Sweat App: $100 Million Success Story & Guide to Getting Fit

How the Sweat App Conquered Fitness with $100 Million in Revenue

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How the Sweat App Conquered Fitness with $100 Million in Revenue

Why hit the gym or make personal trainer appointments when a world of top workouts is right at your digital fingertips? Leading the charge, the Sweat app by none other than Kayla Itsines.

Infinitely more than a mere app on your phone, you can think of Sweat as your personal trainer and all-around biggest motivator, all set to begin your fitness journey wherever you are (no-show gym fees never paid and personal trainers you could never book not included).

In-app, Sweat serves it up to you straight: Workout out with no-nonsense, effective routines led by Kayla Itsines herself – whether you’re in your living room or creating an alfresco moment in the park.

After all, embarking on a fitness journey is not only a passport to losing weight and gaining muscle. It’s also an effort to reach into the best of you as a person.

With this in mind, let’s explore why the Sweat fitness app continues to make an impact in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • The Sweat app has demonstrated significant financial success, with annual revenues estimated around $77 million initially and continuing to generate substantial profits at $100 million.
  • The app distinguishes itself with a diverse array of fitness programs tailored for women, including cardio, strength, HIIT, yoga, and pilates workouts.
  • A strong focus on personalized workout and meal plans, alongside a strong community, sets Sweat apart.
  • With global availability and workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere, Sweat app makes fitness accessible to a wide audience.

Sweat App Fast Facts

Sweat, a leading fitness app tailored for women, has been empowering its users since its inception. Below is a table that encapsulates the key facts about this app, providing a snapshot of its offerings, reach, and impact:


Facts about Sweat App

Discover Your Perfect Fit: Personalized Workouts Tailored for Every Body

Whether your goal is to jack up your cardio game, achieve the ultimate sculpt and strength session, find your zen, or simply choose your own sweat adventure, the Sweat app’s world of fitness delivers a variety of workout styles suited for every fitness aspiration and lifestyle.

The Sweat app emphasizes variety and cross-training by combining High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), strength and resistance workouts, and yoga to ensure your journey to your dream body isn’t just about physical transformation but a comprehensive wellness plan.

The magic lies in the method: 28-minute workouts are created for maximum variety and intensity, perfect for someone craving efficiency without cheating yourself of depth or a challenge.

A few examples:

  • Kettlebell swings are a stellar way to work out your legs, arms, core, and glutes — all at once.
  • Jumping jacks deliver a great cardiovascular workout while also toning your entire body
  • Abdominal crunches are a tough exercise to help tone those hard-to-reach abdominal areas that so many of us need a lot of help with.

In addition to the variety and challenge, a huge draw of the platform is how the app guides you in figuring out what workout will play best to your individual needs.

sweat app benefits

Sweat can help you to:

  • Assess Your Fitness Goals: Clarify what you’re aiming for. Is it endurance, strength, flexibility, or a combination? Your goals dictate the training style that will be most beneficial for you. We’ll talk more about this in a moment.
  • Evaluate Your Fitness Level: Use the Sweat app’s built-in tools, which evaluate everything from your current fitness level to your favorite training moves, to find workouts that align to your goals and preferences. This personalized approach means whether you’re new to working out or a more experienced athlete, the workouts you find will challenge and progress with you.
  • Find Complementary Meal Plans: The Food section in the Sweat app makes it easy to put together meal plans according to your dietary needs and fitness goals.
  • Explore and Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try different workouts. They’re meant to stimulate you, and by rotating the various choices, don’t let your workout regimen get stale. That strength session today could be a yoga flow tomorrow.
  • Listen to Your Body: Throughout Sweat, you’ll learn to lean into how your body responds to the various workouts. With the ability to float between training styles, making choices that work best with your body and the experience will be both sustainable and enjoyable.

Beyond the physical are the empowering tenets of the Sweat workout philosophy: anyone can start where they are now and make meaningful strides to better health.

Every bit counts.

How to Select the Right Workout for Your Goals

Choosing the right workout within the Sweat app is tailored to be a seamless and personalized experience, ensuring that each user can find routines that best match their fitness level, goals, and preferences.

sweat training

From the get-go, the app is designed to cater to a variety of fitness enthusiasts, from beginners to those seeking a new challenge, making it a practical choice for working out at home or in the gym.

