand image of a business is concerned, a logistics app allows a track & trace system for the products & vehicles in order to prevent any kinds of counterfeiting which plays a major role in spoiling the brand image.

    With transparency & visibility upto the last level of suppliers for any fleet, businesses can easily identify the root causes of the problem being faced by them. Also, the app also enables the companies to inform & send real-time updates to the customers in case there are any delays in the delivery because of some unwanted circumstances.

    What features for drivers will be added inside the app?

    The app will enable the drivers to register & create in their own personal accounts within the app. Each driver will also have a dedicated dashboard for him which would tell a number of different things like active jobs, completed jobs, earnings etc. Moreover, while commuting the drivers will get a built-in location finding & multi-lingual support inside the app. Not only that, there will be a pre-defined FAQs & real-time chat feature for them in case of any emergencies being faced.

    Moreover, the feature of in-app payments will help them in ensuring a hassle-free travel across the different locations of the Supply Chain. The app will also be able to give them notification about any critical update or emergency during the commute process. A driver’s log will also be a part of the app which will maintain essential information about their individual trips like start time, estimated arrival time, end time, miles covered, no. of working hours etc.

    Will I be able to get customized features & enhancements as per my requirements?

    TechAhead understands that there is considerable difference between the requirements of different companies depending on their size, scale & budget. Since, our philosophy is to serve both the Fortune 100 businesses & startups in an equal manner, we will try to cater to all the requirements which have been put forward to us by our clients.

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