Develop Stock Trading App: Next Wave of Madness

Stock Trading App Development: Ready yourself for the next wave of madness

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Mukul Mayank

Mukul Mayank

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Stock Trading App Development: Ready yourself for the next wave of madness

The stock trading market has been affected by the technological revolution, much like every other industry, in the past few years. The use of e-trade applications is commonplace, with many mobiles and web-based technologies being used in regular practice by brokers and investors. There are a variety of applications being developed and used by entrepreneurs and brokerage companies to automate their trading machinery and make the process easier.

Top mobile app development companies such as TechAhead, have taken the plunge for Stock Trading App Development to allow smart entrepreneurs to operate on a trading platform that can be controlled and maneuvered as per their needs. But why digitize trading, and why now?

Why Digitize Trading & Why Now?

DIY investing platforms like Robinhood have seen a clear rise in demand in the past year alone. Other stock trading applications such as eToro, StockTwits, and NetDania are increasingly being used to obtain the best results and tracking information. However, not all existing apps can have the exact trading solutions needed for specific industries and investors. This creates a huge demand for novel stock trading app development, which is likely to be the next big thing soon!

The peaking app development interests can also be seen with the increase in the use of hybrid apps that offer more trading options and sophisticated features than the existing ones. Currently, over 80% of the stock market operations are automated, creating a user-base for stock trading apps from different age groups. Busy investors are on board to pay significant amounts to use stock trading apps for various benefits, thus, a mutual monetary benefit is also in store. Stock Trading App Development is, thus, likely to bring a new wave of madness, and now is the time to ride this wave before it gets over-surfed!

Trading Apps Market Overview

Since the rise of the Robinhood app in 2017, the user-base for stock trading apps has been growing by 4 million users every year. Unlike the yester-generation of investors, millennials are more open to the optimum use of technology in stock trading if they are educated on the same. With the help of easy-to-use mobile applications, different aspects of the stock market such as day trading, long-term investments, investments by professionals, etc., can be catered to on a case-specific basis.

Why invest in Stock Trading App Development?

So, why should you invest in stock trading, and how exactly do such applications make money? Over 14.1 million users in the USA rely on online methods for stock trading, with the numbers constantly rising. Amongst these, there are many users that do not find a match of their required trading services as per interest or the solution they need. Finding the right solution for this potential customer base, thus, holds huge potential. Stock Trading App Development companies are consistently working to find solutions for this existing customer base. Your investment can provide this solution to resolve the following areas of common concern for a multitude of stock investors:

Mitigating Risk

The stock market functions prominently on advice and information suggested by brokerage companies to the investors. While some of these are highly relied upon, not all are as reliable as they seem. Users are moving towards rather relying on applications that offer a completely authentic and straightforward insight, thus, creating a huge potential and demand for stock trading app development.

Increase in Investors

With the current generation looking into more avenues to generate a passive income and startups on the rise in the market, there is an obvious increase in the number of investors who are now involved in stock trading. There are novice-level investors, professionals, or even part-time traders who have very specific interests, and there is a scope of niche application development to fulfill these requirements and solutions for a variety of stock traders.

Security and Performance

Having to invest your time in anything constantly is no longer desired by anyone. People much rather set-up their trading machinery and take a more automated approach to stock trading. Performance in the stock market has been a huge concern due to inadequate services of financial advisors and consequent unsatisfactory results. When taking advice, traders often end up sharing a lot of confidential and sensitive information that they would much rather have kept protected. This concern is largely eliminated with the development of stock trading applications that offer robust security and optimized performance at various user-levels.

Real-time alerts

Another major drawback of the trading domain is the lack of prompt updates on real-time changes in the market. These can be instrumental in accumulating great profits, or on the downside, leading to significant losses. Emerging trading apps have helped resolve this major concern with push notifications and alerts that can offer real-time updates on the rising and falling values of stocks to help people decide on their investments better.

Investment for Stock Trading App Development & What you can earn?

Arriving at the next pressing question – How much does it cost to develop a Stock Trading Application, and how exactly can you earn through it?

Well, there is no specific cost that can be estimated for the development of your application. It would really depend on what requirements you plan to meet, the basic functionality of the app, and the time period in which you plan to achieve all this.

stock trading app development

Talking about the prospects to earn through your stock-based application, there are some straightforward avenues. The simplest way of earning through your application involves making premium accounts available to access trading features. You can also offer independent trading options at a certain fee or offer a combination of basic free services and additional commission-based ones that the user will gladly invest in. Some other novel avenues of earning through your app include offering cryptocurrencies and facilitating marginal trading. You can even earn interest from the user’s stocks and, cash similar to banking platforms.

Why Partner with TechAhead?

The Stock App market is awaiting a boom in the near future. The industry is expected to go completely digital, with over eighty percent of users already relying on technology for stock trading. With many more interests and user-cases to fulfill the app development market is need of investors can develop solutions to offer various trading options.

TechAhead, with its expertise in fintech application development, is looking to collaborate with novel ideas and investors looking to develop prospective trading solutions for their businesses. Have an idea for a stock-based app? Would you like to invest in it and see it take shape? TechAhead is your go-to!

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