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Mobile App Unboxing – Virtuagym – Get in the best shape of your life

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Mukul Mayank

Mukul Mayank

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Mobile App Unboxing –  Virtuagym – Get in the best shape of your life

Mobile App Unboxing – Virtuagym – Get in the best shape of your life

Pandemic and the forced lockdowns have made venturing out a rare and emergency event. In such a scenario, visiting a gym seems like a tough bargain.

While many of us struggle to work out regularly as such, several apps have surfaced in the past few years to help keep a healthy check on fitness. While apps suggesting workout regimes and diet charts are useful, a gym simulating experience virtually could really change the physical fitness game for many people.

In today’s iteration of TechAhead’s Mobile App Unboxing series, we will review Virtuagym, a fitness tracker app that extends to be a virtual gym. The workout app is a step towards revolutionizing physical fitness with a virtual gym experience that has robust features in addition to fitness tracking. Let’s have a look at what Virtuagym has to offer.

Unboxing Virtuagym

Version: 9.6.2

Available Platforms: Google Play Store, Apple App Store

When a gym experience becomes as easy as touching an app icon, one sure wonders if it is actually a productive experience. While gym equipment and other physical contributors to the workout will be absent, there are some interesting features the app offers to keep in touch with well-regulated fitness. From exercises to diet and wearable device tracking, the app offers innovative strategies for fitness training and community interactions.

What is Virtuagym?

The Virtuagym Fitness app offers extended features for home and gym workouts. You could use the app at your own gym or perhaps work alongside a 3D-animated personal trainer from the convenience of your home. While Virtuagym also has a dedicated food and calorie tracking app, the fitness app is focused to present workout aid for men and women with different weight and training goals.

With a database of over 5000 exercises and growing, you can not only track your fitness in terms of BMI, body fat, and workout reps but also learn new workout regimes with the help of clear 3-D animated exercise videos. You can create custom workouts and set reminders for the same as per your convenience any time you like. Other than these features, there are many particulars in Virtuagym that bridges the shortcomings of other fitness apps.

What makes the app stand out?

One of the primary drawbacks of other fitness-based apps is the lack of personal focus on your body and training. Virtuagym being a virtual gym interface helps you train with a training plan editor, club community as well as a personal virtual trainer. The succinct 3D workout videos really help in targeted training and progress tracking with prompt online coaching and scheduling.

Workout reminders exercise rewards, and progress tracking of up to 30 values are only a cherry on the cake considering the other fitness features the app offers. With the Virtuagym app, you can connect with NEO health wearables that aim at bridging the gap between virtual and real for a wholesome and more complete training experience.


The app focuses on a “goal-setting and achieving” way of workout, in which, you can choose which goal you want to prioritize. Whether you want to build body muscle or perhaps focus on your abs, legs, triceps, or shoulders, you can access several workout and exercise options for your goal. Alter the number of reps or target training as per your weight loss goal or training agendas.

With nutrition tracking and calorie counting, it checks all the boxes for the tools needed to plan a long-term fitness goal. One of the much-appreciated features is that of easy integration with existing fitness tools such as your Fitbit, which you can easily use in tandem with the app. The app also allows you to interact with a fitness community which is another highlight feature that has been well-received. The app also offers paid features with a premium subscription plan.

Robust Modules

The app, along with a rich selection of features and easy-to-use interface, offers a comprehensive range of modules for both nutrition and fitness. In addition to exercise and training, you can access several insights about nutrition activities, different kinds of workouts, the latest workout news, what others achieved, and a much more community-based connection. Such an overall approach towards training, dieting, and discussing fitness through these robust modules, help people stay hooked onto the app and gain vast benefits.

Third-party Integrations

The Virtuagym app has considered a healthy selection of options that any user keen on fitness could require to use the app to the best potential. In addition to working with your fitness watch(Fitbit), Life Fitness Connect, and wearable Neo Health devices, the app offers an easy way to transition your existing workout regime onto the platform. For connectivity purposes, integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and Github are made possible for users to keep in touch with the fitness community at large. Even payment gateways such as PayPal and PaySafe are easily integrable for those making in-app purchases such as opting for the Pro version.

User’s take on Virtuagym

The ‘Virtuagym’ app is highly popular in the Health & Fitness category on the Apple App Store. With an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars over 4.1k users have rated the product. While a majority of comments indicate how well the app fares in practical use, there is a wave of a common consensus that there could be improvements in certain sectors. On Google Play Store, the app rating dips slightly at 4.6/5 stars with a total of over 65k user ratings. Common problems with the countdown and rep counter are reported to cause some inconvenience.

While some users indicate repeated problems with the lack of an option to disable the rep counter, there are also some reservations about equipment-based workouts and features of the pro version. However, these are primarily recommendations for improvements, and the general consensus on the usage of the app is highly positive. With monitored training and guided sessions, users find Virtuagym beneficial for both home and gym workouts.

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TechAhead’s take on Health and Fitness Apps

Technology for health and fitness can be innovated too much more than theoretical calorie and metric tracking. TechAhead being one of the leading names in application development recognizes the requirement for cutting-edge technology in health and fitness for these apps to yield maximum efficiency and profits.

With the use of IoT technology, AI-based integrations, wearable technology, and much more, TechAhead aims at changing the way health and fitness apps are perceived in our everyday lives. If you want to invest in fitness app development that changes the fitness horizon, bring your vision to our App Consulting Company and we can see it through to success.

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