The enthusiasm for healthier and longer lives have resulted in continuous advancements and research in the healthcare industry.

Today when I talk about technology, the evolution of mobile apps hasn’t left the healthcare segment behind. Whether its Doctor’s consultation, fixing appointments or health checkups, purchasing medicines, – almost everything has redefined by mobile apps and developers present in the market today.

We all know that the medical devices with implanted software have been in use for over 25 years now. But the recent (not too new though) arrival of mobile apps and better internet connectivity has brought thousands of apps designed and developed for every idea, from monitoring body temperature to measuring heart rate. Like our smartphones, even the medical apps are becoming frequently smarter, multi-functional and user-friendly. In the past years, the healthcare companies concentrated on manufacturing medical tools and equipment for hospitals and doctors. But now these companies are increasingly switching to mobile apps as their mainstream offering. The immense increase in the number of these mobile healthcare apps is planned for the direct use by consumers rather than doctors. And this has brought an enormous change by making healthcare more accessible to patients.

Today, there are nearly 47,682 medical apps available in the Apple store alone.

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The Medical Apps Have Moved Beyond the Basic

The mobile medical apps have evolved to handle the complex tasks. There are many apps which are designed to tackle simple tasks while other apps are more advanced and can control high-resolution imaging, real-time monitoring, and more high-level functions. These advanced feature apps are beneficial for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma as they can now monitor their health at their home and avoid multiple visits to the hospital. Let’s take a look at further benefits of mobile apps in the healthcare sector:

On-Demand Care

It’s incredible that there are many communication channels for doctors and patients which help both the communities to connect whenever they want. This connect ends the system of taking appointments and wait for a more extended period. Patients can also ask general health questions to doctors and avoid few diseases. This quick and on-demand communication will change the way of delivering medical assistance.

Better Coordination

On the extend to communication, the basics like billing, charting, private messaging and so forth, has been impacted strongly by technology. Furthermore, many apps offer the feature of translation which makes communication between doctor and a patient more clear. In case of the language barrier or in case, a patient is reluctant to explain his/her problem face to face; these apps will help. This also helps the healthcare providers to understand the condition better and provide treatments accordingly.

Availability of Medicines

We have always faced high medicine cost issue due to lack of service providers and medical services and also because of long distance or lesser conveyance. Facing these problems, the cost of medications were peaking high and ultimately got unaffordable for many people. However, with the evolution of technology, the situations have now changed. Patients can buy medicines based on the review instead of blindly trusting someone. Reviews verify the quality. Before purchasing medication, consumers can always compare the prices and get it at a minimal cost. Now, without struggling, you can easily find your medicines online, and this ends the problem of inadequacy as well.

Securement of Medical Reports

Many mobile healthcare apps allow patients to upload their medical reports and other related documents online. And whenever a doctor wishes to access these documents, he/she can do it without any hindrance. This enhances the process of decision making. Many patients also lose their old reports or sometimes forget to bring it to the hospital which makes it difficult for the doctor to keep track of the previous health conditions. But, since now everything is on mobile apps, it saves time and makes the process more comfortable for the doctors.

The number of medical apps is increasing day by day on both play store and app store. If you wish to get your own app developed or if you have any app idea, you can get in touch with TechAhead. TechAhead is the leading mobile app development company based out of USA and India, serving fortune 1000 companies and startups across the world. For any app idea consultation, you can contact us here.

How Are Mobile Apps Making Healthcare More Accessible?
Article Name
How Are Mobile Apps Making Healthcare More Accessible?
When we talk about technology, the evolution of mobile apps hasn't left the healthcare segment behind. Let's see how mobile apps have made healthcare more accessible.
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