Comprehensive Guide to IoT Devices You Need to Know in ...

Comprehensive Guide to IoT Devices You Need to Know in 2020

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Jitin Narang

Jitin Narang

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Comprehensive Guide to IoT Devices You Need to Know in 2020

Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of interlinked physical objects that are reachable through the internet. ‘Thing' in IoT can be described as an individual with a heart monitor or a vehicle that comprises of sensors. It can be an object with an IP assigned and with the capability to gather and transmit data over a web network without manual support or involvement.

Statistics and Facts

According to the studies and, By the end of the year 2020, there will be 20.4 Billion IoT devices. Also, by 2020 there will be almost 90% increase in the autonomous vehicles and most of them will have internet connections.

The increase in IoT devices is increasing every second and many companies could invest up to $15 Trillion by the end of 2025. This increase in IoT devices would not be specific to the technology industry. The horizon will expand into service, healthcare, and many other bigger markets.

One of the major facts about the IoT industry expanding is the use of devices not only affecting the businesses but also the personal usage of devices by individuals. Where 94% of businesses have registered higher ROI with the presence of IoT usage, the global smart home market would also touch $490 Billion by the end of the year 2020. IoT expansion and development would also result in job opportunities for the years to come.

Home Automation IoT Devices

Here is the list of some home automation IoT devices:

Amazon Dash Buttons

Amazon Dash was a customer merchandise ordering service that used a brand-named device to order goods on the Internet. It had to be connected to Wi-Fi and used to order household items like paper towels etc. As on March 1, 2019, Amazon discontinued the series.

August Doorbell Cam

With August Doorbell Cam you can control and monitor your home from anywhere with their locks and doorbell cameras. With two-level encryption and use of Bluetooth Energy (BLE) technology encryption, as well as an added encryption mode to keep your homes extra safe.


Awair is an air purifier that tracks unseen dust and substances in your air and gives you tailored advice to help you stay safe and healthy.

Belkin WeMo

Now known as Wemo, it is a product from Belkin that allows users to handle home electronics remotely. The product line includes plugs, motion sensors, light switches, mobile apps, cameras, and a light bulb.


You can use the Canary app to watch live from anyplace at any time. It connects your phone to your home with HD quality video, 24/7.

Chamberlain MyQ

The Chamberlain MyQ is a garage-door opener. It is one of the most reasonably priced, smart, and one of the easiest to connect and install. The MyQ kit is made up of two main components; a base station attached to the ceiling and a sensor unit.


Cinder is a grill that allows high-end slow-cooking water bath approach used by chefs in a restaurant. It’s a countertop grill that connects you to your smartphone to make cooking easy and fast compared to traditional cooking.

Elgato Eve

It is a smart-key system. The system comprises of a 10-gram device that is located on a key chain, a purse, inside a car, etc. Then it communicates with the app on an iOS device. If it is set for keys, the app alerts the user within a distance of 10 meters, indicating that they may have forgotten the keys.


Continuous blood glucose monitoring up to 90 days with a sensor placed under-the-skin. It is detachable and can be recharged with a smart transmitter, Helpful for day to day monitoring and managing of diabetes.

GE Connected Appliances

It helps connect appliances and keeps you informed when about what are the appliances doing, wherever you are like a notification when the filter needs changing, schedule hot water for morning coffee, etc.

Honeywell Smart Home Products

Control the heating control and detection of water leakage at home remotely with the Home app via smartphones or tablets.

June Intelligent Oven

This oven recognizes foods than its previous versions with a new advance built-in camera and software. It connects to the Wi-Fi countertop appliance and has various cooking lists that make small changes to the settings to prepare food exactly the way you like it.

Keen Home Smart Vent

Smart Vents is an institution of a foundation for the Keen Zoning System. It intelligently opens and closes based on specific and distinctive room temperature preferences set in the Home app.

LG SmartThinQ

Controls the key features of LG home appliances from your smartphone. Supports characteristics like notifying if the refrigerator door is left open accidentally, finished the washer cycle or turning on the air conditioning remotely, etc.

Nespresso Prodigio

Make a perfect coffee with your smartphone. Controlled brewing, the coffee time set up at your desired schedule, and available for both android and iOS devices.

Philips Hue

A wireless lighting system that allows you to conveniently control your lights for the desired ambiance for every instant.

Industrial IoT Devices

Here is the list of some industrial IoT devices:


Awarepoint provides workflow automation, following solutions and real-time location organizations to the perceptive care hospital market sphere. It changes patient care via the industry’s most vigorous and scalable business Location facility platform.


Integrated Field Monitoring sensors, techniques and amenities for the oil and gas industry. It helps protect the safety and reliability of offshore workforces, the background, and possessions by handling oil spill findings and combating, scrutiny and security.

ATrack trackers

Track and manage valued assets. ATrack trackers give consistent results to assist drivers and bosses know where their vehicles were. It makes GPS trackers for cars, truckers, holders, and motorcycles.


Bosch brings concurrent vehicle equipment, the data cloud, and facilities to offer comprehensive flexibility solutions. It also offers individual resolutions for homes.


CargoSense creates software and sensor keys. It proposes an application to temperature watching and ventures to a total range of how shipping industry providers are handling goods.