The Sweat app features a variety of programs run by renowned trainers including Kayla Itsines, offering everything from:

  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Strength training
  • Yoga
  • And more

Here’s how each program begins:

  • Initial assessment of your fitness goals and current fitness level, which then guides the creation of a personalized workout plan.
  • For those new to fitness or returning after a break, the app offers programs that start with beginner weeks to build baseline fitness with lower-impact, lower-intensity exercises.
  • As you progress, the workouts increase in intensity, with the option to include high-intensity cardio workouts, and provide clear video demonstrations to ensure correct form and execution.

The app is particularly praised for its variety of programs, customizable plans that fit your schedule, expert guidance from fitness professionals, and a supportive community of users.

While it does require a subscription following a free 7-day trial period, many find the cost worth it for the value it provides, including a wide range of workout styles.

One of the key benefits of choosing workouts through the Sweat app is the flexibility it offers, allowing you to workout anytime, anywhere, with minimal equipment.

The app encourages gradual progress, increasing the intensity each week, and provides the opportunity to explore new challenges and training styles as you become ready.

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the Sweat programs available to you with an app subscription:

Sweat App Programs Examples

Your Personalized Fitness Calendar

The Sweat app’s built-in workout calendar and scheduling tool revolutionizes how you approach your fitness routine, ensuring every session is impactful and aligns with your fitness journey.

Here’s how this feature enhances your workout experience:

  • Tailored Plans: Receive workouts that are customized to your fitness goals, whether it’s HIIT, yoga, or strength training. The app’s smart planning means you’re always on track, without the need for guesswork.
  • Consistency Made Easy: The calendar keeps you accountable, helping maintain a steady workout routine. It’s not just about marking days; it’s about watching your progress unfold in real time.
  • Goal Achievement: When you stick to your personalized schedule, you’re more likely to hit your targets faster and with more precision. Each completed workout is a step closer to your fitness aspirations.
  • Fit Fitness into Your Life: No matter how packed your schedule, the app allows for flexibility. Plan workouts around your commitments, ensuring fitness doesn’t take a backseat.
  • Motivational Reminders: Set reminders for your workouts. These nudges can be the push you need to lace up your sneakers and get moving, especially on days when motivation is low.

The calendar feature also provides recommendations based on your past performances and future goals. This means every session is optimized for you.

And the included visual progress tracking means you get confirmation of your hard work. Seeing your month filled with completed workouts offers immense satisfaction and tangible proof of your dedication and progress.

The Sweat App Continues to be Profitable

The success of the Sweat app isn’t just measured by the physical transformations it inspires.

Its financial achievements tell a compelling story as well.

Since its inception, the platform has consistently brought in remarkable profits year after year. It has a dedicated user base passionately pursuing their health goals.

And the numbers really do speak for themselves.

In 2023, the platform hit a new high, generating a whopping $99 million in revenue. This milestone isn’t just a win for the app. It’s a clear indicator of the vibrant community behind it, fully invested in their journey to better health.

sweat app revenue 2023

In December 2023 specifically, the Sweat app generated $2 million in revenue, with downloads totaling 50,000 across iOS and Android platforms.

This financial performance and user engagement indicate a strong and active community that values the comprehensive fitness solutions the Sweat app offers.

Additionally, in January 2024, the app maintained its momentum, earning $2 million in estimated monthly revenue and was downloaded 80,000 times, (20,000 on Android; 60,000 on iOS) underscoring its relevance and appeal in the health and fitness app market.

And according to Exercise.com, Sweat comes in only second to Fitbit, with a user base estimated to consist of 30+ million members with estimated earnings sitting pretty at $150 million.

sweat members

These figures reflect not just the financial robustness of the Sweat app but also its ability to engage and grow its user base.

The financial data, coupled with the app’s download rates, make it easy to see how Sweat app’s successful blend of tech innovation, fitness expertise, and community building resonates with its user base.

It’s clear that the Sweat app continues to make significant impacts in the lives of its users, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle supported by a robust digital platform.

Competitive Pricing Keeps Sweat in Play

The Sweat app offers two main subscription options for 2024:

  • A monthly plan at $19.99, and
  • An annual plan is priced at $119.94, which breaks down to $9.99 per month.

Additionally, the app provides a 7-day free trial, allowing users to explore its features and content before committing to a subscription.

sweat app pricing

Sweat Has Positive Word-of-Mouth Traction

The power of a positive word can’t be understated. And the Sweat app has plenty of positive vibes going for it that its impact can’t be ignored.

