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Mobile App Unboxing: Fidelity Investments – World of Finance at your fingertips

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Jitin Narang

Jitin Narang

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Mobile App Unboxing: Fidelity Investments – World of Finance at your fingertips

Mobile App Unboxing: Fidelity Investments

The Google Play Store now has a solution for almost anything you can think of. While most applications that have arrived and become popular on the platform are novel creations, some already established brands are also taking a plunge into the digital world. With TechAhead’s ‘Mobile App Unboxing’ series, you can explore such brands that have emerged as new trending apps and a complete overview of the app’s functionality, performance, user feedback, and other details of how it actually stands up to expectations.

Fidelity Investments is one such brand that has been in the brokerage business for over seven decades. With services related to fund distribution, wealth management, and investment advice, Fidelity Investments Inc. has made its mark in the finance industry. With their mobile app, the company brought all their services to the click on a fingertip. But is their app as good as their financial services have stood? Let’s find out.

Unboxing Fidelity Investments

Version: 3.55

Available Platforms: Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Fidelity Investments App Review


So you want to manage your investments better, but who has the time? Don’t have the calendar dates to consult investment advisors or the staff to manage your business funds? A mobile-based application seems like the perfect solution to stay in touch with your finances at any time and everywhere that you go.

The Fidelity Investments mobile IT has been extended with precisely that goal in mind. It brings a unified and convenient solution to handling trades, managing mutual funds, and even making transactions, all while being constantly updated about your various investments – the gains and losses.

What is Fidelity Investments?

With over 70 years of financial experience in the investment and brokerage corporation, Fidelity Investments has emerged as one of the world’s largest asset managers. Having also made a mark in the online brokerage market, the Fidelity Investments application is a smartphone-based take on the same range of services for investors worldwide.

Fidelity’s mobile app offers some diverse options for stock trading and fractional share trading with a detailed workflow almost at par with the online service’s desktop versions. While some analytical features remain limited, you can deal with various order types and invest across multiple securities with its basket trading services.

What makes the app stand out?

Some primary features make the app stand out within a wide range of finance-based mobile applications.

Fidelity Investments App UI-UX


For starters, a highly customized feed can be created with tailor-made portfolios and information. A wide range of robust money management features are presented with this application that allows managing order history, view chart data, monitor transactions, and make all payments. The application is beneficial to conduct readily-available, extensive market research with pre and post-market data, trading and stock options, insights into international markets and domestic stocks.

A unique feature of managing personalized tax schedules and keeping a tab on required tax forms is included, making the app a complete financial manager in its own right. Informative Watch-list features allow assessing a heat map and choose field option metrics such as earnings per share.

Fidelity’s app also initiates push notifications for real-time alerts and live news and videos, which can be instrumental in the trading and investment domain. In case of issues, you can also call a Fidelity representative through the app and connect with them instantly to resolve any issues.

Target Customers

Being marketed as an industry-first dynamic experience, the Fidelity Investments mobile app targets long-term investors and business owners who are looking for streamlined finance planning services for investments with mutual funds, stocks, and even other financial management, payments, and transactions. While many new users are coming into the game, a vast customer base for this app also comes from the existing customers of Fidelity Investments’ online and offline services over the years.

UI/UX Interface

Fidelity Investments App UI


The app’s UI interface has been structured to be quite detailed and comprehensive for financial insights. The visual flow and swipe interactions in the design make it highly interactive and appealing. However, significant issues for workflow obstructions due to buggy components, tedious steps for retrieving information, and other navigation inconveniences are observed, making the application cumbersome to use despite the selection of comprehensive features.

User’s take on Fidelity Investments

The ‘Fidelity Investments’ app ranks #31st in the Finance category in Apple’s App Store. With excellent user ratings of up to 4.8/5 stars and over 1.5M ratings, many offline customers have found satisfactory use in the mobile app version as well. On Google Play Store, the rating dip to 4.3/5 stars, with many users missing some advanced features as per their reviews.

While their reviews based on user-experience are divided and mixed, both happy and unsatisfied users appreciate the functionality and foresee some room for improvement. The UI/UX is much harder to maneuver than the desktop version, with large amounts of info to be visualized and tracked on a single screen.

Although the services provided by Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC are well-structured, its implementation on the application, as per users, can be streamlined better. Despite existing room for improvement, the app has already mustered a loyal customer base, and we can only wait to find out how it will fare once platform improvements are considered with future versions.

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What is TechAhead bringing for digital financial management and security?

Existing ideas in the digital finance industry and even implemented applications and software have their own drawbacks. TechAhead is vigorously working towards developing more robust applications for the finance and stock market industry that can facilitate function, convenience, and security all at once.

Digital financial management can not only be a novel idea to those who have been doing it the old school way all along, but security and management issues are prime concerns in this niche. TechAhead, being a top fintech mobile app development company, considers all such factors. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, TechAhead brings better-quipped, air-tight, and easy-to-use Finance apps that can provide digital investors and traders a contentful new-age experience.

Feel free to reach out to us with any such ideas to develop streamline and comprehensive mobile-apps for your specific business niche. Chalk out your requirements, and let us implement them for you as a new-gen mobile application.

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