DorsaVi ViSafe

These wearable movement sensors and data analysis provide insights not possible via watch. Know how your employees move, make definite decisions to expand workplace safety, manual supervision, staff ergonomics, and employee efficiency.


Filament is a 3D printer with a thermoplastic feedstock for fused statement modeling.


High-quality networking merchandise manufacturing, supply, and support. They provide adapters, cables, terminators and wireless modules worldwide.


It is a producer of radio-frequency identification tools and software. It mostly creates EPC Class 1, Gen 2 passive UHF RFID chips, RFID readers, RFID reader chips, and RFID antennas. They also make software applications to encode chips and gather business intelligence.

Health Care/Fitness IoT Devices

Here is the list of some Healthcare/Fitness IoT devices:


With AdhereTech patients simply use our Smart Pill Bottle like a usual bottle, customized care sent to their smartphones. It is done via text or mechanized phone calls.

Biotricity Bioflux

A 3 in 1 monitoring solution that offers mobile cardiac telemetry. It is a complete solution for cardiac monitoring and analysis. The device screens the patient’s real-time ECG and collecting data.

Breathometer Mint

An oral health monitor analyzes the sulfur compound in our mouth with the use of the app on the smartphone. Breathometer helps keep oral health at the check and maintain good fitness.


Tack health activity, exercise, food, and sleep with your Fitbit wrist bands for your family and yourself. It monitors your heart rate and other health tracks and comes in different colors and band types for a wide variety to choose from.

Garmin Forerunner

A runner tracking wrist device for you to track your run, race, sprint, swim, bike, and row. A simple wristband with GPS tracker to monitor heart rate and calories etc.

Development Boards IoT Devices

Here is the list of development boards IoT devices:


It comprises of a physical circuit board (microcontroller) and software, or Integrated Development Environment that works on the computer. It is an open-source platform with flexible usage mostly designed for artists and hobbyists.


A USB key fob computer system at a low cost with a sleek design and a very simple to use interface. Used widely by online educators and open for your tear down imagination.

Cypress IoT Products

A solutions portfolio with a new product with its ultra-low-power PSoC 6 microcontroller (MCU). It helps the expanding need for computing and storage along with solving the connectivity problems.

Intel Gallileo

A retired product that offers a mini Express slot. This helps connect components like SIM card adapters, Bluetooth, etc.


OpenMote is a low powered board that helps create or develop IoT apps in the industrial space. An open-hardware ecosystem prototyping software and operates with dual-radio operations.


Known for their commercial hardware boards with a wide range of network boards. They also provide their software solutions to adapt their products to different other projects.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) IoT Devices

Here is the list of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) IoT devices:

Google Cardboard

A simple Virtual Reality platform that can be used by anyone around the world. It’s a low-cost fold-out cardboard to gauge interest and inspire developing VR applications.

Microsoft HoloLens

A device to help users collaborate, learn and communicate across the business more effectively. Based on the technology of hardware design, reality development, and AI helps lead into the future.

Oculus Rift

A VR gaming device for PCs with no wires and absolutely no limits. It has touch sensors and controllers for a great gaming experience.

Samsung Gear VR

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones that act as headsets display. The Gear VR headset comes with a back button and a touchpad on the side. It also detects if the headset is on through a proximity sensor.

Miscellaneous IoT Devices

Here is the list of miscellaneous IoT devices:

Click and Grow

An indoor herb garden for all age and experience levels. They can self-water themselves and need no green thumb. Simply add pods, add water to them, plug the device in and see the plants grow.


A sonar technology for fishing with family and friends. You can scan waterbodies, cast your trap, catch the fishes and repeat the process.


Voice solution for employees on an hourly rate. An assistant that connects employees for great customer experience with mobile apps.


A GPS device pet tracker that helps keep a tab on where your most loved pets are. It helps stay connected with your dog and helps you understand your pets.  health, behavior, and well-being.

Technologies used in IoT Devices

A key aspect when planning IoT networks is the topology of the systems. There are two major types of networks that are used to design IoT related networks: Mesh and Star.

All nodes connect to one main node in a star network topology, that works as a gateway to the Internet. A common Wi-fi network is used where the central node is known as the access point and the connected nodes known as stations. Star networks are considered by large data block transfer, quick time to react and fast interconnect speeds. A star network uses Bluetooth and supports only a limited number of nodes.

Mesh networks help with multiple internal paths for efforts, require very little power to communicate and compute and can easily add nodes. Therefore, these are comparatively inexpensive to create, highly mountable and extremely redundant.

Advantages of IoT Devices

  • Least human effort because IoT communicates with one another and does most of the tasks for us.
  • It saves a lot of time as it lessens human efforts.
  • It improves various security aspects due to the interconnection of the devices and platforms together.
  • Optimum use of resources once the user knows the functionality of each device.
  • One of the top advantages of IoT is saving money. If the price of the category and monitoring device is less than the amount saved, then the IoT will be very widely adopted technology worldwide.

Disadvantages of IoT Devices

  • Due to the interconnection, security measures might become trouble and lead to network attacks.
  • Privacy might get attacked even when the active participation of the user is less. The IoT system gathers substantial personal data with maximum details.
  • The designing, maintenance, and development of an IoT device is quite a complex process.


With such a wide knowledge of IoT devices, the technology used and the positive and negative aspects of having them in the day to day lives would help you with expert information required in the year 2020.

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