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This is how Microsoft Power Apps drive digital transformation for small businesses

Published datePublished: Oct 25, 2021 ViewsViews: 2849
Deepak Sinha

Deepak Sinha

Deepak is a hands-on Technology Leader with expertise in designing software solutions for various successful projects for multinationals. He has total experience of 15+ years and has worked on all the phases of application development and has good experience in open source and mobile technologies. He is passionate on new Technologies and has strong interest on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc.
This is how Microsoft Power Apps drive digital transformation for small businesses

Power Apps Development

We are witnessing digital transformation all across the business world, and it’s pushing newer innovations, solutions, and benefits which didn’t even exist before.

In fact, 87% of managers strongly believe that post-pandemic, digital transformation will empower them to attain higher productivity, and 80% of the employees are all excited to be part of this mission.

But at the same time, Digital Transformation is tough, and it takes time. A lot of executives from the UK found difficulty in deploying and maintaining a digital transformation movement, and we completely understand it.

But thanks to Microsoft Power Apps, unleashing a full-fledged digital transformation movement is no longer a tough and time-consuming activity.

We at TechAhead have been empowering startups, enterprises, and small businesses to embrace a digital outlook, and digital way of conducting business operations via Power Apps, and the results have been fascinating, to say the least.

In this blog, we will find out how Microsoft Power Apps is triggering digital transformation for businesses, especially small businesses, and startups, and enabling them to increase their productivity, generate more revenues, and more employee/customer satisfaction.

But before, let’s understand what Power Apps is?

Microsoft Power Apps: The Wonder Platform For Business Apps

Developed and included in the Microsoft Power platform, Power Apps is a powerful and flexible platform to design and develop mobile apps for businesses and consumers.

Armed with some of the most advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and more, Power Apps allows anyone to create mobile apps swiftly, and then deploy them across all mobile platforms since it supports cross-platform capabilities.

Microsoft Power Apps is included in the Office 365 subscriptions as well, which means wider reach, and adaptability.

Now, the big question: How Digital Transformation is driven by Power Apps?

3 Ways Power Apps Is Driving Digital Transformation

Enhanced Productivity & Fewer Expenses

With Microsoft Power Apps, the overall productivity and results of organizations are improving and enhancing. And we have evidence of the same.

As per various surveys, it was found that after using Power Apps, businesses experienced a reduction of IT expenditure by up to 70% and a direct savings of 123,000 hours in three years.

Why this is happening?

Mainly because Power Apps has simplified the overall process of developing mobile apps for business operations and incited a revolution in its deployment, maintenance, and execution.

And this translates to higher productivity, fewer expenses, and more digital transformation.

Swift Launch & Deployment

Microsoft Power Apps offers two very important types of platforms for businesses: Canvas and Model-Driven apps.

With Canvas, one can quickly design innovative UI and user journeys via drag-and-drop features, and finalize the design in no time.

With model-driven apps, businesses can automate, digitalize and optimize typical business processes and operations, and run them in no time.

With support for both front-end and back-end via one single robust platform, the overall process of designing, developing, and launching mobile apps becomes a cakewalk.

This means more digital transformation, in less time.

Seamless Integration & Adaptability

Microsoft Power Apps is equipped with stunningly powerful APIs for seamless 3rd party integration, and this is one big reason for higher digital transformation among those startups and businesses that are using Power Apps.

With a few clicks and taps, your entire CRM developed in Power Apps can be connected with Salesforce, and this is indeed very beneficial. How about your social media handles being connected with the front end of a sales app, and instant sharing of information among all the sales executives?

With ready-made components such as Forms, Business Process Flows, Business Rules, and Custom Commands, launching apps for business operations has never been so seamless and powerful.

Consult with TechAhead- a top Power Apps Development Company and find out how we are triggering digital transformation on a massive scale by deploying Microsoft Power Apps and accelerating unprecedented business growth.

For power-boosting your business with Power Apps, Reach us at 1-818-318-0727 or mail at [email protected] right away!

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