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CES 2020: What to expect from world’s biggest tech conference?

Published datePublished: Jan 4, 2020 ViewsViews: 3161
Jitin Narang

Jitin Narang

As CMO, Jitin takes care of global partnerships and alliances for mobile solutions. He leads by example and is often quoted by colleagues and friends as the epitome of team spirit. With an ideal blend of entrepreneurial ability, humility, a hunger for knowledge and unending enthusiasm, he believes that nothing is impossible and is credited for the ‘Ahead’ dimension of TechAhead.
CES 2020: What to expect from world’s biggest tech conference?

With just a few days left for the world’s biggest tech event, CES 2020, the tech world is already buzzing in excitement and anticipation for what might come out of the forum this year. Announcements and showcase did by tech giants of the world, also pave the way for what the tech trends will be in 2020.

What is CES 2020?

CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show and has been around since 1967. CES sees the world’s biggest tech companies come together under one event to showcase their technology, new gadgets, innovations etc. While most companies do see CES as a platform to unveil new gadgets, most top tech companies such as LEGO, Nvidia, Samsung etc. do not usually launch their products at CES as they prefer to hold their own events for the launch of their new products. Apple, however, has not showcased at CES since 1992 and CES 2020 will be the first time Apple will make an official appearance at CES in the last 28 years.

CES 2020 schedule

Scheduled from 7th Jan 2020 – 10th Jan 2020 in Las Vegas, what can we expect from the CES conference 2020? According to The Consumer Technology Association (the organizing body behind CES), the show is expected to put considerable attention on travel tourism tech, data analytics, and needless to say, improving customer experiences. Not to forget, the usual consortium of premium gadgets- TVs, speakers, headphones, laptops and phones will be there. CES 2020 will also be increasing the showcase of products focusing on health and wellness.

What trends will we see at CES, Las Vegas in 2020?

Beyond the gadgets and tech, we are particularly excited about the conversations that are scheduled to happen that will pave the way for the trends that will shape the tech world in 2020. Here are some tech trends that we’ll see at CES Las Vegas 2020:

5G is coming

Been quite a buzzword for a while now, to it being working in only select areas to now finally expecting a nation-wide launch in the US. 5G phones are expected to be big this year at the CES; however, the challenges behind fully launching and adapting 5G remains a big concern and must be addressed.

8K resolutions in TVs

As per leaks and rumours, LG could leave Samsung behind with what might be the first TV that comes with 8K Ultra HD resolution. LG’s line of Real 8K TVs will be unveiled at CES 2020. LG will also be unveiling a set of gamer monitors that will include a 38-inch curved 4K display with an IPS panel that will continue to have a 1ms response time. However, there isn’t any hype yet in 8K content for these TVs. So we are expecting 8K to be nothing more than a technology conversation.

CES, last year, saw LG unveil a new OLED TV that could be rolled down into a box when not in use, and Samsung showed a more original version of its modular TV called “The Wall”. The Wall uses MicroLED display technologies that creates an image that challenges OLED. While TVs with 8K and micro-LED technologies aren’t new to CES, prediction says this will continue to be a significant showcase area.

Transport- Self Driven Cars, Connected, and electric vehicles

We are gearing up for the multiple announcements from the auto world especially cause of numerous press briefings lined up with top auto companies such as Hyundai, Byton, Toyota etc. With electricity to dominate the world of auto in the coming decade, we are expecting demos with 5G technologies and connectivity, along with Level 2 self-driving systems.

Other than car-makers, we are also expecting a showcase for electric bikes, skateboards etc. However, electric scooters and skateboards have been seen in earlier years at CES as well.


A large number of companies are looking to compete with Apple in the wearables technology industry. We are expecting a lot more Airpods like innovations that are much cheaper than the Apple Airpods. Other than Airpods, companies are also expected to showcase and enter the health and wellness industry, challenging the popular Apple Watch.

The battle of Smart Homes will continue

Smart home makers are putting even an even broader focus on security this year. The conversations on security in smart homes will be at an all-time high with device makers ensuring how they are making their devices and in turn, customers more secure than they’ve ever been. A lot more smart home gadgets are expected at CES 2020 from light bulbs to switches, to smart plugs to even bots.

With the continued focus on voice assistants, Google, Amazon and Samsung will continue this battle of dominating this area. Google set up an entire theme park ride last year to bring attention to Google Assistant.

While these are just some predictions based on leaks and rumours, it is important to remember the enormity of the CES conference. It stays true to being the largest tech show on the planet, and a few leaks and rumours are enough to get our excitement levels soaring. CES conference serves as the perfect platform for all small and big companies to hype up their technologies, innovations and flaunt their products.

There are rumours that suggest more foldable technology and improvements in every aspect. We know one thing for sure, things will be getting expensive, more premium, and make our lives better. While items may be costly eventually, as trends suggest, stuff at the top will ultimately get commercial, in turn bringing the prices down and fancy features hitting the mainstream being available for all. The premium gadgets will mostly focus on making existing categories better instead of creating new ones and seeing how they affect lives differently. Companies will focus on enhancing pre-made gadgets instead of innovating and investing in entirely new ones. That said, the focus will continue to be on the technologies on the inside.

Last Words

Conventionally the biggest of the keynote at CES 2020 is expected to happen on Monday as that’s when LG, Samsung and Sony are scheduled to hold their events. However, some CES conference-related announcements will start arriving on Sunday night as news begins to seep out of the conference. More than the gadgets and the innovations, we are excited to map down how the electronics industry and the world of consumer technologies are going to change for good. It will show the road to where the electronics industry is going, and the trends and ideas that will truly shape the face of the coming decade.

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