People are leaving glowing reviews of the app on both the App Store and on Google Play:

Sweat App Reviews

Achieve Your Goals – No Matter What They Are – With Sweat

A powerful journey awaits you with the Kayla Itsines Sweat Workout App. It’s a world where women’s dreams of tangible fitness results finally come true.

There’s no shortage of women who have not just met, but exceeded their fitness dreams with the Sweat app across the globe. All the success stories point to one thing: this app really lives up to its claims.

Here is how the innovative programs on offer here are redefining health and fitness for women everywhere:

  • Cardiovascular Health: Many users have raved about the dramatic change in heart health. By engaging in a mixture of high and low intensity cardio the workouts elevate your endurance level, which plays a crucial role in reducing the risks of heart disease and stroke.
  • Strength and Flexibility: The workouts are built from high-intensity plyometric training (HIIT) and will have you feeling stronger and more flexible every week!
  • Muscle Toning: Reveal that lean, toned look you’ve always wanted with exercises straight from Kayla Itsines herself.
  • Mental Well-being: Exercises don’t just impact the body, they impact the brain, too. Reduced stress and heightened mood are a result of the consistent and engaging routines the app provides.

This is a fitness app that focuses on the total woman. It’s definitely worth giving Sweat a try to see the transformational power of these workouts yourself.

How the Sweat App’s Top Features Make It a Standout Competitor

sweat app features

Sweat is, of course, not the only way to get ripped online. P90X has male and female workouts, and Blogilates hit YouTube around the same time.

None of the new programs though have been able to recreate the success Kayla has had.

So just how has Kayla done it? We’ll discuss a few of the many strategies sweat has employed that brought in $99 million last year next. Then, we’ll offer our final verdict on what sets this app apart from the competition.

1) Accessibility

It used to be that people would get fit by buying a VHS tape or DVD for a fitness program they wanted to pursue. And later, YouTube was the be all, end all. But now, apps are where it’s at.

After the initial success in the PDF e-book market, Kayla took full advantage of her popularity and developed the best workout app on the market.

Sweat steps up as a workout trainer where you are. It offers the same level of workouts so women can access them, even if they don’t have time to go to a gym.

2) Community is at the Heart of the App

When Kayla Itsines first made a move to offer a fitness product online, several popular programs were doing the same.

sweat community

None, however, had an Instagram or Facebook presence. As a result, they couldn’t continue to expand the way Kayla did. That initial engagement in social media meant Kayla built up a recognizable brand – long before the Sweat app became a reality. Once the app launched, there was an audience built in.

3) High Engagement

In a sea of daily workout apps and online fitness routines, keeping folks on track and engaged is no small feat – especially without an in-person trainer to light the fire.

Sweat’s knack for building community is a huge part of its charm. It’s all about celebrating each member’s journey, from sharing workout selfies to showcasing awe-inspiring transformations.

This visibility not only cheers on the individual but also stirs a collective belief: “Hey, if they can do it, so can I.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Sweat’s smart about keeping you looped in with just the right nudge. Once you download the app, you might get a push notification reminding you it’s time to get moving?

That’s Sweat, gently pulling you back in for your daily dose of exercise – at a moment you’ve said works best for you. It’s this kind of thoughtful engagement that keeps you coming back for more, making the app not just a tool, but a part of your routine.

4) 7-Day Free Trial

The 7-Day Free Trial feature of the Sweat app cleverly addresses one of the common hurdles in getting new users onboard: the hesitation to commit to a subscription without knowing if the results are worth it.

By offering a glimpse into the transformative potential of the app through before-and-after images on Instagram, Sweat piques interest. But it’s the chance to test drive the app, without spending a dime, that really reels folks in.

Initially, downloading the app doesn’t cost anything, giving you the freedom to explore its features and start working out right away.

The decision to subscribe only comes after you’ve had a full week to experience the app’s benefits firsthand.

sweat app free trial

This approach not only makes the prospect of a monthly subscription less daunting but also presents a no-lose scenario: you get to see for yourself if the Sweat app lives up to its promises, making that first week’s free trial an offer too tempting to pass up.

It’s a great way to hook people in for several reasons:

  • The “try before you buy” methodology is time-tested and proven to be effective.
  • Getting to experience the app and fully test it out before making a purchase instills a level of confidence in the customer. It shows you clearly believe in the app if you’re willing to let people try it before shelling out cash.
  • A free trial makes the app look more attractive in a list of comparable apps.

