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Mobile App Unboxing: Uber Freight – Hassle-free load boards & freight shipping

Published datePublished: Apr 21, 2021 ViewsViews: 3109
Jitin Narang

Jitin Narang

As CMO, Jitin takes care of global partnerships and alliances for mobile solutions. He leads by example and is often quoted by colleagues and friends as the epitome of team spirit. With an ideal blend of entrepreneurial ability, humility, a hunger for knowledge and unending enthusiasm, he believes that nothing is impossible and is credited for the ‘Ahead’ dimension of TechAhead.
Mobile App Unboxing: Uber Freight – Hassle-free load boards & freight shipping

Other than smart apps using the latest AI tech or the most sophisticated interfaces, the applications that are hitting the charts are those that conceptualized the solution to some everyday problems. With simple yet effective interfaces, these kinds of applications actually rely on the structure of management services and the streamlined nature of the app’s working as a whole.

Uber Freight, one such app that has been made recently popular, is the subject of today’s iteration of TechAhead’s Mobile App Unboxing Series. In this virtual unboxing, we are going to discuss the various features of this Uber-owned app, why it has gained traction recently and how it actually fares in practical use.

Unboxing Uber Freight

Version: 2.48.10000

Available Platforms: Google Play Store, Apple App Store

In pressing times like this pandemic, an isolated and socially distant environment has forced people to stay in their homes. Shipment and carrying of goods have become a problem for businesses and even for those shipping essential items across the word. What if you could simply book a load like you book a cab? Uber decided to make that possible.

What is Uber Freight?

The Uber Freight application bridges the gap between load carriers and shippers. Those who desire to carry a load over a certain path and in a certain time can find a load on an exclusive load board. The process is quite similar to booking an Uber (cab), where a fixed price is proposed, and you don’t need to negotiate in person.

With a simple signup and account authorization procedure, you can start booking load trips and manage as well as track your shipment as you go. It also eases a load of commitment of both parties by being the mediator. What if the carrier alters the booking? What if the truck doesn’t show up or hold up to their bargain? All these issues are swiftly handled by Uber, and all you need to do is follow simple steps for booking a desired load trip.

What makes the app stand out?

The first standout feature is the similarity to the Uber app, wherein a centrally managed system is made available both to service givers and takers. You can opt to become a dedicated carrier on Uber Freight and specify your rates, volume commitment, and other particulars. With Uber managing the bidding and loading commitments it offers, the customers get a structured channel to book loads and improve their overall experience.

Some novel features make the app stand out even further by adding an element of convenience. Dedicated and saved lanes can be used as preferred lanes for multiple trips. In the case of dedicated lanes, carriers can fix a price and load commitment and bid for a certain lane of their choice. The app also offers in-app bidding wherein carriers can pitch a bid for a load which can be confirmed when accepted. This feature is, however, not available for all loads.

Users can further view load status tracking and get constant updates and email notifications about their trips. In-app detention requests allow carriers to request detention when they are not available. There is a limit to the number of detention hours to balance this availability. With smart load recommendations, instant RateCon, upfront pricing, and robust fleet management, Uber Freight offers a comprehensive range of features for easy and authorized load booking.

API Integrations

API integration features, as well as compatibility with several third-party apps, makes the app much more flexible for use in the current times. For starters, fleets carrying loads can sync their TMS systems with the Uber Freight software for integrated searching and booking through the app. Other apps can be used in tandem with Uber Freights, such as Samsara, Transflo, project44, and KeepTrucking for easy and automated load status tracking.

UI/UX Design

Uber Freight User interface Uber Freight UI-UX

The UI of the app has a close resemblance with the Uber app and a similar simplicity and ease of use. It offers advanced search filters for an improved user experience for the best and most suitable load options available near the desired location. The user experience issues observed are similar to the holding up of a cab, where, in this case, you can’t pull up loads, and the app notifies “all caught up”.

User’s take on Uber Freight

The ‘Uber Freight’ app is a popular free app in the Business category on the Apple App Store. With a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars with over 1.1K ratings in total, it has an array of reported issues and improvements suggested by user comments and remarks. On Google Play Store, the app holds a better rating of 4.5/5 stars, but similar issues are reported with user remarks.

Amidst these, the automated bidding process and its use doesn’t appear to be the smoothest, and users have reported common issues with the same. Carriers have also reported issues of nonpayment for detention, support issues, and recent updates, which have been problematic. These areas hold massive room for improvement as per the majority of users.

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