Infographic – UX Designer, What’s the Future of Mobile UI/UX?

Do you know what the future of Mobile UI/UX is? The question seems to be tough, right? But every UX designer has a different thoug...
Sep 21, 2017 | 8722 views
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Infographic – The Evolution of Apple’s iPhone

It’s been ten years since the launch of the first iPhone. On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs announced the release of the first ...
Sep 14, 2017 | 7081 views
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What Are the iOS App Development Challenges?

Top iOS App Development Challenges Since its inception in the year 2007, iPhone has completely revolutionized the way we work. Alo...
Sep 12, 2017 | 3888 views
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How to Make Money from Mobile Apps?

A Complete Guide to Make Money from Mobile Applications Every businessperson is here to make money online. To fulfill this purpose...
Sep 6, 2017 | 6871 views
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How Can You Acquire More Users with Android Instant Apps?

At Google I/O 2016, people witnessed the first look of an excellent new feature of Android called Instant Apps. These Android Inst...
Aug 31, 2017 | 2925 views
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“Mobile UX: Tiny Screens, Big Adventures” – Interview with a UX designer Stéphanie Walter

Stéphanie Walter is a Luxembourg based UX designer, currently working at the University of Luxembourg as the Visual, UI, UX desig...
Aug 11, 2017 | 2247 views
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Why Our World Would End If Cyber Security Disappeared?

What would be the job of a key if there wouldn’t be a lock and what would be the role of a lock if there wouldn’t be a...
Aug 4, 2017 | 3673 views
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Why Is India Always the First Choice for Getting a Mobile App Developed?

A mobile app is a necessity for many businesses and organisations. The dominance of Mobile is obvious. And there’s a sea of app ...
Jul 25, 2017 | 3555 views
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