5 Reasons Why Enterprise Mobile Apps Need QA Services

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5 Reasons Why Enterprise Mobile Apps Need QA Services

TechAhead Team

TechAhead Team

April 2, 2015   |   832 Views

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5 Reasons Why Enterprise Mobile Apps Need QA Services

Quality assurance is a very crucial part of any mobile application development process. Most of the mobile apps failing to deliver world-class QA standards don't last for a longer period in the app stores. In today's competitive world, users want every mobile app they use to be flawless and full of features that can offer them an amazing user experience.

As a result, companies and entrepreneurs are taking no risk with the QA of their enterprise mobile apps. Apart from top-notch app development services, clients are also asking for uncompromised QA support nowadays. Many App Development Companies are charging separately for custom mobile apps QA and testing services. More importantly, clients are ready to pay them additional charges to make sure that their business app get appreciations from users & generate higher ROI for them.

Let's find out some more benefits of enterprise mobile apps QA and testing services that make them so demanded in the market nowadays -

1. Branding - A bug free enterprise mobile app is one of the biggest resources for any business's branding purpose. A business mobile application high on QA standards offers smooth navigation & performs a task in the least possible time. Users simply love the mobile apps with uninterrupted and engaging user interface. In a nutshell, we can say that mobile apps QA services help companies in establishing them as a brand in their respective domains.

2. Higher Revenues - Users often spend more time on the bug free enterprise mobile apps that offers highly engaging user interface. Mobile Apps high on QA standards have a higher probability of generating better revenues as compared to other. As users avoid using those enterprise mobile apps that restrict them in buying stuffs because of bugs or any other technical issue.

Buggy mobile apps have more probability of getting deleted by users because of their dissatisfactory user experience. Whereas, well-tested enterprise mobile apps enjoy a long run and don't get deleted easily by the users.

3. Lesser Maintenance - A buggy enterprise mobile app often goes out of the budget. The Reason being the regular maintenance it requires for fixing technical issues and bugs reported by the users. In most of the cases, the capital invested by the companies for the maintenance of the app get wasted. Usually, users lost their interest in the app because of their first bad experience with it.

The chances of users coming back to that app again are very low. Users mainly prefer a business that can offer the best possible UI/UX. QA services ensure the mobile app sustainability and completion within the finalized budget.

4. Cross Promotion - A bug free enterprise mobile app also work as a great marketing platform. Companies can use their existing enterprise app to have good reputation among users for promoting their new business app. Introduction, a new enterprise through a popular existing app is a great idea. As, it adds creditability of the existing app to the new one.

A new enterprise app promoted through a success app increases it chances of it becoming a successful venture on the app store and acceptance among users.

5. More Numbers Of Downloads - Most of well-tested enterprise mobile app get positive word of mouth from the users. The positive review helps app in going viral among users and trending among the top apps on the different app stores.

The positive user's feedbacks ultimately lead to humongous numbers of app downloads. The huge numbers of app downloads help companies in maintaining user database that can be used in various ways for future endeavors.

We hope this blog post will help our reader in understanding the importance of custom mobile app QA & testing services. Our QA Testing company makes sure that every enterprise mobile app design and developed by us meets the world-class QA standards.

TechAhead Team

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TechAhead Team

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