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Mobile App Unboxing: Dark Noise– Ambient Noise Master

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Deepak Sinha

Deepak Sinha

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Mobile App Unboxing: Dark Noise– Ambient Noise Master

Mobile App Unboxing: Dark Noise– Ambient Noise Master: Noise therapy has been popular for an increased source of concentration or to focus on any desired task. While the App Store has an abundance of meditation and mind-focus simulation applications, there aren’t many dedicated to white music that offers the right background music for every situation. In today’s iteration of TechAhead’s “Mobile App Unboxing” series, we are unboxing a new white music application for its functions, user experience, range of features available, and how well it fares in accomplishing focus or calm as per user feedback.

Let’s get started with exploring the selection of sounds the app offers along with the device-specific features supported by it. Read along to unbox everything you need to know about the “Dark Noise”.

Unboxing Dark Noise

Version: 2.4

Price: $5.99

Available Platforms: Apple App Store

Do you have a hard time focussing on work or getting your work done? If you find it impossible to relax with deafening silence, you need something to play in your ears to calm yourself down. A mobile app like Dark Noise can be your go-to.

dark noise

While you might have tried playing songs in the background that eventually end up distracting you or played a wrong track that didn’t relax your nerves. The Dark Noise brings us different ambient noises for different target outcomes – whether you want to focus, relax, or even calm yourself to sleep.

What is Dark Noise?

Listing over 40 sounds and custom mixes for ambient music, Dark Noise is a sound app for iPhone and iPad users that provides a range of soundscapes for an increasingly focused or calming effect.

It has gained much attention for the customizations and allows you to start an ambient noise just by using a tap or even your voice. Extended by Dark Noise LLC, this app offers high-quality sounds for distinct purposes clubbed with a variety of themes to get your mindset prepped in advance.

dark noise

It offers a unique and interactive interface that a user is tempted to play with and several home screen shortcuts and widgets to easily access and play from the application.

What makes the app stand out?

While existing apps offer some similar features, what sets Dark Noise apart is the combination of visual and auditory ambiance, which really sets the mood before the sound can even work. Besides this simple merit, a range of features and provisions make the app stand out amidst an array of competitors on the App Store.

Starting with the app’s general UI and visual interface of the app, it offers ten themes along with a True Black dark mode. Integrated with Siri shortcuts, alternate app icons, and home screen quick actions, it really does offer some pretty robust system integrations that are not seen in any other White noise applications that simply tend to focus on the sounds.

The motion graphics and design of the application is an ambiance in itself with animation and interaction gestures that are truly an addictive addition to the app. Looking over these neat additions, the most important thing about a white noise app would unarguably be the sound itself.

The noise features are pretty layered with a variety of White, Pink, Grey, and Brown noise options. Different elemental categories like Fire, Nature, Water, Appliances, etc., are available to fit the exact vibe of background noise that you want to go for. With a simple tapping noise, you can initiate a play, save favorites, set timers, and even create over 20 custom icons on your home screen for a handy play. It is fair to say that the app does cover all grounds and provides an excellent interface for what it claims to offer – great ambient and refined white noise!

Target Customers

This application’s target customers range from students looking for the right background noise for studying and homework to working individuals who would like an ambient noise for their work sessions. What is even more inclusive is that the Dark Noise app also offers a pretty good range of sounds for relaxing and sleeping noises, making pretty much anyone an intended customer. However, it is most popular among young adults and professionals who use the app for the twin purpose of focusing and relaxing.

UI/UX Interface

The user interface of the app is one aspect that is the most talked about. With an impeccable design and highly interactive UI, the app really checks all boxes for the perfect and perhaps even the most addictive user-experiences that it offers, in addition to its features. You can add shortcuts, save favorites, and set up several customizations to help improve its usability on a regular basis. However, there are some shortcomings and areas for improvement in terms of the blending of sounds.

User’s take on Dark Noise

The ‘Dark Noise’ app ranks #68th in the Health and Fitness category in Apple’s App Store. With an almost perfect user rating of 4.9/5 stars on the App Store, it has over 1.4K ratings from customers who have grown to become regular users of the application.

dark noise

Despite excellent user reviews and remarks, some users have found issues with the sound quality that seem to thin out at points. Some users regret the pre-requirement of purchasing several updates to expand the library and the absence of good stereo sounds. The app doesn’t allow easy blending of sounds that cannot be played on loop without an update on the same. A majority of users look forward to the sound mixing update that can perhaps make the app near perfect in the future.

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