Why Mobile Apps for Website Make Sense?

Why Mobile Apps for Website Make Sense?

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Deepak Sinha

Deepak Sinha

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Why Mobile Apps for Website Make Sense?

Why Mobile Apps for Website Make Sense?

In today’s era, mobile phones are filled with apps. On average, every smartphone user uses thirty apps per month. The app category varies from entertainment to shopping, from traveling to cooking, from learning to social media and much more.

Mobile apps are expected to generate $581.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2020.

Fifty-seven percent of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps. According to Statista, 205 billion apps were downloaded in 2018, which is fifteen percent more than the number of app downloaded in 2017. This trend is expected to grow up to twenty-five percent by 2022. 

Reasons Behind Increasing Popularity of Mobile Apps

The number of apps being used by users is on the rise. The number of mobile apps being created by businesses is on the rise. In fact, there are apps to manage multiple apps on your smartphone. This is the height of app popularity. But why? Why are businesses launching apps? Why are users downloading, installing and using apps? What is the exact reason behind all this popularity? Here’s a list of reasons behind mobile app popularity:

1. Makes Life Easier

There is an app for booking tickets, making financial transactions, getting information, connecting with friends as well as strangers, educating your child and operating basic electronic gadgets at home. All these things and more have become easier for smartphone users. Internet of things, along with the latest technology in mobile app development, has given users a smarter and simpler way to do things. If a user wants a daily weather update, he doesn’t have to search it online. He can simply download an app that notifies him about the weather in his location. If a user forgets to turn off the air-conditioner before leaving the house, then they can do so remotely by using an app on their phone. If a user wants to travel to a certain location but doesn’t want to get stuck in traffic, then they can use an app to check least traffic hours. 

2. Apps Are Fun

Definition of socializing has changed over the last few decades. Now people barely communicate with each other when waiting for trains, flight, interview, or sitting somewhere in general. They are occupied on their smartphones. They are either checking social media updates or playing games or chatting or gaining information. Social media and gaming apps are an essential part of people’s lives. They are not used just when a person is free. People are addicted to these mobile applications and are enjoying them. Businesses are also utilizing this opportunity to connect with their potential clients. Users even don’t mind watching an advertisement for a simple credit or key or energy or any other benefit. Mobile applications, in general, provide help, comfort, fun and entertainment to users.

3. People are Spending Time on Smartphones


An average user checks his/her mobile phone in every eighteen minutes. This is a persistent activity. People don’t look at their phones to call someone four times in an hour. However, they check their phones to read notifications, check updates and play games. All of this happens on an app. This is another reason business are launching apps.

Why Do Businesses Need Mobile Apps?

Nowadays, every industry is utilizing mobile apps from food delivery to healthcare, from banks to e-commerce, from sports channel to the news industry. Mobile apps have proved their worth and value in almost all fields. Here’s how a mobile application can help your business too.

1. Communication and Engagement

In this fast-paced world, people easily move-on from one trend to another. Getting them hooked to your brand is a substantial challenge. Customer acquisition is one task and retention is another. Apps can help you with staying in touch with your existing clients and engaging with them on a regular basis. Push notification is one of the examples of such a marketing tactic. As mentioned above, people are spending time on their smartphones. If your business’ app is on their phone, then it is easy for you to get their attention and communicate with them frequently.

2. Smarter Marketing and Branding

Smarter Marketing and Branding

Launching an app is a way to stay in touch with your clients. Whenever a business launches an app or adds a new feature to it; it gives them a chance to do a marketing campaign around it. A campaign informing customers about the benefits of using their business app. It enables them to do a successful press release and social media campaign.

If a consumer has your app on their phones, then they can see your logo every-time they check the screen of their phone. This act as a brand reminder and can leave a lasting impact on the memories of your customers. Brand recall is considered a precious asset in any industry. You may also send them notifications and messages to stay in touch with them.

3. Lead Generation and Higher Conversion

It’s simpler to order products and services while sitting on a sofa in your living room. Customers can avoid traffic and save time and effort. Most of the business apps provide the facility of making financial payments via phone itself. Using the data provided by the consumers, you can easily send them relevant deals and information. This can make you more connected to the user and your business has higher chances of generating potential lead.

When businesses use data procured via apps efficiently, then they can easily target high intent customers with the right product or deal. This makes it easier for the sales team to convert such leads from potential customers to existing consumers.

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4. Gain Data and Insight

When people download any business app on their phone, they are providing that company space in their smartphone. This gives access to the data and allows the company to gain useful information. It is one of the most important aspects of having a business app. Information regarding a consumer can help in enhancing the effectiveness of any marketing or sales strategy. Decision-makers can plan, adjust or execute their strategies and efforts optimally by analyzing the information provided by the app users.

Efficient marketing, more leads, higher sales and proficient decision-making capabilities are some of the reasons why organizations are developing, launching and maintaining apps.

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