Is the IoT Ready for Services Sector?

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Is the IoT Ready for Services Sector?

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Deepak Sinha

Deepak Sinha

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Is the IoT Ready for Services Sector?

Is the IoT finally ready for services sector? Actually, the answer to it is yes. This will help enterprises in implementing IoT technologies without further deploying complicated software in the house. This technology is already set in place.

According to CapGemini, “The design principles of the Internet of Things can be extended to the service industry by connecting the various objects within their ecosystem (business, competition, applications, infrastructure etc). The success of the IoTSI lies in a) constant sharing of information between the objects, b) collation of the various data points for meaningful analysis and c) sensing the pulse of the customer for taking timely decisions.”


In regard to the IoT managed service, it will offer management and connectivity services to most businesses. It will be used in connected freight containers, connected cars, and other applications. There will also be multi-tenanted connectivity that helps support smartphone traffic and IoT communications.
In addition to that, the system will incorporate device connectivity by way of the e-SIM subscription model. The impact of IoT platform will allow a company to maintain connectivity to local provider networks. Moreover, the IoT platform will bring out security, analytics, and device management.

This is how the Internet of Things can be applied in the services sector:

iot application in service sector

Internet of Things based solutions are already being used in the services sector for simplifying support and deployment of services, devices, and connectivity. Especially in level monitoring and food and farm monitoring, this, in particular, oversees endpoints and sensors in field machinery, refrigerators, and waste disposal machinery. This, therefore, enables them to offload their daily operations the effective way possible.

IoT connectivity as a service is an answer for most enterprises’ needs. This service is also set to provide enterprises with an opportunity to obtain functionality and scalability. Enterprises can also perform things in the corners of their house. There will also be no hassles and stresses in doing it.

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Moreover, the management of edge devices and sensors is just one piece of the entire IoT chain. When automation and advanced analytics power the IoT functionality, the picture just becomes pretty complex. And with SmartPhones today that replaced the need for flashlights, wrist-watches, camera, alarm clock and music player, “IoT things” could now be considered as the next future!

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