Find out What's the Next Big Thing in Mobile App Development
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Find out what’s the next big thing in Mobile App Development space

Published datePublished: May 16, 2021 ViewsViews: 4004
Mukul Mayank

Mukul Mayank

Mukul boasts a proven track record in delivering innovative solutions within budget and on time, meeting clients' objectives while opening new business opportunities. In his role as COO at TechAhead, Mukul's visionary leadership is the driving force behind the company's success in the ever-evolving tech industry.
Find out what’s the next big thing in Mobile App Development space

Find out What’s the Next Big Thing in Mobile App Development

Way back in 1997, when the iconic Nokia 6110 model was launched, it had a unique feature that encapsulated the entire tech community: A Snake Game.

As per tech historians, this Snake Game developed on the Symbian OS was the first instance of a mobile app, ever. Later on, when Apple launched their first app store in 2008, and Google followed suit in the same year with Google Play Store, mobile apps finally became mainstream.

While Apple’s app store was designed for their iOS operating system, Google Play Store served the needs of Android OS users.

Today, there are more than 200 billion mobile app downloads all across the world, and this number is increasing at an astonishing pace of 20-25% per year. More than $200 billion of revenues are generated from mobile apps, and more than 50% of global internet traffic originates from mobile apps.

The big question now is: What’s next in the mobile app development space? Which technologies will create the foundation for the next wave of mobile apps?

Here is a glimpse of the future..

Human Behavior Modeling

The next generation of mobile apps (that we are already developing), will try to mimic and predict human behavior, and then based on that, the entire UX and UI will be conceptualized.

Although studying human behavior for mobile app development is not new, the development of an entire mobile app based on human behavior modeling is the next big thing.

Concepts of social computational algorithms and neurological cues will be part of this new way to develop mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Will Become Mainstream

Artificial intelligence industry has already breached the $50 billion mark, as more and more industries and sectors are deploying AI for ensuring cutting edge success.

The same trend will be visible in the mobile app development space as well, as agencies and developers will enhance user experience and increase retention and engagement with artificial intelligence and machine learning, deeply integrated into mobile apps.

For example, a machine learning-based AI tool that can collect massive amounts of data related to the users’ behavior, and mold the basic functions of the app for generating more user engagement. This can soon become the norm, rather than an exception.

Apps For Foldable Devices

2021 will be hailed as the year when foldable devices such as foldable smartphones, tablets, etc will get a huge jump in popularity and usage.

And this will lead to an increased demand for mobile apps that can support foldable technology. Mobile apps based on fluid design philosophy and responsive technology will become mainstream, as users will demand apps that can work simultaneously on more than one screen, attached to the same device.

Video streaming app developers will be the ones who will find the application of foldable device mechanisms fascinating, and this is a huge trend we can witness in 2021 and beyond.

Internet of Things Will Be More Refined, Focussed

The incredible success of Google Home and Amazon Echo have proved that Internet of Things or IoT-enabled devices and apps are the future of technology. Besides, wearable devices such as smartwatches further amplify the concept of IoT app development, and all these developments translate to an insane demand for IoT-enabled mobile apps, all across the world.

Be it wearables, eCommerce, gaming, social media, travel, or even food: more and more users will demand inter-connected, enriched, and powerful IoT-based mobile apps for seamless user experience.

No one can ignore IoT anymore.

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