5) Customization for Audience

sweat app appearance

Aiming squarely at women, the website and app store presence are thoughtfully tailored to catch their eye. Here’s a peek into what makes it stand out:

  • The design pops with feminine flair, employing vibrant shades such as a lively pink.
  • It’s chock-full of content that speaks directly to women, offering advice and insights that resonate with their unique experiences and interests.
  • The tone throughout feels like a heart-to-heart with a friend. Imagine Kayla Itsines and her team of seasoned trainers leaning in, eager to get the lay of the land on your challenges, ready with a game plan to help you tackle them.
  • The vibe is all about friendly support, not lecturing. It’s geared towards inspiring you to take steps towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

6) Looks at the Full Picture

Where many workout apps might zero in on a single flavor of fitness – think yoga, Pilates, or CrossFit – this narrow focus can leave a lot of people wanting more. For some, it might work but for the rest, it feels a tad too confining.

The Sweat app has woven together a comprehensive view of fitness that doesn’t just look at the physical. Kayla’s collaboration with other trainers has created a system that embraces mental wellness, nutritional guidance, and even routines tailored for post-pregnancy.

To put it plainly, Sweat is versatile and is designed to walk with women through every chapter of their lives, ensuring that whatever the need, there’s a plan that fits just right.

7) Notable Extras

Sweat doesn’t just stop at workouts and nutrition; it packs in a few nifty features that truly set it apart from the crowd:

  • Geolocation tagging: This nifty feature lets you keep tabs on where you’re working out, adding an extra layer to your fitness journey. It’s especially slick when paired with an Apple Watch, ensuring your workouts are tracked precisely.
  • Music playlist integration: Who doesn’t love a good beat to power through a workout? Sweat makes it a breeze to pump your favorite tunes directly through Apple Music or Spotify. Just hit a workout, tap the music icon, and select your jam. It’s that easy.
  • Demonstration videos: Ever worried about nailing that form or bouncing back after a tough session? Kayla and her team have got you covered with demo videos and post-workout guides built right into the app, all aimed at keeping you safe and speeding up your recovery.

With these extras, Sweat goes beyond the basics, offering a comprehensive experience that keeps you engaged and excited to hit your fitness goals.

8) Social Sharing

The Sweat Instagram account is where the magic of community interaction really shines, boasting a strong following of 1 million enthusiasts.

sweat instagram

Kayla Itsines isn’t one to rest though. She’s been mixing things up, introducing branded hashtags as a clever way for app users to find and connect with each other, creating a vibrant, supportive community.

She also spread her fitness wisdom to other platforms too, like YouTube. This move allows anyone curious to dip their toes into her workout philosophy with a selection of video tutorials.

sweat youtube

This strategy proved to be a hit, especially during the pandemic, opening the doors to a wider audience and further boosting her already impressive following.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Sweat app per year?

The Sweat app makes an estimated $100 million annually, showing how profitable fitness can be.

How much did Sweat sell for in 2021?

Kayla Itsines and Tobi Pearce sold the Sweat app to US-based iFIT Health & Fitness for $150 million in 2021. They later bought it back in November 2023.

Why did the owners of Sweat break up?

Kayla and Tobi ended their romantic partnership due to personal reasons. Despite their split, they have continued their professional relationship, co-managing the Sweat app. Kayla Itsines, in particular, has remained a prominent figure in the app’s community, emphasizing the platform’s focus on women’s fitness.

How many subscribers does the Sweat workout app have?

Sweat has over 30 million subscribers – with around 1 million active users per month.

Final Words

As we’ve explored the Sweat app here today, it’s become increasingly clear that it’s more than a platform for improving health – it’s a fantastic example of what happens when health, technology, and business intersect.

This app and its impressive suite of workouts tailored to women have become an aspirational revenue source, proving that digital fitness lives up to its potential time and time again.

At TechAhead, our skills extend beyond just app development. We specialize in crafting health, fitness, and daily workout apps that resonate with users globally. Our expertise spans iOS and Android app development, enriched by our advanced capabilities in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to elevate the user experience to new heights.

We can transform your vision into reality, ensuring your app stands out in the competitive market. Whether you’re aiming to launch the next big thing in fitness or looking to innovate within any niche, TechAhead is your go-to partner for all web and mobile app development needs.

This sort of success story from platforms like Sweat continues to inspire us to see just how far technology can be advanced for the future of fitness — and, more specifically, the ways in which technology can inspire new methods to enhance our fitness habits.

So, what’s stopping you from launching your app? If you’re ready to get started or you need help innovating to the next era, then make sure to reach out to TechAhead and we’ll help you make an impact.

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