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Smart Healthcare Solutions​​

Design, develop, and deliver smart IoT health solutions to track patient’s health status,
track hospital assets, and deliver better health outcomes to patients.

Smart Healthcare Solutions

Smart Healthcare: Making healthcare intelligent

Improve patient-treatment, reduce errors & provide faster disease-diagnosis
to promote preventive healthcare and cut costs​.

  • 74%

    Health Information​

    Percentage of people willing to share
    their lifestyle info digitally if it can result
    in better health outcomes by physicians.

  • $135bn


    The expected worldwide market
    size of smart wearables to capture
    and monitor health data.

  • $300bn

    Cost Savings

    Expected cost savings in health
    treatment in US alone through the
    usage of Smart healthcare solutions.

  • 75bn​

    Cost Savings

    Smart healthcare IoT devices projected
    to be deployed across the globe in the
    healthcare industry by 2025.

Smart Healthcare Application
Development Services

Hospital Asset Tracking​

Hospital Asset Tracking​

Track hospital assets with the help of IoT and mobile
apps to save costs, optimize resources, and
streamline operations​.

Remote Patient Monitoring​

Remote Patient Monitoring​

Track patients’ adherence to the treatment plans
and keep a more effective check with the help
of IoT enabled monitoring equipment.

Personal Health Monitoring​

Personal Health Monitoring​

Leverage the capabilities of the wearables to
monitor and give real-time alerts on individual
health-related parameters​.

Smart Health Insurance​

Smart Health Insurance​

Capture the data from healthcare devices of the
patients for analysis to detect any fraudulent claims
and identify prospects for underwriting.​

Smart Healthcare IoT Consulting

  • Device Hardware

    Device Hardware
  • Device Software

    Device Software
  • Communications

  • Cloud Platform

    Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Apps

    Cloud Apps
Better Health Outcomes

Enhance patient experience
and provide better health outcomes,
saving patients’ lives and health costs.

  • Secure and encrypted patient data
    using secure connectivity protocols.
  • Monitoring for better outcomes
    beyond the walls of the hospital.
  • Connected clinical trial by automatizing patient data to substantially reduce cost.

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