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Infographic – Evolution of Mobile Apps

Published datePublished: May 25, 2017 ViewsViews: 5856
Shanal Aggarwal

Shanal Aggarwal

Chief Commercial & Customer Success Officer
Shanal is a passionate advocate for crafting innovative solutions that address real-world challenges and consistently deliver outstanding results for TechAhead's clients. As a strategic and creative leader, he specializes in driving revenue expansion, developing client-focused solutions, pioneering product innovations, and ensuring seamless program management.
Infographic – Evolution of Mobile Apps

Evolution of Mobile Apps

In this world, everything frequently goes under the process of evolution, be it a gadget or a software. Similarly ‘mobile apps’ have been evolving for years. These apps have made everything just a tap away. We are dependent on apps for communication, to keep everything organized, to reach somewhere on time and for entertainment too. Moreover, there are multiple businesses who get all their revenue by providing services through apps. Within four years of the app store launch, mobile applications became a necessity of life. And it is impossible to discuss mobile apps without discussing mobile phones.



Let’s have a look at the following Infographic explaining the Evolution of the mobile apps.

Mobile Apps

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