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Mobile App Unboxing: Peloton-A Game changer in the fitness industry

Published datePublished: Feb 2, 2021 ViewsViews: 3247
Deepak Sinha

Deepak Sinha

Deepak is a hands-on Technology Leader with expertise in designing software solutions for various successful projects for multinationals. He has total experience of 15+ years and has worked on all the phases of application development and has good experience in open source and mobile technologies. He is passionate on new Technologies and has strong interest on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc.
Mobile App Unboxing: Peloton-A Game changer in the fitness industry

The world of mobile apps is ever-evolving, evident from the research data that says around 5000 apps get released daily considering both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With loads of apps coming up every day, keeping track of apps that truly matter is a challenge. Having said that, TechAhead brings to you ‘Mobile App Unboxing’ a fortnight series that will unbox a new trending app and give you a detailed overview of the app’s functionality, performance, UI/UX, user feedback and most importantly, how it solves the key pain points of consumers.

This week, our mobile-engineering team is unboxing Peloton, the largest interactive fitness platform globally, having a community of more than 2.6 million+ members.

Unboxing Peloton


Version: 14.9.1

Available Platforms: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Fire, Roku

When you hear the brand Peloton, you would probably think of the company’s iconic stationary bike as it has been the focus of their branding and marketing efforts so far. Although the brand gives an impression of expensive workout equipment, Pelton’s real future lies in the app and on-demand classes.

The Peloton app is one of the most sought-after fitness apps that foster fitness via workout videos equipped with virtual fitness instructors. It offers simple, straightforward, and super easy workouts that can be searched and filtered based on length, type of workout, instructor etc.

What makes the app stand out?

As most fitness-based apps offer a generalized workout, the Peloton app focuses on hyper-personalized recommendations. It gets a deep dive into the user behavior, which includes their previous classes, favorite instructors, and categories to provide a unique user experience.

The app features live and on-demand classes across a wide range of fitness disciplines: cycling, running, strength, stretching, yoga, meditation, boot camp, cardio, and more. Providing seamless access to its coaching talent with increased compatibility makes a rare combination of affordable, aspirational, and accessible classes.

It has a robust tracking system supported by calendar and scheduling that enables you to keep track of your performance as per workouts, along with how many workouts you did throughout. In addition to that, you can find out when your favorite instructor will be doing a class by clicking on “Schedule”.

If you are one of those who despise repeating the same workout twice, Peloton is your go-to app as it possesses 10k+ on-demand workouts and the new ones are being added every day. You can choose to go for a seamless live stream or a pre-recorded class based on your comfort.

Target audience

The target group of the brand is people who do not have to go to the gym, according to Peloton co-founder & CEO. Affluent people living in the suburbs lies in the segment as that is where the pain of having to drive to the gym gets more extreme.

Peloton solves the core pain points for these folks by offering convenience and flexibility, thereby eliminating all the barriers to working out. The idea behind is to pull people out of gyms and re-shape the home workouts.

A deep dive into the UX/UI

The app’s overall design feel is intuitive and visually aesthetic, having a direct emphasis on the workout options. The user can easily navigate within the app without getting confused. The home screen is customized based on the personal preferences set by the user.


Going deeper into the app, the content catalog is superbly categorized and presented without feeling too overwhelming despite having many videos and workouts stored in it.

Instructor profiles provide a personal touch into the virtual trainers along with some key metrics on trainer’s profile such as expertise, followers, user ratings, and upcoming live sessions categorized into Live, Upcoming, and Trending.


Once into a workout, the user is shown various metrics related to a workout such as – type, duration, difficulty level, rating, and of course, the playlist.

Users’ take on Peloton

The Peloton app is ranked #14 in the ‘Health & Fitness’ category on the Apple App Store. It has an excellent 4.9/5 rating with over 449.3k ratings, indicating that the app store optimization strategies of Peloton are really effective.

On Google Play Store, the app is rated 4.2/5 with 5,707 ratings in total. To sum it up, the users love it as the app does what it claims without being fussy or overwhelming, or non-useful.

Peloton is credited for kickstarting the trend of connected fitness. It is taking its reputation beyond just cycling and running by combining its high-performance equipment with elite coaching talent.

From training methodologies to background music, all aspects of the Peloton experience are designed in-house keeping user-experience as a central thing. It will be exciting to see the digital fitness market develop when more players enter to disrupt the rapidly evolving fitness industry.

How is TechAhead Revolutionizing the Technology Behind Fitness Apps?

TechAhead, renowned as one of the top mobile app development companies, has been a game-changer in the fitness industry and has played an instrumental role in reinventing fitness app development for the future. TechAhead team is adept at iOS and Android app development and played a huge role in revolutionizing the fitness app – The Healthy Mummy, the world’s #1 fitness app for mothers. Experts at TechAhead re-engineered application architecture, re-designed user experiences across existing customer touchpoints, and developed a highly scalable native application that helped it scale to 2.0 million users.

TechAhead, which recently got featured on Yahoo, is also in the midst of redesigning a fitness app development for a prestigious Hollywood fitness trainer which is set to hit the market later this year. Our team’s rich experience in developing a wide range of health and fitness apps and first-hand experience in integrating different IoT based health devices makes it relatively easy for us to deliver the next-generation fitness apps to our clients.

Feel free to reach us with your specific requirements to give your business a competitive edge.

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