Top 6 features of Health Care Mobile App to Consider
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6 Latest Features of Health Care Mobile App Which You Must Consider

Published datePublished: Sep 14, 2018 ViewsViews: 2592
Deepak Sinha

Deepak Sinha

Deepak is a hands-on Technology Leader with expertise in designing software solutions for various successful projects for multinationals. He has total experience of 15+ years and has worked on all the phases of application development and has good experience in open source and mobile technologies. He is passionate on new Technologies and has strong interest on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc.
6 Latest Features of Health Care Mobile App Which You Must Consider

Top 6 features of Health Care Mobile App

Over the past few decades, we have witnessed an unprecedented level of growth in the Healthcare industry. Thanks to health care mobile apps that have not only streamlined our health-related needs but have enabled us to manage our health effortlessly with just a few clicks.

The continuous evolution in operating capabilities of healthcare mobile app has brought a massive improvement & advancement in the healthcare unit.

Today’s Healthcare mobile apps comprise various features that have speed up both the diagnosis & healing process.

That is why it is being predicted that “digital health market is expected to reach 206 billion U.S. dollars by 2020 specifically by mobile and wireless.” 

digital health market


When it comes to health care mobile apps, consumers demand more transparency and ease in the app that can simplify their health requirements and refines their medical health experience.

So, if you are developing a healthcare mobile app always focus on to enhance your health app’s functionality to ensure the best user experience for your customers.

If you really want to make your Healthcare app significant among the digital world, then don’t forget to include below 6 latest features in your app. These features will ensure success to your app:

1. Telemedicine Services

Long appointments for visiting hospital or meeting doctor is the major concern in the healthcare industry. This shortage of healthcare facilities often leads to deterioration of health. But, Telemedicine has successfully solved this concern.

Telemedicine is a revolutionized feature that takes the functionality of the app a level ahead. This feature ensures a platform to patient & doctors where they can easily manage their hospital visits & appointments via remote communication.

According to a Survey by C2 Solutions“, 75% of hospital visits are very basic and can be easily handled via a phone or a video call instead.”

With this emerging technological feature, doctors can profoundly look to their patients without any visit through mobile devices. Now the patient can get their sickness diagnosed through video calling process. Thus, telemedicine helps patients to get medical attention from their doctors without visiting a hospital or clinic.

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2. Wearable devises Connection

The year 2017 has left us with few remarkable technological development & concepts that are still ruling over in the digital & health industry as well. One among them is IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), this is basically a process of associating your devices with over the internet. This concept of the connecting device over the internet has coined a new device in the digital space that is ‘Wearable Device’.

The larger number of an audience have a positive reaction towards the wearable devices. Need proof?

wearable devices

The larger number of audience agree that wearable devices like fitness bands & activity tracker have helped them to look after their health concern effortlessly. These devices have automated their health-related issues without going heavy in their pocket.

Many technically-graded wearable devices and mobile apps comprise high-end operating features that easily monitor major issues including heart rate, blood pressure, sugar level, and much more. Along with this, it creates a seamless medium where medical reports can be easily accessible anywhere, anytime.

3. Blockchain – Transformation in Healthcare

The blockchain is a forefront technology that has not only transformed the Fintech industry but has also revolutionized the healthcare industry.

Integrating Blockchain technology into the healthcare mobile app will leave the patients with proper & synchronized healthcare ecosystems and ensure high-end security & privacy to patient’s data. Basically, Blockchain works successfully on the established cryptographic network that creates a secured supply chain to secure it against any fraud.

The robust & secured network in the form of the Blockchain will definitely take safety & security of healthcare mobile app a level ahead of user’s expectations.

4. Healthcare Data Security

Data Security is included in the list of Healthcare App Trends 2018 because the biggest concern usually come in front after installing a healthcare app in mobile or using it, is the Safety & Security of Data.

Being a mobile app development company, you need to assure your patient with the complete safety & security of their data including personal information, login credentials, financial data & credentials and much more. With regard to this, the latest mobile health apps are bound by specific rules & regulations that help the companies to secure patient’s data.

Some renowned healthcare organization including HCCA (Health Care Compliance Association), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), HITECH ( Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) provide certification and guidance that defines & streamline the ways to design, deliver & distribute app safely & securely. The high-end operating capabilities of healthcare mobile apps are always targeting data encryption and risk-mitigation. Thus, a highly secured app will provide accessibility to doctors in a secure manner.

5. Cloud-Based Healthcare Solution

The inception of the healthcare mobile apps has made the complex process of visiting doctor, advice on health matters an easy task. Thanks to Cloud-based support provided by the mobile apps. Cloud-computing services not only allow the patients to access information anytime & anywhere but also ensure them with different benefits like:

Electronic Records – Cloud computing healthcare support ensures easy & synchronized archive of patient records and medical images.

Health Data Analytics – Data Analytics is another noticeable feature of cloud Through this, one can easily track data in the cloud with more personalized care.

Streamlined Communication – As Cloud computing helps in storing up the data, so, mobile devices or any healthcare app supporting cloud computing will speed the things up and ensure streamlined communication at a distance even.

6. Latest APIs For Healthcare Apps

This is something related to the app developer’s point of view. There are tonnes of healthcare APIs that help mobile app developers to create engaging & feature-rich mobile apps. That is why Apple & Google are continuously engaging themselves in creating the latest healthcare APIs.

These APIs will help developers to seamlessly integrate the latest features in their mobile app and make it useful for:

For Patients – APIs in healthcare app ensure complete control over their health data and other information. EHR system in wearable devices allows them to add more data & charts.

For Hospital – Healthcare APIs are proving to be beneficial for hospitals & doctors as well. It improves the scope of usability of EHR with the assistance of third-party software. Through this, doctors can easily access patients’ information from anywhere & anytime.

Some important APIs that one should incorporate in their healthcare app and that ensure the complete success of the app are:

Box API – This API store your medical documents including, reports, prescriptions, testing reports, results safely and manage it securely.

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Doximity API – Doximity is the leading medical API, through which patients can connect to their doctors and other doctors through the healthcare app.

Human API – This API allows doctors to manage their patient’s data including reports, medical prescriptions and much more. Through this API, the doctor can easily provide access to vitals.

If you are looking for technical assistance to include any of the above features in your next healthcare app, then contact our prolific team of healthcare app development at TechAhead. Our extensive experience & high-end digital acumen help us to deliver game-changing mobile apps that capture the true crux of your business.

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